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Teresa Halbach’s Rape and Murder Resurrects Death Penalty talk in WI

The recent horrific and unspeakable rape and murder of Teresa Halbach has reinvigorated efforts to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin. The recent announcements of what occurred to Teresa Halbach at the hands of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey have shocked the collective conscience of most all.

The release of horrific details about Teresa Halbach’s death likely will reinvigorate efforts to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin, say two Fox Valley legislators and a prominent defense attorney.

“I expect that you are going to see people now asking for Wisconsin to reinstate the death penalty because, if these statements are true, this man’s as vicious as they come,” Boyle said. “I’ve already heard that argument being made on the radio.”

The description of how Teresa Halbach was allegedly raped and murdered has upset some by the graphic details but has outraged others to begin to discuss that there must be a greater penalty for those that would commit such heinous crimes other than life in prison.

Boyle, the Milwaukee attorney, said the details of the case have sparked outrage, and that “is going to cause a lot of people to start saying the penalty of life in prison without parole isn’t severe enough.”
(Appleton Post-Crescent)

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