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Mystery of Unclaimed Girl,Valery Belà n Saavedra Lozada, Is Now Case of Missing Mother

Valery Belà n Saavedra Lozada, a 4 year old was found on a tidy block in Middle Village, Queens, in the 1 am on a Sunday. Valery says, “she does not know why the man she calls Girl abandonher father woke her up one night, drove her to a dark street and left her there, alone and barefoot”.

Her name is Valery Belà n Saavedra Lozada, and she has eyes as dark as black pearls. She is 4 years old, has a cat named Gary and knows to brush her teeth in the morning. She speaks English and Spanish, loves pizza, hates pickles and says she does not know why the man she calls her father woke her up one night, drove her to a dark street and left her there, alone and barefoot.

With no one coming forward to claim Valery Belà n Saavedra Lozada the Department of Children’s Services made her available to cameras and the media in hopes that someone would come forward and identify the little girl. However, the result that they got was not the one they intended. Many came forward with leads as to the identity of the girl’s mother; however, the investigators soon found out that Valery’s mother was missing.

Investigators picked up the trail of a man who lived with Valery and her mother, and soon after they approached him they declared the mother missing. The little girl was too well cared for to have been abandoned, investigators said, so they were forced to face the possibility of the darkest resolution for this mystery, that Valery’s mother is dead. “It looks like this is going to turn into a homicide investigation,” said a police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing.

Ms. Lozada is 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 105 pounds and has long hair, which she dyed blond, the police said. She is Bolivian, as are Valery and Mr. Ascarrunz, who is not Valery’s biological father. Ms. Lozada has a scar on her left knee and a blue bird tattooed over her navel, and her face may be swollen because she had some teeth extracted just last week, the police said – apparently the facial mark the little girl referred to

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Now this story takes an even more turn for the worse. Mother landfill

UPDATE: Body Found In Western Pa. Landfill May Be Missing Mom, Monica Rivadineira Lozada

CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. — Police said a body found at a Western Pa. landfill is most likely that of the mother of a girl found wandering the streets of New York last month.

Authorities found a woman’s body wrapped in black plastic bags the Laurel Highlands Landfill in Cambria County Thursday. The woman’s boyfriend is accused of strangling her, dumping her body in a pile of trash and abandoning her 4-year-old daughter on the street, barefoot.

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  1. Hi –

    I am the first cousin of Valery’s father. My sister and her husband have petitioned the courts to adopt or foster Valery. Valery’s father has written a letter of consent for my sister’s petition. Yet the courts are not recognizing this. As a family our concerns are that the little girl is being exploited. I really do not understand why a judge would place the girl into the hands of the family who introduced her mom to the murderer! Yes, valery is staying with the family who introduced Monica to her alleged murderer!

    Why? when a solid family from a upper middle class neighborhood wanted to take her home to be with her paternal family. With the consent of the father! A judge would ignore our request? Blood is not relevant here? My father her great uncle is an honored physician and he too wants what is best for this little girl!

    I do not understand this system! I am concerned that this little girl might never know that the opportunity and the wishes of her mother would have been fulfilled. Her mother came here wanting a better life for her daughter. Well, she could have that with my sister and her husband. Yet we are being ignored!

    Thank you


    Comment by Cynthia G Saavedra | October 26, 2005

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