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Convicted Child Molester Fred Everts get 800 Years … NICE!!!

Child molester sentenced to 800 year … now there’s a good start.

Fred Everts, 36, was convicted of molesting three boys ages 3, 9 and 11and was sentenced to 800 year in a San Jose, California court. Everts had admitted to molesting over 40 children. Many states in the US should follow this example.

Police discovered the crimes two years ago while investigating Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, who authorities say may have molested hundreds of youngsters over decades and kept detailed logs on the children.

Schwartzmiller, 65, was sentenced in January to 152 years in prison for abusing two 12-year-old boys. He and Everts had met in prison on earlier molestation charges and eventually moved in together in San Jose.

Steve Fein, who prosecuted both men, said Everts admitted molesting about 40 children, including his 3-month-old biological son. He asked for the maximum sentence of 1,175 years to life.

Everts’ sentence was compounded under California’s three-strikes law because of two felony convictions in Oregon in 1993 for sodomy and sexual abuse on his young stepson. (AP)

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  1. Yeah this is one who will not destroy any more childrens lives.

    Comment by Sam | February 10, 2007

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