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Dana Pretzer Sunday Night Radio: Guests, Duane Dog Chapman’s attorney Brook Hart & Tonja Doe, Victim Of Andrew Luster

Sunday September 24th. 9pm et.   LISTEN HERE LIVE

Dana’s guest will be Brook Hart lawyer for Duane Dog Chapman and his family.

Also Tonja Doe (Victim Of Andrew Luster) and her lawyer William Daniles discuss serial rapist Andrew Luster and how Dog Chapman’s capture of Luster affected her life.

PODCAST Replay here.

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Trenton Duckett Missing: Melinda Duckett Suicide Note

The following is the suicide note that Melinda Duckett was to have wrote prior to her taking her life.

Could it be that Trenton Duckett is still alive? From Melinda Duckett’s suicide note:

“He was and always will be my essence and as he grows, I want him to know that.”


Police say one note they found with her was addressed directly to the public.


I’m sorry this is short. Usually I plan things out and am better with my writing.

Your focus came off of my son. I love him and only wanted him safe in my arms. You created rumors and twisted words. Usually I am strong and what others say does not affect me. However I am young, have worked my [explicative] off and still being faced with ridicule and criticism.

I only wish you do not push anyone else. I do not bleed my emotions to the public and throughout this situation you did not understand that. There were many more errors you made in understanding me, but time is short and I have more important people to speak to.”

Police say there was also a second note, which appeared to be a continuation of the first.

“There are so many people I would write to if I could and had the time. This is a last minute idea, but I have felt myself sinking after one week mark of Trent[on] being gone. I love him dearly and he is all I was breathing for. He was and always will be my essence and as he grows, I want him to know that.

I have refrained from any negative comments in the hopes that individuals will realize their wrongdoings. Thank you for your time.” (Central Florida News)


(Melinda Duckett Suicide Note)





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Trenton Duckett Missing: Police Release Melinda Duckett’s Suicide Note

It turns out that Melinda Duckett did write a suicide note before she killed herself with a Melinda Duckett 2shotgun in her grandparents home.

VIDEO (Prime suspect)

In the letter addressed to the public, Duckett, 21, spoke of her love for her missing 2-year-old son, Trenton, and the anguish she felt at being “faced with ridicule and criticism” as rumors swirled about her role in his Aug. 27 disappearance. Thursday, investigators named her the “prime suspect” in the case.

After completing the unsigned two-page letter, she left it on the dashboard of her car and later took a shotgun and killed herself in a closet at her grandparents’ home in Lady Lake.

Melinda Duckett went on to say that the attention came off her son and on her. Obviously this was a troubled women.

“I’m sorry this is short,” Duckett wrote in her letter. “Usually I plan things out and am better with my writing. Your focus came off of my son. I love him and only wanted him safe in my arms. You created rumors and twisted words.”

One really has to wonder what the police were doing in this investigation. The idea that they had obtained the toddlers toys in the garbage and that they focussed on Melinda Duckett as the primary suspect, yet never arresting her is puzzling. Knowing that she has previously attempted suicide and had some issues, they let her remain free. They lost their number one witness and suspect with one shotgun blast.

Police said they could have arrested Duckett within four days of her son’s disappearance and more than a week before she killed herself, but they chose not to in hopes that she would lead them to the toddler.

Investigators began following Duckett and considered using other surveillance techniques, but the young mother shot herself before police could get her to cooperate. (Buffalo News)

Leesburg police release more evidence in Duckett case

The note apparently left by Melinda, which was undated and unsigned, was addressed simply to “Public” and appeared to place the blame for her suicide on the media. Later in the note, Melinda wrote that the decision to take her own life was one she made quickly and without much thought.

Investigators said they retrieved the note from the dashboard of Melinda’s car during a search following her Sept. 8 suicide. (The Village Daily Sun)

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