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Police Search Landfill for Jean Zapata in a 3o Year Old Case

Police searched a Juneau County Landfill located near Mauston in pursuit of finding 36 year old Jean Zapata, a 30-year-old missing person case. Jean Zapata mysteriously disappeared from her home in 1976. Police stated they were acting on a tip.

Up to two dozen law enforcement personnel conducted the search and could continue their search throughout the week. An unnamed source close to the case told WISC-TV that detectives are searching the area for human remains.

Police said that they are acting on a tip that led them to the landfill located off Ceylon Road.

The landfill search follows earlier ones where cadaver dogs picked up the scent of decomposing human remains at Zapata’s former Madison home and at a Sun Prairie storage locker last year.
(WISC via Yahoo! News)

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