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Wayne Logan Arrested for Paying Mother to have Sex with her 8 Year Old Daughter (engaged to General Sessions TN Judge Joyce Broffit)

Sixty-year-old Wayne Logan was arrested in Memphis, TN for allegedly paying the mother of an 8 year old girl to have sex with the minor. Wayne Logan is Shelby County Sheriff’s Department employee and remains in jail. Think the story is bizarre? It get even more so.

Wayne Logan is engaged to Judge Joyce Broffit, General Sessions Judge.

Logan is engaged to General Sessions Judge Joyce Broffitt and records show he used her as a reference when he got his job in the Sheriff’s Department’s records and identification office. He is on paid leave from the department while the case is pending.

Police said Logan was charged with raping an eight-year-old girl after the child picked him out of a photo lineup. (My Eye Witness News)

So the suspect is not only an employee of the Sheriff’s Department, he is also involved in a relationship with a sitting judge. No conflict of interest there. Thus, because of the ties all of the General Session judges recused themselves from the case.

Wayne Logan appeared in court yesterday for his first hearing on child rape charges, but all the General Sessions court judges in Shelby County recused themselves.

Logan’s attorney, Leslie Ballin, says the General Sessions judges agreed it would be inappropriate for them to hear the case because his fiancĂ© is a sitting General Sessions Court judge. (WMC-TV)

UPDATE: New Judge named in the Wayne Logan case.

Memphis, Tenn. (WHBQ) Former Rutherford County Judge Steven Davis has now been named to hear the case of Wayne Logan, the Shelby County worker accused of having sex with an eight-year old girl.

Shelby County Judges had asked for a visiting judge to be assigned because Logan has a relationship with Shelby County Judge Joyce Broffit.

Its is also being reported that a woman has come forward and has stated that Wayne Logan may have abused at least one more girl. However, there may be more.

The mother of the 8 year old girl is also being charged in the case and pimping her daughter to a 61 year old man.

Twenty-seven year-old Sharon Crawford is charged with accepting money in exchange for letting a man have sex with her little girl.

The story came to light when the 8 year old girl complained of pain to a teacher in school. This is just a shameful story and situation.

The police officer who arrested Crawford wrote that the 8 year-old girl first told her teacher about “pain between her legs”.

The report goes on to say “the 8 year-old victim advised the teacher that it was her mother’s friend. The victim also stated that this occurred several times and that when it does, her mother gets money. The 8 year-old victim further stated that she is made to perform oral and vaginal sex acts with her mother’s friend.” (My Eye Witness News)

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Michael Devlin Charged with Armed Kidnapping of Shawn Hornbeck

Michael Devlin had already been charged with the kidnapping of William “Ben” Ownby. Now Michael Devlin is being charged with the armed kidnapping of Shawn Hornbeck as well. What will come next?

Washington County, Mo., prosecutor John Rupp said in a statement that Michael Devlin, 41, was charged with kidnapping and armed criminal action. The statement does not name Hornbeck, but uses the initials SCH.

A probable cause statement released by Rupp said Devlin “abducted SCH utilizing force for the purpose of terrorizing the victim. After securing SCH, Michael Devlin flourished a handgun in order to gain compliance of the minor child. Michael Devlin then transported him out of the county and concealed his whereabouts for four years and three months.” (Fox News)

read the rest here…

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Charles Arlin Henderson Missing Since 1991, Could he have Been Kidnapped by Michael Devlin?

Charles Arlin Henderson was 11 when he disappeared in 1991. Charles Arlin Henderson went missing from his home in Moscow Mills, MO while riding his bike. Could the two abductions be connected? The scenario sounds so familiar to those of Shawn Hornbeck. The description of Charles Arlin Henderson also seem very close to the other two boys. Go here for time enhanced pictures. Although the police have yet to find any link with Devlin and the missing Arlin Henderson, we do know that pedophiles commit many acts against children before they are ever caught. When the police went into the apartment of Michael Devlin in connection with missing William “Ben”Ownby, they never thought they would find Shawn Hornbeck either.

Charles Arlin Henderson

Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies said Wednesday that Devlin is now the “most viable lead” in the investigation into the 1991 disappearance of Charles Arlin Henderson of Moscow Mills. Both Shawn and Charles vanished at age 11 while riding their bikes on a rural road about an hour’s drive from St. Louis. Both boys were slight, weighing about 100 pounds, and had close-cropped hair. “If you were to take a photo of Arlin Henderson and you place it next to Shawn’s picture, there is a striking resemblance,” sheriff’s Lt. Rick Harrell said. (Fox News)

(Shawn Hornbeck, time of abduction)

Mo. suspect eyed in unsolved kidnapping Michael Devlin is the “most viable lead” in the case of Charles Arlin Henderson, who was 11 when he disappeared in 1991 and has never been found, Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies said. Devlin was arrested last week after police found two kidnapped boys in his apartment in suburban Kirkwood: 13-year-old boy Ben Ownby, who was taken Jan. 8, and 15-year-old Shawn Hornbeck, who vanished 4 1/2 years ago. The long-missing boy, known as Arlin, was, like Ben and Shawn, about 100 pounds and from a rural town about an hour from St. Louis. Both Shawn and Arlin vanished at age 11 while riding their bikes. (Houston Chronicle)

UPDATE: Deborah Henderson-Griffith, Mother Of Child Missing Since 1991 Still Looking For Answers

ST. LOUIS, MO — The mother of another missing child is hoping that the rescue of Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck will lead to some answers for her family. Her son, Arlin Henderson, vanished in 1991 under very similar circumstances.

Deborah Henderson-Griffith says there have been few leads that point to where her son might be or what happened to him. She is now praying the ongoing investigation into Michael Devlin’s past will at least begin to provide some answers. (First Coast News)

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The Dana Pretzer Show – Tonight at 9 PM – Special Guests Mike McIntyre and Drew Kesse

The Dana Pretzer Show will air at 9 PM Eastern on the Scared Monkeys Radio Network.

To listen live, please click the icon below.

Special Guests:

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Justin Thurber Charged with the Capital Murder & Rape of Jodi Sanderholm

It had been speculated for quite some time that the individual in custody on an unrelated charge, Justin Thurber, was the main suspect in the murder of Jodi Sanderholm. Today the Kansas AG has charged Justin Thurber with the rape and murder of Jodi Leann Sanderholm.

Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison and Cowley County Attorney Christopher Smith today filed charges against Justin Eugene Thurber for the murder of Jodi Leann Sanderholm. Thurber has been charged with Capital Murder, Rape and Aggravated Kidnapping.

Authorities believe Thurber kidnapped Sanderholm following her dance practice on Friday, January 5th. According to police, he then drove her to a rural part of southeast Cowley County where she was raped and murdered. Police also allege that Thurber then disposed of Sanderholm’s car in the Cowley County State Fishing Lake. (KWCH)

Charges announced in Jodi Sanderholm case

The evidence shows Sanderholm was kidnapped at midday Jan. 5, raped and strangled within about three hours, Morrison said.

Authorities had said last week they were preparing charges against a suspect already in the Cowley County Jail on unrelated charges.

Thurber was taken into custody the weekend Sanderholm disappeared. (Kansas

Justin Thurber seems to have quite the frequent issue when it comes to breaking the law.

On Jan. 1, Thurber was charged with false impersonation and disorderly conduct. Thurber has also been charged with burglary, forgery, theft and drug possession.

Two women have also accused Thurber of stalking and have filed protection petitions in Winfield and Arkansas City.

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