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Family of George Allen Smith IV; What is Jennifer Hagel-Smith Hiding?

Jennifer Hagel-Smith lashed out this week as the misguided anger that the family of missing honeymooner, George Smith. George Smith’s family has many questions of Jennifer, namely what is she hiding by settling with Royal Caribbean so soon.

“The quick settlement is concerning,” said Bree Smith, in an exclusive interview with the Green-wich Citizen. “We feel comfortable in saying that in our opinion, she is hiding something.” Added Rivkind

Bree Smith, George Smith’s sister, found many of Jennifer Hagel-Smith’s actions and comments rather strange.

“Jennifer said several times in our house, before we cut off contact with her last October, that she did not want to be deposed in a civil or criminal suit,” Bree Smith said.

“I thought that was a strange statement to make. Why wouldn’t she want to testify, to help bring to justice the people who murdered my brother? It is suspicious, in my opinion.”

The circumstances in how George Smith disappeared is bizarre. We all now the many actions of those involved that are less than normal behavior that one would do aboard a cruise ship, let alone the actions that the cruise line took following the disappearance. What we find most disappointing and strange is Jeniffer Hagel-Smith’s 180 degree turn in dealing with the Royal Caribbean and her statements .

In Hagel-Smith’s press release, she also praised “the cruise line president and leaders who heard our voices and began this civilized, informative, and productive dialogue.”

This marked a sharp contrast to Hagel-Smith’s previous claims that she had been “thrown off” the Brilliance of the Seas after George Smith disappeared, and left to fend for herself in Turkey without financial resources or assistance.
(Greenwich Citizen)

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  1. What is Jennifer Hagel-Smith hiding ????
    that she can’t or won’t talk about !!!! The Smith family had welcomed her with open arms !! They loved and Cared for her , because of George !! And she does this to them !!!! I can’t believe it ! I’m not saying she’s a horrible person !!! I don’t think they do either !!! (I don’t know now!!) Anyways This latest situation has to be stressful on everyone !! This is their son !!! for pete’s sake !! they want answers not money !!

    Comment by Carol | July 16, 2006

  2. for all any of us know this could have all been a scam from the get go and he could be alive and well somewhere and maybe that is what Jennifer is hiding? This could have been a get rich quick scheme. I am not saying it is fact but people have done it before it wouldn’t be the first time. I guess it will be a wait and see game.
    SM: That’s an opinion but i hardly doubt it. I really doubt it that George was involved in any scheme. He was a victim of a crime.

    Comment by pamela | July 23, 2006

  3. you are absolutely right it is an oppinion and if you would have completely read my comment you would see I said that I don’t know the facts and It will be a wait and see game.

    Comment by pamela | July 24, 2006

  4. [...] We will take three missing persons stories that have all lasted over 6 months and are still very much in the public eye. They all have one common thread through out. The three missing persons are Natalee Holloway, George Smith and Jennifer Kesse. What do all three stories have in common that make them in the forefront? All have three driven families behind the scenes that will stop at nothing to get answers and do not accept “no” for an answer. Earlier this week I had the privilege of talking to Drew Kesse. He has the same drive, power and optimism as any conversation that I have had with Beth Twitty or Dave Holloway. The parents and sister of missing honeymooner George Smith fall into this same category as they are not willing to settle with a cruise line like so many before. THEY WANT ANSWERS. [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | July 28, 2006

  5. Hmmm… Speaking of one common thread: Royal Carribean Cruises are making a habit of losing passengers. I’m sorry, but I see red lights flashing!!! Please see the following threads: (new girl missing) and in December 2005, a Canadian woman also went missing on the same Cruise liner. Anyone else see THE RED LIGHTS FLASHING???

    Comment by Elzette | July 30, 2006

  6. I agree it is very scary that all these tradgedies are taking place aboard cruise ships. The problem is that many people that get on cruises think oh I am way out in the middle of the ocean and bad people won’t be out here. The problem is it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do we need to always protect ourselves because the world we live in has become a scary and crazy place.

    Comment by pamela | July 31, 2006


    Comment by Betty | October 28, 2006

  8. i cant belieave this. something is not right with the complete 180 turn this women has taken. this poor guy was murdered and the cruise line could care less. great point Betty, who are the three men and why the heck havent they been questioned. what is the wife up to these days. someone needs to keep her from just letting this fad away. she is giving 25k to start a fund….big freaking deal, she just go 1mil.
    there needs to be justice, and the answers are there.

    Comment by Scottie | January 4, 2007

  9. I have no respect for Jen Hagel, to settle for a million dollars so shortly after the murder of your husband without seeking answers is simply disgusting. Being his wife she had a moral and legal obligation to take care of him and that extends to his death. Her actions in this case have proven to be self interested. However, this is also not shocking, I know Jen Hagel and I knew she was self interested and self concerned long before this, however this accident merely shows her truly colors. All Jen cares about is taking care of herself. Bravo Jen, for being a woman of conviction! May there be more women out there like you.

    Comment by kelly | February 11, 2007

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