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Finally a Stand against Child Molesters; South Carolina Bill, Execute 2-time Molesters

Sick and tired of reading about judges from Vermont and Ohio letting child rapists out with little to no punishments for their crimes? Tired of hearing about the rights of the criminals and that they have an illness?

South Carolina has an answer to that illness that will cure it permanently. In a backlash to the recent Dungeon rapes by sex offender Kenneth Glenn Hinson, the SC attorney general backs a proposal that will execute twice convicted child molesters.

Some S.C. legislators want to execute twice-convicted child molesters, and experts say such a law could be upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“This is a historic moment for South Carolina to step forward and force the Supreme Court’s hand,” said Sen. David Thomas, R-Greenville, who is supporting a bill that could make the state the second — behind Louisiana — to allow the death penalty for a crime other than murder. “We have changed as a nation since the 1970s when the court last addressed the constitutionality of capital punishment for a sex crime. It’s a horror — someone who twice rapes a young child — they deserve a death sentence.”

It is about time someone start taking the protection of our children seriously. All too often we hear that a sexual predator needs to be rehabilitated and provided therapy. This of course after they have violated how many children? It is well documented that a sex offender has committed far too numerous to count acts before they are ever arrested. Then when they are, misguided judges provide a slap on the wrist. Not any more in SC if the legislature and AG get their way.

“I’m going to give the General Assembly a green light on passing this law because we need this to protect our children and to deter these sexual predators,” McMaster said late Monday.

Robert Blecker, a professor who teaches a course in death penalty law at New York Law School, says he believes the “right case” for capital punishment for a twice convicted child molester could be ruled constitutional.

Several states seem to be following this same “get tough” attitude to protect children. However, some states like Maine just don’t get it and actually have the audacity to call things that would protect children like Jessica’s Law, an election-year gimmick.

Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center in Washington, said several states, including Oklahoma and Georgia, are considering capital punishment for repeat child molesters. Kentucky has tightened penalties for repeat child molesters but decided recently not to pursue the death penalty.

In Louisiana, a convicted child rapist has been sentenced to death row, and in 1999 the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the ruling.
(Charlotte Observer)

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  1. [...] South Carolina has an answer to that illness that will cure it permanently. In a backlash to the recent “Dungeon rapes” by sex offender Kenneth Glenn Hinson, the SC attorney general backs a proposal that will execute twice convicted child molesters. (Read the full story at Missing and Exploited) [...]

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  2. Go South Carolina! You rock!!!!! This is what we need to protest our innocent children. Im all for this!!! – It should become a National Law!!!

    Comment by TXMom | March 30, 2006

  3. I have been saying this a long time. Molestation and rape is worse than murder because you leave a person to be victimized and tortured by the memory for the rest of their lives. NOT to minimalize murder…

    Comment by sewingmachine | March 31, 2006

  4. AMEN

    Comment by ddropp | April 6, 2006

  5. I live in rock hill I have 2 daughters the age of 6 both have accused father of molestation thier case is going thru chester county South Carolina where thier father was once a judge.I have done every thing on my part to keep my kids safe now cps so far have done every thing they are suppose to do the case has been up since August of 2005. He has never been arrested nor has one witness that has been there and have seen things havent been interviewed in order to put a case together for him to see that justice is being served .Is there anyone out there can help me see what I can do to get behind the county to do thier job the detective tels dss that my witnesses havent tried to contact her but they have so have I since they are to keep me informed about it the only phone call I have got that told me anything was he took a lie detector test she couldnt teel me if he passed are failed but had requested only supervise visitations and if it were left up to the detective he wouldnt get none at all leaving with the assumption that there were something on the test to make her feel this way PLEASE ARE they some one out there to help me out with this

    Comment by lisa culp | April 10, 2006

  6. My 12 year old daughter was recently molested by a family member, and nothing has been done about it. I am all for the death penalty. I am tired of hearing about the criminals rights.

    Comment by JoAnna Caudill | April 14, 2006

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