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3-year-old Marcus Fiesel Missing Since Tuesday in Cincinnati, OH

3-year-old Marcus Fiesel has been missing since Tuesday. Marcus Fiesel

Marcus was last seen Tuesday afternoon in Juilfs Park in Anderson Township. His foster mother, Liz Carroll, had a health problem, blacked out and lost track of the boy.

(Cincinnati Enquirer)

The Search for Marcus Fiesel, who is a developmentally disabled boy, has been called off after days of searching that included a helicopter, dive teams and hundreds of volunteers, a fire official stated.

Authorities will continue to investigate the disappearance of Marcus Fiesel by following up on any leads that arise, said Fred Buop, battalion chief of the Anderson Township fire department. Some scattered volunteers continued looking on Saturday, despite authorities ending their search late Friday night. “We are absolutely just flabbergasted. We have no idea what could’ve happened at this point,” Buop said.

(AP via Akron Beacon Journal)

Authorities have stated, “This kid literally vanished – no evidence, no leads, nothing,”

Missing Boy’s Foster Family Moves Out

Why does this not look like a good sign? Sudden actions by family members in such cases seldom do.

Just five days after their three-year-old foster son went missing, the family of a still unaccounted for Marcus Fiesel has “moved” from their Union Township home. Marcus Fiesel went missing in Anderson Township’s Juilfs Park Tuesday after his foster mother allegedly suffered a medical emergency there.

Neighbors of the foster family told 9News that Liz Carroll, the foster mother, has been released from the hospital. Neighbors also told 9News the family left their rented home on Valleywood Drive Saturday night with many of their possessions. One neighbor claims they looked to be in a hurry as they moved out.


Vigil Held For Missing Foster Child

Almost a week after three-year-old Marcus Fiesel went missing in an Anderson Township park in Hamilton County, a candlelight vigil was held at a park in his own hometown in Butler County.

It was at Jacot Park in Middletown that many people were holding out hope that the little boy is still alive.

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  2. First, I would like to state that the most important thing that everyone should be concerned about is finding my son. My family’s past and living arrangements have absolutely nothing to do with finding him. My family left our home to avoid media and multiple stangers from sitting outside our house at all hours. We have cooperated 110% with the detectives and have stayed in touch with them on a daily basis. Again, my family has done nothing wrong, we love and miss Marcus. I regret going to the park, not sitting down and not eating that morning. My family and I take day care and foster care children to King’s Island, Water parks, town parks, YMCA, aquariums, carnivals, festivals, and many more places. Since this incident, I have not been left alone and we haven’t taken out kids anywhere but school shopping. I am begging for anyone and everyone that reads this to PLEASE help me find my son. I know that I will not be able to care for him after this incident but I still need to know that he is alright. PLEASE call crime stoppers with ANY possible leads!!!!!!Thank you.

    Comment by Liz-Foster mother | August 28, 2006

  3. Unfortunately, it was not a happy ending for little Marcus. God bless him. So very sad.

    Cincinnati, Oh

    Comment by Melissa | August 28, 2006


    Comment by Melissa | August 28, 2006

  5. For this mother to say nothing happened is totally unreal. She planned this all out and I thought that from the beginning.She should be disposed of(along with her husband) the way that they disposed of Marcus’ body.
    A boy that never felt love since day one his life began, I just wish their were more caring people out there that could keep a child from having to go through this pain.
    My mom plans on fostering after this incident.
    She has always wanted to,but now she knows for sure she wants to so she can possibly stop one child from being hurt.
    Marcus Fiesel forever remembered.
    To a child I never knew,but will always love and remember.

    Comment by A thoughtful teen | August 28, 2006

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  8. I think it is a tragic that the biological mother can sue. With all the help out there for people with children. Her house had hardly any food. There were feces on the floor. There were churches she could of went to. There were help group for her autistic child. I feel she shoud not benefit for Marcus death and now it is all about money how sick.

    Comment by Janice Boxwell | September 2, 2006

  9. The biological mother of Marcus, Ms. Trovino, should never benefit from her son’s death; he wasn’t important enough to her in life so why should she care now. This person who calls herself a mother is nothing more than a pathetic welfare slob who has cared only for herself and continues to care only for herself, looking out for her next paycheck. If the community has anything to do with it, Ms. Trovino will never get a penny! Had Ms. Trovino done her job as a parent, Marcus would be alive today. I continue to be angry and sick over her coming on television, holding a candle vigil, seeking attention for herself and now to file a lawsuit? It’s an absolute crime that continues to victimize Marcus even in death. The authorities should do an automatic removal of her next child (she is currently three months pregnant). Lets hope justice truly works in this case and neither the Carrolls nor Trovino will ever be around children again.

    Comment by Sasha Sophia | September 2, 2006

  10. Let me start off by saying Amy Baker, Dave Carroll, and Liz Carroll are all going to rot in hell. We need to get Amy Baker she has to do more with this than what is being published. This boy was dead before they went on their little vacation to Kentucky, Liz Carroll said it herself. When Liz was being questioned about how they took the dog with them and not their foster son,she replied that the dog was alive so wouldnt that mean that Marcus wasn’t! I wish that statement would be futher questioned and Amy Baker would quit lieing to save herself and do whats right for little baby Marcus. And to you Marcus you deserved the best and unfourtanetlly you were stuck with the worst, now you are in a better place and your spirit lives through the hearts of many. Rest In Peace buddy see you on the other side.

    Comment by Alicia Stout | March 30, 2007

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