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Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Statement regarding George Smith, IV

George Smith, IV disappeared July 5, 2005 while on his honeymoon with his new wife, Jennifer Hagel, aboard The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line “Brilliance of the george smithSeas”. For the most part George Smith’s family has remained relatively quiet regarding the loss of their son.

The discussions into the disappearance of George Smith have ramped up lately as well as Congressional hearings on the Cruise industry in general. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-CT has spearheaded the investigation in to not only Royal Caribbean but the cruise industry in general. The disappearance of George Smith, IV obviously being the catalyst into these hearings.

“Like small cities, cruise ships experience crime — from petty to profoundly tragic,” said Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., chair of one of two congressional subcommittees hearing testimony Tuesday.

George Allen Smith IV vanished from a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship in the Mediterranean 10 days after his wedding last summer. His family says he was a victim of foul play covered up by the cruise line to avoid bad publicity.

Company officials say the cruise line acted properly after Smith’s disappearance.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Statement regarding George Smith, IV

All of us at Royal Caribbean extend our deepest sympathies to Jennifer Hagel Smith and the whole Smith family. They have suffered an inconsolable loss, and it is totally understandable they want answers and some measure of closure regarding Mr. Smith’s disappearance.

As in all corporate statements like this there is always a “however”. This one is no different.

However, there has been a lot of inaccurate and unfair speculation about our company’s response to the incident, and the time has come to set the record straight.

Royal Caribbean lists the following statements as actions that they have done regarding the disappearance and investigation into missing George Smith, IV.

I. Royal Caribbean acted immediately upon learning Mr. Smith might have gone overboard, searched for him, and performed a thorough investigation to find out what happened.

II. The ship’s crew responded properly to the one complaint of “partying” noise coming from the Smith cabin during the night in question.

III. We notified Turkish and U.S. law enforcement authorities promptly and cooperated fully with their investigation, and we continue to assist the FBI in its search for the truth. This included promptly sealing the cabin and canopy over the lifeboats, providing authorities with access to all passengers and crewmembers, and providing all other information requested or known. All evidence in the cabin and on the canopy was protected until the Turkish authorities finished their forensic investigation late than afternoon and told the ship those areas were released for cleaning.

IV. At each and every step, Mrs. Hagel Smith was treated with compassion and, while in Turkey after the incident, was provided constant assistance and support, including a personal escort from the ship throughout the ensuing investigation.

V. Upon learning of Mr. Smith’s disappearance, we kept the family informed until they directed us not to contact them.

(Read the full in depth article from the Hartford Current)

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  2. Certainly puts a different slant on things and if true I’m happy the ship’s crew acted as stated in the article. It does sound reasonable. A ship’s captain is the ultimate authority and for all intensive purposes, only the best attain the rank of captain especially on a cruise ship.

    And as with the Natalee Holloway situation; no body, no confession, no case. And again it appears that people have put themselves in harms way. As with Ms. Holloway, George Smith and his wife were a little too trusting of strangers. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe, you must always keep your guard up especially these days—-sad, but true I’m afraid!

    Comment by blackspeare | January 5, 2006

  3. Oh no—-just when I thought things were falling in place, new wrinkles appear. The captain of the ship was slated for retirement right after the fateful cruise—what a coincidence. He doesn’t speak English quite that well (doesn’t understand idiometrics). On an internal log report he check off accident as probable cause—-why not leave it blank? People are saying the Smiths had a fight. They were drinking Absinthe, whch can muddle the mind. And as I said before they put themselves in peril by not keeping aware. They might have thought they were safe on the ship, but danger always lurks.

    And who are those three Russians we hear about. Are they native Russians or are they US residents of Russian descent. If they are native Russians and were involved—-case closed cold!!

    Comment by blackspeare | January 7, 2006

  4. This family just needs to move on. Your son made decisions that ultimately cost him his life. Let’s not pretend he was some “Angel” while aboard this ship. Don’t blame the cruise industry for your son’s fateful mistakes. All your efforts to discourage cruise travel and taint the image of the industry certainly hasn’t affected me or other passengers. People are murdered every day in this country and across the globe. It is a fact of life!!! It happens!!! Stop trying to enforce US rules and standards to foreign companies!!! We don’t rule the wold

    Comment by Susan | March 16, 2006

  5. Susan you are a cruel cold person…to have empathy for the CRUISE INDUSTRY in this situation…I hope no one who loved him stumbles on your senseless and callous input…

    Comment by megan | March 22, 2006

  6. From the transcripts I have read, it seems odd to me that everyone is understanding of Mrs. Hagel-Smith’s silence, considering that she is cooperating with the FBI’s investigation. Even Mr. Smith’s own family is unquestioning of it. And yet Royal Caribbean’s silence is immediately pounced upon as a “cover up” despite their continuous statements that they are also attempting to not interfere with the FBI’s investigation. What information they did give the family was immediately released to the press. I cannot honestly blame them for keeping anything else quiet.

    I have no doubts that the family and widow are in a lot of pain right now, and my heart does truly go out to them. But many of their actions since the accident are working against ever finding out what happened to their son/husband.

    The captain has been brow beaten for his marking of the event as an accident, which is purely next-day coaching. Things are much clearer to those on the outside of the event than to those who are actually in the middle of it.

    Just because it appears to be a case of a person vs. a corporation does not automatically make the corporation at fault. People can distort the truth to save their image just as easily as corporations. Where do you think corporations got the idea from?

    Comment by Jessica | June 12, 2006

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