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Imette St. Guillen argued with Bouncer, Darryl Littlejohn

The heinous murder of Imette St. Guillen shocked the collective conscience and souls of all. The sadistic rape and murder of Imette and the manner in how she was found Imette St. Guilleninstills not only fear that the perpetrator has not yet been arrested, but also the will and drive for all to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

Police and investigators have been piecing together the last steps of Imette St. Guillen on that terrible night as she went with friends from the Pioneer to The Falls.

Until yesterday, the last sighting of St. Guillen was about 3 a.m. last Saturday, when friends she had been drinking with left The Pioneer. She left a short time later with another friend, a woman, and made a 3:40 a.m. phone call to one of the friends whom she had been with earlier.

Imette St. Guillen went to The Falls, a trendy SoHo hot spot, after drinking earlier at another bar, The Pioneer, with friends, police said.

If this horrific crime was not bad enough it also has a connection to a past crime that swept NYC many years ago; the Central Park/Robert Chambers and Jennifer Levin murder.

But interviews with workers at The Falls, which is eerily operated by the same owners of Dorrian’s Red Hand – the Upper East Side watering hole made infamous as the place where convicted Central Park killer Robert Chambers met his victim, Jennifer Levin, in 1986 – did not appear to move detectives any closer to finding out who killed St. Guillen.

The focus of police has turned to the bouncer of The Falls, ex-con Darryl Littlejohn, Littlejohn41.

Police say the bouncer, identified in reports as 41-year-old Darryl Littlejohn, is a parolee with convictions for armed robbery, gun possession and drugs under multiple names — but no record of sex crimes. Police confirm that Littlejohn is a potential suspect but said he was not under arrest.

Ex-Con’s Home Searched In Student Slay

Cops raid bouncer’s flat

Cops got a search warrant after telling a judge that cell phone records put Littlejohn at his home at 5 p.m. on Feb. 25 – and place him an hour later near the secluded Brooklyn spot where St. Guillen’s body was found that night, sources said.

Littlejohn home

Bar owner could face legal action

Now it is learned that the bouncer, Darryl Littlejohn, and Imette St. Guillen argued after booting her from a tony SoHo tavern.

A brawny bouncer with a violent history argued with grad student Imette St. Guillen after booting her from a tony SoHo tavern the morning she disappeared – and bar staffers later heard a muffled scream, law-enforcement sources said yesterday. Cops now believe that the bouncer, ex-con Darryl Littlejohn, 41, could be the sadistic fiend who murdered St. Guillen – as probers yesterday combed his Queens home looking for evidence that she may have been slain there.

(NY Post)

After nearly of week of stating that St. Guillen was served two drinks before she glanced at a note and walked out of the bar alone has now shockingly changed his Imettestory to a much different one where St. Guillen was forcibly removed from the bar out a side door.

The new details in the chilling case surfaced as sources revealed how an owner of The Falls bar, along with one of its bartenders, took nearly a week to come clean over what they saw early Feb. 25, the day St. Guillen disappeared.

The bar owner, Michael J. Dorrian – scion of the famous New York tavern-owning family – had told investigators on numerous occasions that St. Guillen was served two drinks before she glanced at a note and walked out of the bar alone, sources said.

But the sources said Dorrian has since admitted that at the end of that night, he had actually ordered the 5-foot-7, 200-pound Littlejohn to “Get her out of here!” because St. Guillen was so drunk.

A much different story indeed.

Littlejohn hauled the petite, 25-year-old woman – a forensic-science student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice – out a side door of the building at 218 Lafayette St., law-enforcement sources said.

Dorrian and the unidentified bartender said that moments later, they heard arguing in a hallway just outside a door to the bar, the sources said. They then heard a scream from the same direction.

The Detectives theories are as follows:

Detectives believe that Littlejohn tried to force sex on her, and when she resisted, panicked and killed her, possibly inside his pad in Jamaica, Imette crime sceneQueens (153-26 121st Ave)

Her fingernails were partially torn off, indicating she put up a fierce fight. Her head had been wrapped in tape like a mummy.

Meanwhile, Littlejohn showed up for work at 9:30 that night – with a scratch on the back of his neck, sources said.

Sources to the investigation are also saying that there may be cell phone records placing Littlejohn near the area where St. Guillen’s ravaged body was found.

The official said investigators have cell phone records possibly linking the bouncer to the spot where St. Guillen was found. The records show his phone was used in the same vicinity about two hours before police – responding to an anonymous 911 from a public phone – discovered her naked and bound body.

(Boston Herald)

What is never a good sign is when your own relative does not give one a glowing endorsement. Addie Harris, Littlejohn’s Aunt was asked whether he what she though and could it be possible that her nephew could be involved in something so heinous.

“I pray that it wasn’t him. The young lady was somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister,” said Littlejohn’s aunt Addie Harris, caretaker of the 121st Ave. home where the bank robber with a long rap sheet lives.

She said she didn’t think her nephew – once branded a violent “menace to society” by a state Parole Board – was capable of murder. “That’s not a characteristic of him . . . not this,” she said. “I don’t know. But anybody is capable of anything.”

(NY Daily News)

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12 Year Old Ashley Bushue Missing Said to be with Seth Lee Mitchell, 37

Ashley Bushue, 12 year old Knoxville, TN girl has been missing for 4 days. Ashley Bushue left Whittle Springs Middle School Friday afternoon with Seth Lee Mitchell, Ashley Bushue37.

According to a school spokesman, Mitchell told the Whittle Springs’ secretary he was Ashley’s uncle and needed to check her out of school for a dental appointment.

Mitchell was not on the girl’s emergency card and not allowed to take her out. But the school let her go anyway.

No one has heard from Ashley since she left school. Police are asking for the public’s help.

The two are believed to be traveling in a 1995 white Dodge Caravan with a Tennessee license plate SZU 446. (WATE 6)

Knoxville Police issue warrant in search for missing girl

A Knoxville man faces charges of specially aggravated kidnapping. The alleged victim, 12-year-old Ashley Bushue, missing since she left Whittle Springs Middle School, apparently minutes after her mother dropped her off for classes Friday morning.

Police aren’t sure what Ashley Bushue’s relationship to Seth Lee Mitchell, father figure or child-hood crush.

The charge of Specially Aggravated Kidnapping comes because of her age and allows for federal help if Mitchell’s taken her out of state.

He reportedly has family in Virginia. Ashley’s father lives in Illinois.

Though he faces felony charges, police have not put out an amber alert, saying they believe Ashley went willingly and that she isn’t in imminent danger. (WVLT)

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Jennifer Kesse Parents Open PO Box For Tips

The parents of missing Jennifer Kesse opened up a post office box in case people want to mail in tips, instead of calling into crime line.

Jennifer Kesse Tips
5389 S. Kirkman Rd.
Box 103-125
Orlando, FL 32819


Jenifer Kesse website

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Police Search Landfill for Jean Zapata in a 3o Year Old Case

Police searched a Juneau County Landfill located near Mauston in pursuit of finding 36 year old Jean Zapata, a 30-year-old missing person case. Jean Zapata mysteriously disappeared from her home in 1976. Police stated they were acting on a tip.

Up to two dozen law enforcement personnel conducted the search and could continue their search throughout the week. An unnamed source close to the case told WISC-TV that detectives are searching the area for human remains.

Police said that they are acting on a tip that led them to the landfill located off Ceylon Road.

The landfill search follows earlier ones where cadaver dogs picked up the scent of decomposing human remains at Zapata’s former Madison home and at a Sun Prairie storage locker last year.
(WISC via Yahoo! News)

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Missing Woman, Michelle Townsend, Found Murdered in Pittsfield, MA

27 year-old Michelle Townsend had been missing since last Thursday. Today, police discovered the body of Michelle Townsend inside the apartment of her estranged husband. However, Seymour Townsend is now no where to be found.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pittsfield Police at (413) 448-9705.


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