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13 Year Old Kaitlin Aydell Missing Since 2/1/07 in French Settlement, LA (Mark Sterling Lewis Arrested)(UPDATE: Body Found)

13 year old Kaitlin Aydall has been missing since Thursday, February 1, 2007 after she got off her school bus in the afternoon. Kaitlin Aydall is missing from the French Settlement area of Louisiana near Coyell Bayou.


  • Kaitlin Aydell, white female
  • weighs about 100 pounds
  • 5’5.” tall
  • She was last seen wearing her school uniform with a red Hollister and a brown Aeropostale jacket

Police have arrested Mark Sterling Lewis, Kaitlin’s cousin, for obstruction of justice. Mark Sterling Lewis was found with fresh scratches on his face. Could Kaitin have put up a struggle prior to her disappearance. Most probable that DNA evidence can be discovered of Lewis when Kaitlin Aydell is found.

This is 39-year-old Mark Sterling Lewis. He was arrested for obstruction of justice after sheriff’s detectives discovered he lied about his whereabouts, asked a friend to provide an alibi and could not explain fresh scratches on his face. (WAFB)

Mark Sterling Lewis

UPDATE I: Kaitlin Aydell’s Myspace Account

Posted on Kaitlin Audell’s Myspace account is that she was 16. Obviously that was not the case as she was 13, dates of birth 5/21/93.

“Please help find me.”

16 years old
SoMe WhErE OuT TheRe , Louisiana
United States

Message on MySpace account to help find Kaitlin Aydell

Kaitlin Maria Aydell – Date of Birth 5/21/93 Missing from her home in French Settlement, Louisiana since Thursday, 2/1/2007 between 3:00 and 4:30 pm. Here are several pictures of Kaitlin PLEASE PASS THIS TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE * Everything that we send out & the sooner we send it out may help us find her. Please contact the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s office ask for Ben Ballard the Lead Detective @1-800-443-7681 ext 318. with any information that may lead to bringing her back to us safe and sound

UPDATE II: Mark Sterling Lewis prior arrests

Investigators believe that due to Lewis’ failure to cooperate, valuable time was wasted in locating the missing girl, deputies said.

Lewis previously was arrested by the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office in September 1995 and booked with auto theft, felony theft and aggravated kidnapping, deputies said.

Lewis was charged with those crimes after he allegedly kidnapped a woman in Livingston Parish by placing a screwdriver to her throat and forcing her to drive to an unknown location, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

During the drive, the victim escaped by getting out of the vehicle, leaving Lewis to steal her vehicle along with her purse and other personal items, according to reports at the time.

Lewis was convicted and sentenced to seven years with the Louisiana Department of Corrections with five years suspended, thus serving two years of prison time for the offenses. (The Advocate)

UPDATE III: Body Discovered Near Gonzales

A body has been found near Gonzales. The body is believed to be that of missing 13-year-old Kaitlin Aydell, who has been missing since Thursday afternoon. (WAFB)

The body was found about 12 miles away from the location where Kaitlin Aydell went missing

Body found in Ascension; no ID available yet

A body has been found in a rural location; however, authorities are not discussing whether it Kaitlin or even the gender of the body found.

ST. AMANT – Livingston Parish sheriff’s investigators searching for a 13-year-old French Settlement girl missing since Thursday afternoon arrived at a rural location in Ascension Parish Saturday evening to examine a dead body.

The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office located the body Saturday afternoon alongside New River Road about 100 yards off La. 936 in St. Amant, authorities said.

The Ascension Sheriff’s Office notified Livingston Parish investigators they had located the body, the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office reported Saturday afternoon. (The Advocate)

Wiley said that two volunteer in the search for Aydell found a disturbed area of leaves and growth near a small bayou off New River Road. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a body lying there. (Ascension Citizen)

UPDATE IV: The body found is now being ID’d as a young white girl.

Is it possible that the suspect they have arrested, Mark Sterling Lewis, gave up the location of Kaitlin as a way of avoiding the “death penalty”.

UPDATE V: Confirmation that the body is that of Kaitlin Aydell

We do have confirmation that the body found by volunteers is that of 13 year old Kaitlin Aydell. We just spoke with Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch and was notified of the sad news.

Tim Miller asked for everyone to please keep the family of Kaitlin Aydell and the community in their prayers. At the very least Kaitlin will be brought home to her family.

Kaitlin, rest in peace and God Bless.

UPDATE VI: French Settlement shocked by the death of 13-year-old

In this sleepy bayou village of 900, the missing-person posters have been ripped from storefront windows; the sounds of four-wheelers and other search vehicles were stilled.

About 10 miles away, quiet also permeated the area near New River Bayou in Ascension Parish where Kaitlin’s body was discovered, partially submerged.

Handpicked flowers, bouquets of roses and a pink teddy bear were tied with yellow police tape to a tree near the bayou. (The Advocate)

UPDATE V: Autopsy: French Settlement teen strangled

The 13-year-old girl found dead last week was strangled, the Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office says.
Jason Ard, chief of operations for the sheriff’s office, would not comment further on the autopsy report on Kaitlin M. Aydell. The parish coroner, Dr. Ron Coe, would say only that he had ruled the death a homicide.

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  1. Body found:

    Comment by Kim | February 3, 2007

  2. I’m just curious how Tim Miller of Texas equisearch became the “go to” guy when LASAR dogs teams were on the ground almost immediately after the girl was discovered missing? LASAR dogs is less well funded, I’m sure, but very dedicated, well trained and professional. I have seen them work and know the quality of both dogs and handlers, as well as the dedication to finding the missing and deceased in our area and any other that requests help. These are local (Louisiana) people with backgrounds in law enforcement, military etc. who are on call 24/7 for the missing and lost.


    I’m just curious how Tim Miller of Texas equisearch became the “go to” guy

    Maybe because of TES’ track record of success and professionalism. There’s a thought.

    M&E: Let me get this correct. You are whining over who is going to come to the aid of a family with a missing person? Are you insane? It is just that kind of ridiculous thinking and attitude that creates the BS and territotial in-fighting rather than keeping your eye on what is most important … finding the missing person.

    It is law enforcement or the families that call TES for help. I cannot actually believe what you are saying. Pretty sad if you ask me.

    LASAR may very well be good, so what? Please tell me that you are not jelous of another “search” team? If so, heaven help us if you are a member of LASAR because you certainly do not have your head in the right place.

    Its about finding missing people … not the search teams. GEEZ.


    Comment by Katie | February 3, 2007

  3. Rest in Peace, dear Kaitlin. God holds you in His loving arms now…

    Comment by mishy | February 3, 2007

  4. I cannot say just how sick I feel about this. How incredibly heartbreaking for her mother and family and friends.

    In the preface of his recent book, author Bernie Goldberg opines that in a society where “anything goes”, everything will.

    What happened to poor Kaitlyn continues to occur with alarming frequency these days. How many more times does this have to happen before we wake up?

    All my sympathy and prayers to her family.

    Comment by jDoe | February 3, 2007

  5. “I’m just curious how Tim Miller of Texas equisearch became the “go to” guy”

    Tim Miller became the go to guy because of his experience in finding missing persons. He is respected for doing so with a huge heart, without fanfare, and with the single goal to bring resolution to the family.

    It is not about choosing one person or organization to help – it is about getting all of the available resources working as quickly as possible. You’ve indicated that LASER dog teams were on the ground almost immediately – that is wonderful and I’m sure Tim Miller is not indicating that they should not have been involved in searches. That alone says something about the character of his search teams.

    Comment by Sleuth | February 4, 2007

  6. Just to clarify, no I am not a member of the LASAR team and never have been… but I have been blessed to see them work, to see the beauty of well trained dogs in tandem with their handlers working scent. The people I’ve seen on that team are not about “in-fighting and BS”…it’s about saving lives when possible and recovering bodies to give the families of those lost some peace of mind. The search scenes and bodies are handled with utmost compassion and professionalism… and it’s not about getting publicity or glory for it… it’s because it’s the right thing to do. And why I asked is that I know these people sacrifice their own wants and needs to do this SERVICE, and to do it well. They are not folks with bags of money and nothing else to do–they’re just good people helping others. It’s just rare that anyone notices. I happen to be in a position where I DO notice, and appreciate their efforts. Too often locals don’t even know they have that resource right here in their own back yards, on call 24/7. Many times, by the time someone thinks to call (they work by invitation/call-out only) it’s time for my work, which is death scene investigation. I find that incredibly sad. Maybe if the dog teams were called in immediately, some more lives would be saved. If you have ever seen well trained dog teams work, you will understand what I mean. Sometimes it’s not a matter of days… it’s a matter of hours. We need to be aware of ALL the resources we have available when tragedy strikes.

    Comment by Katie | February 4, 2007

  7. my heart breaks, you are told to be-aware of strangers, but family how do you bring up the fact that a family member is looking at you a little to much. i got done or raped by an uncle 30 years ago he named his child after me!, i never said a word, i did’nt know the words to say still don’t, i think he thought he did me a favour or was teaching me to grow up or something i was 14,i was lucky it was a visit never had to visit uncle again who had babysat me when i was a baby. my moms husband too not very fatherly you say nothing for the sake of the (family) because you are young this is their stuff and one day you’ll get to leave, but she was 13 i have a 14 yr son, he is a child going thru puberty a child!!!!!you know they phone to say i’m home good kids sweet kids innocent,even if uncle is a little wierd to be around they will except it ,family.!!to the mom there is nothing to say to make this less, to the woman that lived with this dude, for you i am so i don’t even know what to say, you believed in someone, loved them probably,shock, get counciling truth is dos’nnt make it better, but you need it ,cause the family will look to you for answers. she was 13, my ex friend has a 14 year old daughter her new boyfriend is a sex creep we have phoned child services , no visuale abuse showing ,nothing we can do about it , does the child want out yes, what can we do nothing. canada

    Comment by naomi | February 4, 2007

  8. Texas Equisearch was called in to help find Kaitlin because her mother was doing everything in her power to find her precious little girl.Her daughter had been missing for 48 hours and she wanted to find her. No one had a problem with it and Law Enforcement was on board and willing to accept any help that could be offered to find her.No one who wanted to help search for Kaitlin was turned away, in fact all were greatly appreciated.Matter of fact, Slidell La. was sending dogs in on the same day that Tim Miller was to arrive.Again, everyone was happy to get any help that was available.
    I have nothing but respect and admiration for Tim Miller and his organization, he does this from his heart.I think that if you are looking for a missing loved one you should use any and all available resources.It does not matter who finds your loved one, only that they are found.

    Comment by Cubbeegirl | February 5, 2007

  9. God Bless you all~ My prayers are with her family and friends. We all need to stress to our children about the possibilities, that it could happen to anyone. There are also websites you can go to for free to search your neighborhood and find out names and where people live in your neighborhood. You might just be suprised. I dont know the whereabouts I found it. I will come back and let you all know if I did. If not do some digging on your own. I am sure it isnt that hard to find. God bless and love our children!

    Comment by Michelle | February 6, 2007

  10. Kaitlin was a great person. She didn’t deserve what that man did to her. They lowered his bond. Again, this is stupid. He got out early last time after he stole a car, kidnapped a lady, and threatened her life and now hes done it again and they are going to lower his bond? What is wrong with those people?! I bet you wont catch him around here ever again. He’s likely to be shot on the spot. Its bull that they lowered his bond. He sholdnt even have a bond. He should be on death row. I say he gets the chair.

    Comment by Alvin | March 28, 2007

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