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Missing Natasha Browne Sending Text Messages to Mother?

Are the text messages being received by Stella and Robert Browne really from theirNatasha brown 1 missing 13-year-old daughter Natasha Browne? Natasha has not been seen since she left for school on Monday.

In New Jersey, state and local police are taking the case of a missing girl seriously. Her family last saw her Monday morning and since then they’ve been receiving text messages from her cell phone, messages the police call “alarming.”

So far Stella and Robert Browne have received six very unsettling text messages from their daughter Natasha’s cell phone, But is the 13-year-old typing the police for help, or someone else?

The story of the missing girl starts off strange in that Natasha heads off to school in a direction she does not normally take. Her friends state she never made it to school. Then the text messages begin.

Then about three hours later Stella got the first message: “Someone was following me and I just don’t remember what happened. I just woke up in a basement. It’s pitch black.”

Just before 9:00 Monday night the exhausted couple got the final message: “They’re taking me to New York.”

Police also say that on Monday several of Natasha’s friends also received text messages but at this point if you call her cell phone it goes straight to voice mail.

Hours passed before the second message: “He’s making me do disgusting stuff I don’t want to do.”

Ten minutes later came another message: “He and he is telling me they will hurt me if I don’t listen to them.”


Missing Girl Sends Mom Text Messages

Since 13-year-old Natasha Brown vanished on her way to school Monday, police say she’s text messaged her mother saying that someone followed her and that she woke up in a dark basement.

One of the messages Brown sent her mother shortly after disappearing said: “Someone has me, she’ll take my phone,” Jersey City Police Chief Robert Troy said Wednesday.

“A disappearance is totally out of character,” Troy said. “Her family and friends are worried and so are we.”


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  2. Well if it is Natasha that is sending the text messages and she has been kidnapped, I’m sure she won’t be anymore, because by now the kidnappers know that she has a cell phone. The cell phone is probably dead by now, but how mad so you think kidnappers will get when they find out? What do you think they will do? It seems irresponsible to report something like this.
    SM: For some reason the police allowed it.

    Maybe its because the text messages stopped for some time and they felt the need to report at that point.

    Comment by December_star | March 9, 2006

  3. SM I know you are not the ones to report it first, you don’t have to keep my post away from everyone Else’s, I wasn’t blaming you. I was commenting on the media coverage in general.

    Comment by December_star | March 10, 2006

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