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A Massachusetts medical examiner has ruled the death of a Woodstock jogger, Judith Nilan, a homicide.

A Massachusetts medical examiner has ruled the death of a Woodstock jogger, Judith Nilan, a homicide. According to the autopsy, the medical examiner found that Judith Nilan died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

A Massachusetts medical examiner has ruled the death of a Woodstock jogger a homicide.

Judith Nilan’s autopsy was performed in Massachusetts because her body was found in a storage building that straddles the state line.

The medical examiner found she died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck.

Thirty-six-year-old Scott Deojay of Plainfield, CT is charged with murder.

Scott Deojay, the caretaker of Caroll Spinney who is the actor who plays Big Bird on Sesame Street, has already been charged with kidnapping and Connecticut prosecutors expect to bring homicide charges as well. The autopsy and police reports of the incident of Judith Nilan stated the following:

An autopsy showed the 44-year-old Nilan died of “blunt force trauma to the head and neck, causing multiple fractures, subarachoid hemorrhage and brain contusion by manner of homicide,” according to a report obtained by The Day of New London from District Attorney John Conte in Worcester, Mass.

An affidavit filed by police noted that Nilan was found bound, with her running pants partially pulled down, and that she “appears to have been beaten about the head.”

In the category of you are not going to believe the public defenders defense claim comes the following comments. This is so absurd and why defense attorneys should be ashamed with what comes out of their mouths most of the time. Your job should be keeping your client from the death penalty, not devising a preposterous case of events to explain away a crime. Keep in mind the medical examiner has said the following, “blunt force trauma to the head and neck, causing multiple fractures, subarachoid hemorrhage and brain contusion by manner of homicide.”

The defense attorney of Scott Deojay states the following occurred and the reason for the injuries to the body

Scott Deojay admitted striking Judith Nilan with his car Monday night as she was jogging along a dark road near her home. (His lawyer says her death was accidental.) Rule #1, blame the victim.

Deojay told police he panicked, dragged Nilan’s body into his car and took her to a picnic area on the property of Caroll Spinney where he is a caretaker. He panics and puts her body in his car, rather than just leaving her on the road side in a hit & run accident? That’s what 99% of panicked people would do.

Deojay could not carry Judith Nilan’s body up a folding staircase, so he said he tied a rope around her and used it to hoist her into the storage area. (Defense attorney Canning said that explains the bound wrists and ankles and how her pants came down.) No, attorney Canning it does not. Why would one tie both ankles and wrists in an attempt to hoist a body? Maybe one or the other or most likely one one tie a rope around the torso.

Deojay will also be charged with other crimes and is due back in court next week.

In addition to kidnapping, Deojay also is charge with interfering with an emergency call and second-degree breach of peace in connection with his attempt to commit suicide after he was interviewed by state troopers investigating Nilan’s death.

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  2. I live in Plainfield Connecticut and I know Scott Deojay quite well, and I don’t believe his story at all.

    1# If he struck her on the road like he says why isn’t there a pudle of blood on the rode “why because it’s all in his car, Hmmmmmmm

    2# Why would you take the evidence to work, if he wouldn’t have taken her body he couldn’t have dropped a receipt with is name on it, linking him to her, by the way the receipt had blood splatter on it.

    3# So he takes Judith yes this beautiful woman has a name to a paranda and couldn’t get your up the strairs ” let me tell you folks Scott is very strong he is a stone masion for Mr. Spinny . So he ties her wrists behind her back around her stomach , around her neck, and ankles. And she had spandex running pants on , that were pulled down to her knees. . . And Scotts attorney say’s Scott does not know why her family thinks more happened then he hit her with his car. I wonder.

    4# Ok there is 40 feet of skid marks, but seeing he did not call 911 and report a hit and run, who is to say he didn’t grab her and she could have struggled with him in his car and thats how the skid marks got there.

    5# Injury to his right hand police said they took pictures of it.

    6# His attorney says Scott started to cry and he feels bad about he had done, “Really because the way I understand it he went home, spent time with his girlfriend, showered, ate dinner, and went to sleep, Beth did not no anything was wrong, so Scott slept through the night while Judith Nilans body was out side in 12 degree weather, whith a husband and children wondering , and worried about her, not knowing if she was ok or if she needed help. I can’t imagine how cold of a person he is.

    7# I’m Scott’s little sister I’m 26 years old, And even if he hit her with his car ” what he did with her body after, to me as mother is just as horrific as any crime he could have commited.

    8# I haven’t slept much since all of this happened as I’m sure Judith’s family hasn’t either. Everytime I try to sleep I see the picture of her that we’ve all seen on the news so many times. My heart goes out to Judith Nilans family, her husband, her children, her father. I truly hope you get justice for the horrific crime that my brother Scott has bestowed open your family.

    Comment by Sandra | December 20, 2005

  3. o knew judith- are you really scott’s sister?

    Comment by Michael | December 25, 2005

  4. Judy is my sister-in-law, my brothers wife. I know for a fact that these two beautiful people shared a love that most people only dream of. I have spent many hours thinking about the horrific events that ended Judys life and their relationship. My heart breaks daily for Judys family as well as my brother and everyone who loved them and will never be the same because of this tragedy. I knew Judy fairly well, well enough that I can confidently say that not many people in this world are as kindhearted and special as she was. I do regret not having the time to get to know her better. My three daughters took news of her death very hard. Whenever she, my brother, and the kids would come to vist you would usually find Judy off to the side somewhere talking and sharing with one of the children. She had a gift for talking with kids and making them feel instantly special and worthwhile.

    If you are truly Scotts sister I thank you for your words of sympathy and commend you that you are able to remove yourself emotionally from him to see that there is no way that what he said happened really did. Hearing his lame excuses just adds insult to injury and makes an already tragic event even more unbearable.

    Comment by Jennifer Ahearn | February 25, 2006

  5. I could imagine that your daughters took it hard, things like that shouldn’t happen to the one’s you love. Mine is 7 and durning that time, My daughter would ask whats wrong with Uncle Scott, Why did he do those things. I don’t have those answers for her or anyone. I hope he gets Death Penalty, I knew him well, he’s – - – - UP big time. He’s so cold. The other woman that he raped in Plainfield was my fathers neibor and she was like another mother to him, our mother died when I was 3 not sure how old Scott was, so he knew this woman well. The womans son was my other brothers best friend. So he knew her his whole life and then one day broke in to her house assaulted her and raped her. He was a scary person you could see that he wasn’t right. I agree that he makes up some lame excuses. I had hope he would have pleaded Guilty, but he never was one to step up to the plate for anything. Scott has 3 young children and there going to suffer as well. The public defender is a idoit, telling my step mother that he’s innocent. I haven’t heard much about when his trial starts. I had a interview with Ray Cannon, I guess he thinks putting me on the stand to be a charter witness would hurt his client more than help.
    I couldn’t Imagine what your brother is going through, when you love someone, the thought of something like that happening to them is WRONG. It shouldn’t of happened. I’m his sister and I want the Death Penalty and thats the truth my husband feels the same way. I have another brother Steve, Scott and him were close, when this first happened, Steve beleived his story, I didn’t I knew better. So everytime Steve and I would talk we would fight about it. To the point we just don’t talk anymore, we don’t feel the same way .
    I’m sure the trail wil be long, and your family will endure more than it should because of him, I can’t say i’m sorry enough.

    Sandra Kuuttila
    Moosup, CT

    Comment by Sandra | May 25, 2006

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