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Justin Thurber, 23, of Ark City, KS Arrested over weekend for Impersonating an Officer

Suspicions …

Police in Ark City, KS have stated that they are questioning an individual who was arrested on “un-related charges” in the disappearance of 19 year old Jodi Sanderholm.

The man is in custody on charges unrelated to Sanderholm’s disappearance, Wallace said Sunday afternoon. Police discovered an arrest warrant for the man when they questioned him about the Sanderholm case, he said.

Could this be the individual and the un-related charges?

Justin Thurber, 23, of Ark City, was arrested over the weekend for false impersonation.

Interim Chief Sean Wallace said Thurber, a bounty hunter/bondsman employed with Morris Bail Bonds on North C, claimed to be working with the Ark City police in order to gain entrance to an Ark City residence to conduct a search.

“He was looking for a guy who jumped bond,” Wallace said. “He told them (the residents) that he was working with the Ark City Police Department and that he had a warrant to search the house.”

Wallace said his department does not have a bondsman or any bounty hunters working for them. (ARK

KAKE Takes an Inside Look into the Man Questioned

The man questioned by police is also reported to have worked at the Subway, the last reported place Jodi Sanderholm had been seen.

Police arrested a man over the weekend, on charges in a separate incident. They have questioned him in the missing teen case, although he has not been named as a suspect in the case, nor charged with a related crime.

KAKE News spoke with the man’s former landlord, Kevin Swick, who said the man, in his 20′s, was evicted not long before his arrest. The landlord said police were searching the home early Saturday morning, around 3:30am. He told KAKE that officers found shell casings – the landlord believes the man would occasionally fire random shots from his back door.

The man was also an employee at a Subway restaurant. It’s also the last place that Sanderholm was seen on Friday.

The man’s parents have also been questioned, and may have helped the man move out recently. (KAKE)

UPDATE: Justin Thurber Charged the Capital Murder & Rape of Jodi Sanderholm

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  1. As a Kansas resident I must say, The Ark City Police did a very fine job of handeling this case quickly while allowing the help of other agencies rather than letting pride and jurisdiction stand in the way of a proper investigation.

    Comment by Laura | January 17, 2007

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