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17 Year old Erica Bradley Missing Since November 6, 2006 from Allendale, SC … TES Joins Search

Erica Bradley has been missing since early November of 2006 in Allendale, SC. Now Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch have joined he search for the missing 17 year old Bradley.

The search attempts up to this point have turned up pieces of evidence here and there, but none of them led to Erica. Now, as time continues to pass and the trail gets colder by the day, the family says they’re more determined than ever to get answers.

Erica Bradley’s mother Jackie and the rest of the family will leave no stone unturned until they find her.

“I want to see her walk through those doors,” Jackie Bradley told News 12. “It’s been hard not knowing where she’s at.”

The trail has been a hard and long one for the entire family. Erica disappeared November 6 after leaving her job at a local Hardees. Since then, law enforcement turned up clothes, socks and shoes, pieces of hair extensions, and other things in the woods. But so far, those leads haven’t been enough. (WRDW)

With the leads not providing enough clues as to Erica Bradley’s whereabouts, enter Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch volunteers to the help.

“We want to search every square inch…and I truly don’t feel she’s very far away from us,” said Equusearch director Tim Miller.

Miller and his group are combing a few hundred square miles on foot, four wheelers, and with the help of a well-trained sense of smell. Miller says the mild landscape, relatively flat and dry, ill help the mission.

“This family needs closure. This town does,” Miller said. “It’s a terrible loss.”

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Missing 17-month-old Twins Tyler Lee and Holly Ann Needham believed Taken to Canada by Allison Lee Quets

17 month old Tyler and Holly Needham kidnapped by their biological mother, Allison Lee Quets during a Christmas visitation are now believed to to in Canada. According to investigators Allison Lee Quets crossed the Canadian border with the twins on December 23, 2006.

Holly Ann Needham

The biological mother, Allison Lee Quets, 49, had visitation rights as part of a custody agreement, authorities said.

The custody order allowed her to take the children from their adoptive home for a brief visit Dec. 22-24, but authorities say she never returned them.

An investigation indicated that Quets had crossed the Canadian border with the twins on Dec. 23, the FBI said in a written statement Thursday.

Quets now faces federal charges of international parental kidnapping. A warrant was issued Wednesday, according to the statement. (Toronto Star)

Tyler Lee Needham

The 17 month old twins, Tyler Lee Needham and Holly Ann Needham, were originally taken by their biological mother, 49 year old Allison Lee Quets.

The twins may be in a white Plymouth van with North Carolina plates LRJ-6644 or Florida plates E377HZ. (News 14)

Allison Lee Quets

FBI joins search for missing N.C. twins

America’s Most Wanted

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children




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