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Missing 17-month-old Twins Tyler Lee and Holly Ann Needham believed Taken to Canada by Allison Lee Quets

17 month old Tyler and Holly Needham kidnapped by their biological mother, Allison Lee Quets during a Christmas visitation are now believed to to in Canada. According to investigators Allison Lee Quets crossed the Canadian border with the twins on December 23, 2006.

Holly Ann Needham

The biological mother, Allison Lee Quets, 49, had visitation rights as part of a custody agreement, authorities said.

The custody order allowed her to take the children from their adoptive home for a brief visit Dec. 22-24, but authorities say she never returned them.

An investigation indicated that Quets had crossed the Canadian border with the twins on Dec. 23, the FBI said in a written statement Thursday.

Quets now faces federal charges of international parental kidnapping. A warrant was issued Wednesday, according to the statement. (Toronto Star)

Tyler Lee Needham

The 17 month old twins, Tyler Lee Needham and Holly Ann Needham, were originally taken by their biological mother, 49 year old Allison Lee Quets.

The twins may be in a white Plymouth van with North Carolina plates LRJ-6644 or Florida plates E377HZ. (News 14)

Allison Lee Quets

FBI joins search for missing N.C. twins

America’s Most Wanted

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children




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  1. I would like to know the full story. Why this woman would give up her twins or did the govt take them from her.

    Comment by Christine | December 30, 2006

  2. Go to under the title “Who kidnapped Whom First?” and you will get a concise and compelling story of Allison Quets and her twins adoption proceedings. Her children were taken from her.


    M&E: It may be compelling, but kidnapping the children was not the answer.


    Comment by Nancy McLeod | December 31, 2006

  3. She had hyperemesis (“bad morning sickness”) throughout her pregnancy. This led to her thinking she couldn’t take care of them. So through a friend, she got in contact with the Needhams.

    But when she recovered from her pregnancy she asked for her kids back. The Needhams of Florida refused, figuring a deal is a deal. They even bought a house in North Carolina for custody visits.

    Thus the Needhams are the cause of this kidnapping.


    SM: Quets certainly did not help her position by what she did.


    Comment by Stephen Kawamoto | January 1, 2007

  4. The Needhams are selfish {{edit}}. Ms Quets–who feared her ill health–wanted her children back within 48 hours of birth. What sort of human beings would STILL take those children when their mother wanted them? These kids will hate them till their deaths for this.

    Comment by FB | January 3, 2007

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