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Mary Winkler, Sad & Depressed. Lawyer Will Request Psych Evaluation

The attorney for Mary Winkler says his client is very depressed and very sad. Winkler mary 5Winkler was very somber during her court appearance the other day. With all the speculation as to the motive and the manner of the murder of her husband; Mary Winkler’s condition is some what understandable.

Thirty-two-year-old Mary Winkler made her first court appearance Monday in Selmer. She said nothing at the arraignment except “no sir” in a clear and strong voice when the judge asked if she had any questions about the charges against her. When Winkler shuffled through a side door in chains, several church members in the courtroom sobbed and dabbed at their eyes. Winkler did not look at them but kept her head down.


Attorney says minister’s wife ‘very confused’ Winkler mug shot

Mary Winkler, the woman charged with killing her minister husband, is “very confused and overwhelmed” by what’s happening, her lawyer told NBC News on Tuesday.

She is “very detached, very detached from the gravity of the overall situation, very reserved, very quiet, very confused and overwhelmed,” Steve Farese said on the “Today” show.


Mary Winkler’s attorney, Steve Farese, stated that he wanted a psychological evaluation performed on his client. Winkler has supposedly confessed to the crime and has even told authorities the motive; however, they have refused to disclose it.

Tennessee officials have said they know a motive but have refused to disclose it. Farese said it is possible the motive will not be presented until a trial, adding, “but they will have to tell us in discovery.”

The Winkler case has drawn national attention due to the nature of the crime and the victim, a pastor, involved in the murder. The case had all the makings of a media frenzy when first a pastor was found shot to death, his wife and three children were missing causing an Amber Alert to be issued. As Mary Winkler’s attorney stated, its a circus.

Scheduled for 9 a.m. Thursday in Selmer is a preliminary hearing, at which Tennessee prosecutors must make only a prima facie or “sufficient evidence” case to move the investigation toward a possible indictment.

“This is a media circus,” he observed Monday. “Everybody was there except the Taiwan Times, and they probably will be there Thursday.”

(Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal)

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  3. Consider this: People who don’t know the family should be aware that Matthew Winkler’s father, Dan Winkler, is a true-to-life “Hail, Fire and Brimstone” fundamentalist preacher from the South. I know because I, along with many other Church members from the Beltline Church of Christ (Decatur, AL) were subjected to his guilt and fear ridden sermons for nearly 10 years. We are talking about a man who has serious, deep-seeded issues with control and power. Subjecting your family to this control and instilling fear in them and demanding they be “Perfect” as Christ was, is bound to backfire on you somewhere down the road (directly or indirectly). I feel sorry for Mary and Matthew’s children now because they will have to endure the same upbringing with Mr. Winkler Sr. I’m sure he’ll dish out the same destructive child rearing tactics he forcefully shoved down the throats of his own family and pass it along to his grandchildren. Does God really find favor with this destructive way of life? Does He smile when Church members go away from sermons feeling worthless and uninspired because the Preacher continually reminds them of how “sinful” they are??? Mary Winkler is the product of a repressed Church of Christ person who has a list of terrible things that happened to her throughout life which would be difficult for anyone to endure and yet, as a preachers wife you have to always remain perfect and have your “frozen smile” on for everyone to observe. It’s still not an excuse to kill someone. The Church at Selmer should be ashamed of itself for publicly announcing they support Mary 100%. You’re doing this because you’re being controlled people- controlled by a bunch of Elders who think they know what’s best for you and who don’t want you to “think” for yourselves. Trust me, no one around the country is saying, ” Wow, look at those wonderful, forgiving, church people in Selmer! My what an example they have set for the world.” It’s quite the opposite. You appear as deeply disturbed people who have forgiven someone who committed a cold-blooded murder without even knowing the facts. Would you have been so forgiving if Matthew had been the one to kill Mary???? I seriously doubt it. God is not watching you with a microscope people. You don’t have to feel like miserable sinners 7 days a week. You can think for yourselves. Let’s hope this destructive cycle of “Fear and Guilt Christianity will soon come to an end. Please pray for those three little girls. They are the ones who are going to suffer the most.

    Comment by MG | April 28, 2006

  4. supposedly, you know what the little girl’s future is going to be. however, if you look closely at the Christmas picture that has appeared everywhere in the media, you will note that the second daughter is to the left of the picture, and is the only one not smiling. this is a classic child abuse clue and is probably being investigated now. hopefully, this will not happen to these girls at Grandpa’s house, since abuse carries from one generation to the next.

    Comment by Marla Maertin | May 2, 2006

  5. Why are people interested in the motive. They weren’t interested in Scott Peterson’s motive or OJ’s motive. They just wanted them convicted. Why do we immediatley give empathy to women who kill. Susan Smith was given a light sentence because she was molested as a child. Well, so was William Bonin. Mary Winkler murdered her husband. I am not interested in the motive. Even if it was the worst. If he was a molester, he belongs in prison. She is a murderer. Give her a life sentence.

    Comment by david daniel | May 22, 2006

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