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KS State Rep. Patricia Kilpatrick and Clint Van Zandt on C-Band Talk radio Tonight

Tonight at 10:00pm EDT: Dana Pretzer will interview Patricia Kilpatrick and Clint Van Zandt.


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August 20th 2006

Patricia Kilpatrick, Kansas State Rep, Also

Jessica’s Law and Other Topics.


Retired FBI Agent Clint Van Zandt – He and I will discuss the recent developments in the Ramsey case.

August 20th, 2006 at 06:16pm Posted by | Missing, Missing Children, Missing Teen, molestation, sex offender, The National Sexual Predator Information Center | one comment

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1 Comment

  1. there are no developments in the ramsey case except for a child killing his sister.

    these last 10 years have not been pleasant for me considering my life sentence for having parents say I’m mental when they also are covering up the fact that my dad is not my dad.

    i was in boulder when she died…i even took on an agent…i even began wearing eye liner before this new case came about.

    Had a killer distiller…one that produces toxic instead of distilled water…”the are always trying to get me…in fact throwing out lawsuits in spokane…i’ve had the shits for 3 years…except while in jail…i’m seeking assylum.


    so i sold the killer distiller as a “who wants to be a ramsey killer distiller” on e-bay.

    a couple of weeks later i had a dream with the ramseys and a three eyed lady who showed me a little girl who was originally a little boy. Then i was offered a small bowl of cheerios which i began to drink but it was swiped by a kid (boy)…so who lived in Boulder in 1996…all targets…it hasn’t done a thing for my life.

    ProMe Thius…

    Comment by ProMeThius | October 23, 2006

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