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Letter Sent To Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch regarding his daughter Laura

The note received by Tim Miller, which was made up of words cut from newspapers and magazines, claimed to be from the last person to see Laura Miller alive. Laura Miller was murdered in 1984 and now Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch is sent such a letter?

There are some seriously twisted people out there. Many believe that the individual who murdered Tim Miller’s daughter passed away recently. The letter was sent five months after the death of one of the murder suspects. So either, this letter may be from the actual murderer of Laura Miller or a sick cruel joke.

Please take a look at the never been published note below. If anyone has any tips regarding this letter please email

TES note 1


TES Letter 2

We would ask if you copy and paste this to your sites or publication that you provide proper attribution. This note in its entirety is an exclusive to Sacred Monkeys; however, getting the word out and being seen by as many as possibly in order for leads and tips is the goal.


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Melinda Marie Breaz Superville Obituary

The following is the official obituary of Melinda Marie Breaz Superville, who’s body was found recently by volunteers of Texas EquuSearch.

An Excerpt from the statement:

MELINDA MARIE BREAZ SUPERVILLE’S spirit was liberated on December 2, 2005 due to an accidental overdose. She was 43. A 35 year resident of Houston, Melinda was born in Gary, Indiana on April 20, 1962. She graduated from Northbrook High School in 1980 and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1985 from Texas Chiropractic College. She was also a certified Acupuncturist. Melinda embraced a universalist outlook of the world where no lines were drawn in regard to humanity we are all one people. Her mission in life was to holistically heal others, not only through the strength of her hands and vast knowledge of alternative modes of treatment, but especially from her generous heart.

(the full obituary)

I find this really strange that the first comments in the obituary are referencing an accidental overdose. Especially when there has been no confirmation by the ME as to the cause of death.

It would seem odd as well to reference such a thing as the first statement as well even if this may ever be stated officially to be the case. Normally one does not just come out and make such a statement in a case of a suicide. Something just doesn’t seem right.

We will have to wait for the ME’s findings and hear from the family regarding their thoughts of Melinda Superville’s passing.

Rest in Peace, Melinda and out prayers go out to her family.

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Texas EquuSearch Searches today for Nate Hendrickson

EquuSearch is doing a search for Nate today at George Bush Park. CALL 281-309-9500 FOR MORE INFO. (people not in Houston, please don’t call because we want the phone lines to be open to those available to help TODAY!)

Joe Huston is leading the search.

Nate Hendrickson  mappark

(Click to enlarge)

This was posted on Nate’s sister myspace. So the search apparently has been underway for approx. 2 hours now. And this post indicates that the Park is near the Mall where Nate’s car was found the other day. This park is 7800 acres and adjacent to a reservoir and also contains ponds.

You can access the park directory here

Nate’s myspace

(Hat Tip: festa)

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Nate Hendrickson car found abandoned at the West Oaks Mall, Houston, TX

According to reports from Texas EquuSearch, Nate Hendrickson’s car was found abandoned at the West Oaks Mall, Houston, TX. Texas Equusearch has been searching the area since early this morning.

Nate Hendrickson has been missing since November 30, 2005. Almost one month later, Nate’s car is found in a mall parking lot. One wondered whether it was there all along or if the car was recently dropped there?

Nathanael Philip Hendrickson poster.

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Update to Search of Adre-Anna Jackson’s neighbor, Dave Jacobson

UPDATE from King 5

Video of search of Adre-Anna’s parents neighbor, Dave Jacobson

KING 5 News has learned that investigators looking for the missing Lakewood girls are tracking down new leads. They’re now examining evidence taken

Investigators have strong suspicions about Adre-Anna’s father and his friends.

According to Dave Jacobson, the police accused him of sexually abusing Adre-Anna.

Evidence report, underwear, bra and children’s pants. Police also found what to be “bone chips”

According to Dave Jacobson,

Jon Federici brought a yard cart and garbage can over to his house around the time Andre-Anna was last seen.

“He told me at the time it contained excess garbage and he could not dump it right away. And he wanted to store it over here.”

According to authorities the cart and garbage can were stored close to bags of cement on Jacobson’s property. Previously, Police had also seized empty cement bags in a dumpster.

Police did report finding three empty cement bags in a dumpster nearby during the search. But they say they do not believe they are connected to the investigation.

Jacobson has denied any allegations to abuse. Dave Jacobson claimed the underwear was that of an ex-girlfriend. The children’s pants belong to the ex-girl friends grand child.

Did Dave Jacobson not think any thing of Jon Federici wanting to store excess garbage on his property at the same time Adre-Anna Jackson went missing? One may be able to explain away the items the police found on his property, but not the lack of judgment of not questioning the garbage.

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Police have searched the home of a friend of Adre-Anna Jackson’s parents

Police have searched the home of a friend of Adre-Anna Jackson’s parents as part of their investigation into the disappearance of the 10-year-old girl.

The home was searched Thursday, KIRO-TV reported. Police seized clothing and other items. The man told KIRO-TV that officers accused him of sexually molesting the girl. He denied the allegations.

Police have said that in addition to talking with Adre-Anna’s parents, they are questioning anyone the parents or their daughter knew as part of the investigation.

(full article)

Case of missing girl, 10, baffles police

Frustration, fear and frayed nerves are plaguing the people who know Adre’Anna Jackson, a 10-year-old Tillicum girl who disappeared three weeks ago somewhere between home and school.

Detectives are working to identify and interview approximately 51 sex offenders who live in the immediate area, Farrar said. But it has been time-consuming since officers have had to confirm that the offenders were where they said they were at the time Adre’Anna disappeared, he said.

“Nobody’s been ruled out as a suspect, but then nobody’s risen to the level of a prime suspect,” he said. “We don’t have any good, solid information to lead us to one theory or another, so everything is still on the table.”

Anyone with a connection to Adre’Anna has been questioned and re-questioned, Farrar said. The FBI is involved in the search and put a national spotlight on Adre’Anna’s case, he said.

(full Seattle Times article)

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