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Melinda Marie Breaz Superville Obituary

The following is the official obituary of Melinda Marie Breaz Superville, who’s body was found recently by volunteers of Texas EquuSearch.

An Excerpt from the statement:

MELINDA MARIE BREAZ SUPERVILLE’S spirit was liberated on December 2, 2005 due to an accidental overdose. She was 43. A 35 year resident of Houston, Melinda was born in Gary, Indiana on April 20, 1962. She graduated from Northbrook High School in 1980 and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1985 from Texas Chiropractic College. She was also a certified Acupuncturist. Melinda embraced a universalist outlook of the world where no lines were drawn in regard to humanity we are all one people. Her mission in life was to holistically heal others, not only through the strength of her hands and vast knowledge of alternative modes of treatment, but especially from her generous heart.

(the full obituary)

I find this really strange that the first comments in the obituary are referencing an accidental overdose. Especially when there has been no confirmation by the ME as to the cause of death.

It would seem odd as well to reference such a thing as the first statement as well even if this may ever be stated officially to be the case. Normally one does not just come out and make such a statement in a case of a suicide. Something just doesn’t seem right.

We will have to wait for the ME’s findings and hear from the family regarding their thoughts of Melinda Superville’s passing.

Rest in Peace, Melinda and out prayers go out to her family.

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