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Clifford Wright, Ex-Boyfriend & Person of Interest in Tamela Gardner Arrested on Drug Charge

Clifford Wright, the former boyfriend of Tamela Gardner, missing and presumed Clifford Wrightdead along with a male companion has been arrested on unrelated drug charges. 36 year old Clifford Wright is a “person of interest” in the homicide investigation involving two bodies found yesterday in a van that was owned by Tamela Gardner. In so many murder cases, the person of interest is brought in on a separate, unrelated charge while the more serious one is investigated.

Police spokesman Corporal Trinidad Navarro says Wright was charged today with two counts of delivery of cocaine. Wright also was charged July Fifth with aggravated harassment of Gardner and was ordered to have no contact with her.


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Family of George Allen Smith IV; What is Jennifer Hagel-Smith Hiding?

Jennifer Hagel-Smith lashed out this week as the misguided anger that the family of missing honeymooner, George Smith. George Smith’s family has many questions of Jennifer, namely what is she hiding by settling with Royal Caribbean so soon.

“The quick settlement is concerning,” said Bree Smith, in an exclusive interview with the Green-wich Citizen. “We feel comfortable in saying that in our opinion, she is hiding something.” Added Rivkind

Bree Smith, George Smith’s sister, found many of Jennifer Hagel-Smith’s actions and comments rather strange.

“Jennifer said several times in our house, before we cut off contact with her last October, that she did not want to be deposed in a civil or criminal suit,” Bree Smith said.

“I thought that was a strange statement to make. Why wouldn’t she want to testify, to help bring to justice the people who murdered my brother? It is suspicious, in my opinion.”

The circumstances in how George Smith disappeared is bizarre. We all now the many actions of those involved that are less than normal behavior that one would do aboard a cruise ship, let alone the actions that the cruise line took following the disappearance. What we find most disappointing and strange is Jeniffer Hagel-Smith’s 180 degree turn in dealing with the Royal Caribbean and her statements .

In Hagel-Smith’s press release, she also praised “the cruise line president and leaders who heard our voices and began this civilized, informative, and productive dialogue.”

This marked a sharp contrast to Hagel-Smith’s previous claims that she had been “thrown off” the Brilliance of the Seas after George Smith disappeared, and left to fend for herself in Turkey without financial resources or assistance.
(Greenwich Citizen)

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Two Bodies Found in Missing Woman’s Minivan believed to be Tammy Gardner & Gabe Gabrielli

Police have located the mini van of Tammy Gardner and two victims were found inside murdered. They had mysteriously disappeared from a bar where Gardner reportedly had words with an unidentified ex-boyfriend.

Police in Delaware had been searching for the minivan for days. They hoped it would lead them to a missing man and woman. Apparently, it has.

The vehicle, a 2000 Ford Windstar, was found on a remote path near a man-made hill at a park that is under construction.

That’s when police converged on the scene, but investigators don’t know how long the vehicle had been there or what happened to the man and woman inside.

An autopsy will confirm the identities, but police know the van belongs to 40-year-old Tammy Gardner, who has been missing since last Sunday, along with her companion 41-year-old Gabe Gabrielli.

Both mysteriously disappeared after being last seen at a bar where Gardner reportedly had words with an unidentified ex-boyfriend.

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