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Trenton Duckett Missing: Melinda Duckett Suicide Note

The following is the suicide note that Melinda Duckett was to have wrote prior to her taking her life.

Could it be that Trenton Duckett is still alive? From Melinda Duckett’s suicide note:

“He was and always will be my essence and as he grows, I want him to know that.”


Police say one note they found with her was addressed directly to the public.


I’m sorry this is short. Usually I plan things out and am better with my writing.

Your focus came off of my son. I love him and only wanted him safe in my arms. You created rumors and twisted words. Usually I am strong and what others say does not affect me. However I am young, have worked my [explicative] off and still being faced with ridicule and criticism.

I only wish you do not push anyone else. I do not bleed my emotions to the public and throughout this situation you did not understand that. There were many more errors you made in understanding me, but time is short and I have more important people to speak to.”

Police say there was also a second note, which appeared to be a continuation of the first.

“There are so many people I would write to if I could and had the time. This is a last minute idea, but I have felt myself sinking after one week mark of Trent[on] being gone. I love him dearly and he is all I was breathing for. He was and always will be my essence and as he grows, I want him to know that.

I have refrained from any negative comments in the hopes that individuals will realize their wrongdoings. Thank you for your time.” (Central Florida News)


(Melinda Duckett Suicide Note)





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  1. [...] After completing the unsigned two-page letter, she left it on the dashboard of her car and later took a shotgun and killed herself in a closet at her grandparents’ home in Lady Lake. [...]

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  2. [...] The investigation continues for 2 year old Trenton Duckett. The police have released the suicide note wrote by Melinda Duckett. [...]

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  3. To me, sounds like she is blaming others and trying to make them feel her guilt. My uneducated opinion.

    Comment by Kat_Gram | September 24, 2006

  4. I hope Trenton is found…the letter ‘written’ by his mom seems to relay him as alive…God willing & God bless.

    Comment by 2NJSons_Mom | September 24, 2006

  5. I don’t think Trenton is still alive. I think his mother wrote that in the note as a way of manipulating people into thinking that she was innocent. If everyone thought that her boy was still alive, they deduce that she was a desperate mother, misunderstood by all, and being blamed for something she never did and that is why she killed herself. With those cunning words she is attempting to shift responsibility for HER crime!! The truth is that she couldn’t live with her own guilt.

    Comment by Solidarity | September 25, 2006

  6. I am curious as to what the investigators have to say about these notes. I will keep my thought private.

    Comment by Miss-Underestimated | September 25, 2006

  7. This woman’s selfish behavior only points to one conclusion; Trenton is not alive. Noone can claim to know what she was thinking when she put the gun to her head, but if Trenton is found alive, in ten years what is this little boy going to think of his mother? Mother is like god on the lips of a child, to set an example that its easier to end it all then to persavere through the trials of life is wrong. It goes against the most basic insticts of life. How sad if Trenton is found alive. My condolences to his father, and the rest of Trenton’s family.

    Comment by Sarah Reps | September 26, 2006

  8. A missing child….the mother does not commit suicide

    A mother would be going nuts trying to find her child.


    Two possibilities.
    THE EX-HUSBAND AND FATHER OF THE CHILD PLANNED IT…AND CHILD IS STILL ALIVE (see the suicide note..reference to child’s future)….


    GUT FEELING….look at the ex husband.

    Comment by laci st. john | September 26, 2006

  9. I think her suicide note reflects her continued hatred toward her husband by casting blame on him. Talking about taking her life after 1 week of her son’s dissappearance.
    That makes no sense at all.

    With her writing the phony email pretending that her x-husband sent it threatening her life….This was the ultimate slap in the face for him, following his son’s dissappearance, probable death. She knew she was guilty of killing her son and knew that she was going to end her life.

    She had it all planned out but it has backfired on her.

    Comment by Sharon Chicago | September 26, 2006

  10. What a sad thing to happen to all.

    Comment by Nancy Gia | September 27, 2006

  11. They always place blame on the mother..just like the Jon Benet Ramsey case! what happend there? Patsey Ramsey grieves until she succombs to cancer. Was she ever charged with a crime? Was there ever proof she did anything? NO! But everyone decided she had something to do with it!! You know the media is too quick to point fingers. Noone knows what kind of person the ex husband was..only Melinda. Sure he is crying and now the “good father” but if that was so, their rocky marriage was no indication. There has to be more to this story. I really hope that the little boy is alive. May god bless him and Melinda too..Fact of the matter is that a boy is missing, his mother dead and Nancy Grace…….she’s a just another opportunist that looks for an outlet to gain fame, even in light of a tragedy. May god help her too!

    Comment by Christina | September 29, 2006

  12. After reading several of these posts I honestly think some of you people are on crack! I do not think Nancy Grace had anything to do with this nut case of a woman committing suicide. Melinda Duckett knew the police were closing in on her, so she ended it herself. She knew she was in a world of crap after failing to point the blame on her ex since the police saw right through her games. I have been following this case since day 1 and in my uneducated opinion she was seriously and mentally disturbed, abusive, controling and used her baby in any way possible to draw attention to herself and to get her way. She did something horrible to this child just to get her ex-husband framed for it, plain and simple.


    SM: Then you have no idea what media people and producers do when they get people to come to do and interview, plain and simple. As I have said numerous times before … I am a Nancy Grace fan and there is a time and place for her type of interview. THIS WAS NOT IT.

    You do not back a defensive animal into a corner … neither do you ambush a guest who you perceive to be guilty where a child is missing.

    If you do not think that NG does not think she did soemthing wrong then why is she devoting 90% of her show to a case with NO NEW INFO? If she cared about child advocacy, I could name 10 other cases she could be spot-lighting.

    UNDERSTAND THE POINT … Both parents are to blame for this situation, they were the presumed adults.

    But instead sadly enough, it was the innocent child who was affected. Everyone has seen the childish bickering in this case and using Trenton as a pawn. Imagine what he had to look forward in his life as this continued?

    TRENTON DUCKETT is the only victim. It appears he was since birth,

    Comment by april c. | September 30, 2006

  13. How tragic…there are two victims here; poor Trenton and his loving father. I hope and pray, everyday, that Trenton will be found alive. It’s all to obvious that Melinda was a minipulative, selfish liar that lost it in the end. Honestly, I feel bad for her, too. If only her parents had loved and accepted her, perhaps they could have helped her.
    If they are reading this, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for them to help all that’s left of Melinda,
    Trenton. I know that their loss must be overwhelming, but part of grieving is forgiving. Her death must stand for something…let it stand for finding and returning Trenton to the one person that fought for him the hardest, his father. Anyone that thinks that the fight that his dad went through was easy should go down to the court house on any
    given day and observe the custody battles that are made all the more difficult with the involvement of Children’s Protective Services, not to mention, visiting judges. If anyone is to blame, it is our judicial system that allows a child to be returned to an abusive parent. UNDERSTAND THE POINT????? To Melinda’s Parents: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Please come home, Trenton.

    Lovingly Concerned


    SM: Personally, I believe there is one victim … That is Trenton Duckett. I believe both parents were equally selfish in their own right and neglected the child they had.


    Comment by Patty Barnett | October 3, 2006

  14. Has anyone heard that Melinda has an apartment in Orlando and has the police checked there for Trenton? I read on the internet and was wondering about it.

    Comment by Dixie | October 10, 2006

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