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Christopher Wayne Luttrell Tells Media he Killed the Social Worker in Abduction of Saige Terrell

It would appear that Christopher Luttrell has admitted to the murder of social worker, Boni Frederick, when he and Renee Terrell kidnapped Saige Terrell. Luttrell also apologized to all that he hurt.

When asked if he killed social worker Boni Frederick, Luttrell replied, “Yes, ma’am,” according to Nevels and reporters who were present.

It may be a bit too late for apologies as these two are in a world of trouble.

Authorities allege the couple fled three days earlier after killing Frederick, 67, and abducting Terrell’s 10-month-old son, Saige. Frederick had taken the boy to Terrell’s home in Henderson for a visit.

The baby was found unharmed and has been returned to foster parents in Union County, Ky.

Federal prosecutors in Kentucky initially charged the couple with fleeing to avoid prosecution on kidnapping charges, but have dropped their charges so state authorities could prosecute the two on felony murder, kidnapping, robbery and theft charges, Nevels said. (Houston Chronicle)

Mother denies killing aide

HENDERSON, Ky. – A Henderson woman charged with kidnapping her 9-month-old child after killing a social service aide offered insight into the crimes Thursday but denied involvement in the killing.

During a 40-minute news conference at the Henderson County Detention Center, Renee Terrell, 33, answered a range of questions, refused to address others and generally painted herself as a victim rather than a suspect. (Evansville Courier Press)

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