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Body Found Yesterday Has been Positively Identified as Missing Teen Taylor Behl

The body found yesterday in the wooded area 70 miles east of Richmond, VA has been positively identified as missing teen Taylor Behl according to a press conference on Fox News. God Bless Taylor and her family. Behl AP 1

Fox News Breaking News; Police: Remains Found in Virginia Are Those of Missing Student

From Fox News: Police: Remains Found Are Missing VA Student’s According to police the cause of death has not yet been determined; however, it is confirmed that the remains found yesterday were that of missing VCU freshman Taylor Marie Behl.

The identification was made through dental records and the investigation is continuing, police said during a news conference. They said that “the scope of this case has narrowed significantly” and they were confident they’d resolve it soon.

NBC4; Remains Positively Identified As Missing Teen

VIENNA, Va. — Human remains found Wednesday in a remote part of Mathews County, Va., have been positively identified as those of a missing teenage college student. Officials said Thursday afternoon that the positive identification was made through dental records at the state’s medical examiner’s office. A cause of death has not been determined. Investigators said Taylor Behl’s mother and father were notified about the identification.

Video of Press Conference from WAVY 10

UPDATE:6:00 EDT: Richmond Times Dispatch; Richmond Police confirm remains to be Taylor Behl

“The scope of this investigation has narrowed significantly,” said Monroe, speaking at a news conference held at the Mathews Sheriff’s Office about 70 miles east of Richmond. “Now it’s a very targeted, focused investigation.” Responding to questions about Richmond amateur photographer Benjamin Fawley, Monroe for the first time said it was “not incorrect” to consider Fawley a suspect in Behl’s death. Fawley is currently in jail in Richmond on unrelated child pornography charges.

On the matter of Jesse Schultz, a 22-year-old Richmonder, authorities said the following:

The chief also said that Jesse Schultz, a 22-year-old Richmonder arrested on drug possession charges after a police bloodhound allegedly detected his scent on Behl’s abandoned car, is not considered a suspect at this time. Schultz has denied knowing Behl or having ever been in her car. This afternoon, Schultz’s lawyer, W. Joseph Owen III, said his client “has no idea why he was targeted. He is innocent of having anything at all to do with Taylor Behl’s disappearance.” Owen also said Schultz “does not know Mr. Fawley. He has no relationship to Mr. Fawley.”

The most damning connection of Benjamin Fawley to the crime scene and Taylor Behl is the fact that Fawley’s ex-girlfriend lead investigators to the farm property that her family owns.

Monroe confirmed that VCU detectives who located Behl’s body were led to a farm in Mathews by Fawley’s ex-girlfriend, whose family owns property adjacent to where the body was found. The chief said that the girlfriend, whom he did not name, “has been someone we have spoken to for weeks.” He said he did not know if the former girlfriend knew Behl.

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  2. May you rest in Peace Taylor. My prayers are with her family and friends.

    Comment by Laura | October 6, 2005

  3. Aruba Could Take Some Lessons…

    Aruba Could Take Some Lessons……from the City of Richmond Police Department

    Trackback by Two Babes and a Brain | October 6, 2005

  4. Sad to see another wonderful life wasted by society. The lack of moral influences in media, internet, and just about every aspect of life in general compound these problems and most grievous deaths.
    My heart and condolences goes out to the Taylor’s family and friends and all those the others that have violently lost loved ones.
    I don’t like to see anyone undeserving get punished…but, anyone who takes a preious life out of greed, malice, or hate should be executed!
    My apologies and prayers go with you to heaven Ms. Taylor Behl and all those that have suffered similar tragedies in their lives.

    Comment by Steve | October 6, 2005

  5. Taylor’s family are in my prayers. May God give them the strength to heal from this tragic loss. God Bless you Taylor. :(

    Comment by Kristin-SC | October 6, 2005

  6. Rest In Peace, Taylor. Rot In Hell Ben.

    Comment by Shannon | October 6, 2005

  7. Yes, Two Babes and a Brain, you are very right, ARuba should take lessons but they never will. Also the body of the New York Mom has been discovered. Fortunately in these two cases both suspects an/or perpetrators are behind bars. How about you, Joran, Paulus and The K-2? you are lucky you are from Aruba and Holland.

    Comment by oneyka | October 6, 2005

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