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Judge dismisses law suit against cruise line by family of Missing Honeymooner George Smith

This is quite the set back for the family of missing honeymooner, George A Smith IV. A George smithMiami judge has dismissed the law suit filed against Royal Caribbean Cruise by the family of George Smith.

Judge Jon I. Gordon granted a motion Monday to dismiss the lawsuit faulting Royal Caribbean International for its handling of George A. Smith IV’s disappearance more than a year ago.

“It’s a setback, of course, but it’s not the end,” maritime lawyer Brett Rivkind told Greenwich Time Thursday. “The Smith family isn’t discouraged. Whether the Smith family won or lost, the issue is going to be decided in an appellate court.”

What a bitter pill to have to swallow to have to listen to some smug Royal Caribbean George smith bloodrepresentative say “they exceeded its legal requirements”. Makes one think twice doesn’t it when taking a cruise, especially when one makes such a callous comment when we remember back to the blood stained canvas beneath George Smith’s cabin.


Smith’s parents and sister believe the 26-year-old Greenwich man was murdered, and allege in their lawsuit filed in June that the cruise company tried to cover up the incident to avoid liability and negative publicity.

Royal Caribbean representatives have said the cruise line exceeded its legal requirements when it contacted the FBI and other authorities immediately after learning about Smith’s disappearance.

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  1. [...] Judge dismisses law suit against cruise line by family of Missing Honeymooner George Smith [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | October 26, 2006

  2. Yes all tourists considering traveling on the RC
    should be advised that if they go missing the FBI will prolly not be contacted and or help you find a missing loved one.

    I would say RC has exceeded its usefulness in being a safe cruise line. RC I would like to introduce you to another one of the same mold as you. Aruba.

    Comment by Miss-Underestimated | October 26, 2006

  3. missu, i think they must have attended the same business school- F.U.- you can imagine what their school motto is.

    first rules of business:
    l. collect the money up front, the client might disappear.
    2. in case of casualty, blame the client.
    3. deny, deny, deny.
    4. it’s the client’s fault.
    5. the client asked for it.
    6. it was one one little tourist.
    7. we’re perfect, the client wasn’t.
    8. tell the victim’s family to shut up, go home, and get
    over it.
    9. protect anyone you’re connected with from prosecution.

    i’m sure i left out a lot of the rules taught there, but i’m sure y’all remember them all from what we’ve seen from natalee’s case. and the smith case.

    Comment by dennisintn | October 26, 2006

  4. I think Aruba went to the same school.

    Comment by k | October 26, 2006

  5. I agree, but don’t forget rule #10

    Make a deal with the wife
    of the victim
    and let it slide.

    How unfortunate for a family that was not interested in
    money…. only the truth. I suppose that their only
    choice now is to put heat on the F.B.I. and find out
    more about the family that were removed from the ship
    the day after George went missing.

    The Russians, who’s sons were accused of drugging a girl
    and trying to date rape her. Where there’s smoke, there’s
    fire… and I still feel there may be justice for the
    family. Afterall, we all know that deals made in the
    back room, have more to do with money than justice. It
    is only a ploy.

    Hang in there.

    Comment by Patti | October 26, 2006

  6. What’s her deal??? I could never figure her out?? Is she
    one of those marrying for money (like dialing for dollars)
    type or what?

    If I had a hunk like him, I’d probably k*** them if they
    tried to through him over-board. The very LEAST I’d do is
    support the family and seek justice WITH them. I mean,
    afterall, he is their son, too. These young girls, I can
    never figure them out.

    Comment by Patti | October 28, 2006

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