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Steven Avery’s 16 year old Nephew, Brendan Dassey, Charged in Halbach Murder

In what can only be described as disturbing, the 16 year old nephew of Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, has also been charged in the murder of Teresa Halabach. The nature of this crime defies belief.


In chilling detail he explains how Dassey returned home from school and walked over to his uncle’s trailer house to deliver some mail.

According to the complaint, Dassey heard a woman screaming while he was still several hundred feet away from the trailer, the screams got louder as he approached the door and knocked.

The complaint states that his uncle, Steven Avery answered the door, partially clothed and sweating.

Avery then allegedly asked Dassey to participate in a sexual encounter and led the boy to his bedroom where Theresa Halbach was naked and shackled to the bed.

In the complaint Dassey says Halbach pleaded for her life.

And to think this person, Steven Avery, was let out of prison because he was falsely imprisoned? Maybe it was just a hunch. In what can only be described as just an ungodly act, Steven Avery congratulates his nephew and then tells him how he will murder Teresa Halbach.

“During the rape, Teresa is begging for help, begging 16 year old Brendan to stop that you can stop this. After the sexual assault is completed, Steven Avery tells Brendan what a good job he did, takes Brendan into the other room and now describes for Brendan his intent to murder Teresa Halbach,” explains Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz.
(NBC 15 Madison)


Prosecutor Details Teresa Halbach’s Horror

What happened to murder victim Teresa Halbach was slow and it was brutal, and she had been set up. Special prosecutor Ken Kratz made that clear in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

The details about Halbach’s last hours were so graphic at times, it seemed the prosecutor had a hard time talking about it. And it was hard for people in the room to listen to.

Police say they now know that Halbach was imprisoned, sexually assaulted, stabbed, and strangled before she died.

Steven Avery since he was arrested for the murder of Teresa Halbach has denied the charges. At one point from prison he had even stated before her body was found that she may still be alive.

Well Avery, there is not only DNA evidence … there is now a witness who has already implicated himself in the crime pointing the finger at you. I guess the police are responsible for this as well?

Kratz said Steven Avery’s 16-year-old nephew, Brendan Dassey, is charged with being party to the crimes of first-degree intentional homicide, sexual assault, and mutilation of a corpse. Kratz also said Avery will face additional criminal charges, including sexual assault, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

The boy confessed his role and also implicated his uncle when investigators re-interviewed him Wednesday after noticing discrepancies in his stories and the physical evidence, Calumet County Sheriff Jerry Pagel said.

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  1. [...] In what can only be described as disturbing and beyond comprehension, the 16 year old nephew of Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, has also been charged in the murder of Teresa Halabach. Teresa, God rest your soul. (Please be warned this story is graphic and disturbing) (The rest at Missing & Exploited) [...]

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  2. Wow, an honest 16 year old that came forth…
    Joran, take note, this boy will be much better off than you when he goes to meet his maker, as he admitted what he did, and will pay for it here on earth
    Pay now or pay later, and believe me it will be much worse when you pay later!!!
    God will not forget what you did!

    Comment by TXMom | March 3, 2006

  3. [...] The recent horrific and unspeakable rape and murder of Teresa Halbach has reinvigorated efforts to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin. The recent announcements of what occurred to Teresa Halbach at the hands of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey have shocked the collective conscience of most all. The release of horrific details about Teresa Halbach’s death likely will reinvigorate efforts to reinstate the death penalty in Wisconsin, say two Fox Valley legislators and a prominent defense attorney. “I expect that you are going to see people now asking for Wisconsin to reinstate the death penalty because, if these statements are true, this man’s as vicious as they come,” Boyle said. “I’ve already heard that argument being made on the radio.” [...]

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  4. We, all of us, need to be free from this monster.
    He had a long record before he went in the first time which should have, I think, played a large part in his sentence. Some monsters simply should not be released. If they’re kept under lock and key, there is no way they can inflict their horror. I pray the wise people of Wisconsin will reinstate the death penalty.
    It would be too good for him — but hanged by the neck would work.

    Comment by Joan Carter | April 7, 2006

  5. Today I had watched the hearing that was considering dismissing Dassy’s confession, From my observation from the whole scenerio… they shouldn’t dismiss it, It seems to me that Dassey was more than capable of knowing what was right or wrong at the time, and could have chosen to not participate. from all the information i gathered thru the hearing today, I feel that Dassey’s confession should be use as evidence and be used as pressing charges on him as well…

    Comment by Tracy R | May 4, 2006

  6. If God cries He is crying, along with all His angles in Heaven. Why is it that such a beautiful and happy girl was wiped off our earth in such a brutal and unnecessary fashion? Long ago when Avery was faced with animal cruelty charges, he should have been watched. We need to take action against those that are disrespectful to life in any form. Perhaps if there was a punishment for such deeds as abuse, murder, kidnapping, animal abuse, and all other crimes against each other then there would be an end to this. There exists no punishment that puts fear into anyone’s heart. To Teresa and her family, my prayers are with you that you know peace. And to Avery, my only hope is that one day you face up to what you did to Teresa and all who knew her, to your nephew who shall now live the rest of his life with the knowledge of what he has done under your encouragement, and to everyone on earth who is saddened and sickened by your purely monsterous deeds. What if that had been your daughter or your mother? I did not know Theresa, but this world aches her loss. When there are terrorists and wars happening, why do we harm ourselves? It is time we start getting angry and standing against crimes such as these. May God forgive your sick soul, Avery.

    Comment by Shannon | September 25, 2006

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