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Family of George Smith Wants Answers into his Disappearance

George Smith’s family has been searching for answers since they first heard that their son went missing. From the beginning the Smith’s state that Royal Caribbean offered very little detail.

Royal Caribbean called the Smiths that first day, but they say the representative offered few details.

“No news. Never told us about the blood in the cabin. Never told us about the blood on the overhang,” says Bree.

She says all the cruise line told them was that George Smith IV was missing and that they didn’t have any further information.

The issue of what happened to George Smith and a perceived cover up of what transpired that last evening that he went missing seem to be coming to a boiling point.

The mystery of a newlywed who vanished last July from his honeymoon cruise is heating up. As The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm reports, the captain of the ship said Wednesday night that George Smith IV and his wife Jennifer had been drinking heavily the night he went missing and that Jennifer was found passed out.

The Smith family says the captain’s comments are just the latest example of the cruise line trying to deflect criticism of how it handled their son’s disappearance.

Read the entire CBS-TV New York article with video interview of the Smith family.

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  2. hi. want to tell someone. my husband and i traveled on royal carribian, majaisty of seas. both of us had way too much to drink. he took me to our cabin and put me to bed. i woke up at about 4 am. i serched everywhere for him. i was convinced he had fallen off the boat. i went to the persers desk and told them we had been drinking and that he wasmissing. i thought he maybe had been throwing up, and fell off. they did nothing. N O T H I N G. i could not believe it. it ended up that he had passed out in one of the lounges reserved for staff.

    Comment by shannon | March 2, 2006

  3. I to have taken a cruise with Royal Caribbean and it was the best trip of my life the staff was helpful and courteous and I would go again it is a true statement that those ships are just like mini cities and no matter what you should always be aware of your surroundings and having to much to drink is one way that you aren’t taking care of yourself and being aware it is only common sense that there are bad people everywhere even on cruise ships so protect yourself at all costs and be careful who you get friendly with.

    Comment by pamela | July 25, 2006

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