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Joy R. Johnson, 25, of Cincinnati Missing. Last seen Sept. 7, 2005

The family of a local woman, Joy R. Johnson, 25 of Cincinnati has not been seen since September, 7, 2005 at Tags Tap Room on Cincinnati-Columbus Road, according to police. The family of the missing woman believes foul play is involved.

Joy R. Johnson, 25, of Cincinnati, was last seen Sept. 7 at Tags Tap Room on Cincinnati-Columbus Road, according to police. However, some of Johnson’s family said they last heard from her Aug. 30 when she called one of her sisters, who asked her to come and stay at her house the next day. She never showed up, and no one has heard form her again.

“(The police) are getting their information from people in bars who sit around and drink all day,” said Sonya Lilly of Lebanon, Johnson’s sister. “Why would she not have called my sister back? I’ve talked to all of those people (at Tags) and every one of them had a different story. I’m going by the last time I heard from Joy. That’s the last time anybody heard from her.”

Lilly and another sister, Debbie Hensley of Carlan, Ky., suspect foul play, possibly from someone Johnson testified against in a court case years back. Lilly said she believes the police agree, based on reports she has given them.

Anyone who has any information about Johnson can call the West Chester Police Department at (513) 777-2231.

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Donald Cameron, 78, of Lima found dead

Police say that Donald Cameron, 78, of Lima was reported missing.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of an elderly man who was reported missing Wednesday.

Police say that Donald Cameron, 78, of Lima was reported missing. Cameron’s wife told police that she saw their van in the pond at the back of their property.

Sheriff’s scuba divers recovered the body of Donald Cameron. His wife told police that he needed daily heart medication

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Missing plane found in Lake Erie off Dunkirk, NY; Texas Equusearch involved in Search

New York State police divers located two of three victims and the wreckage of a missing Piper aircraft that crashed into Lake Erie near Dunkirk, NY in late August. The plane was located in about 80 feet of water.

After nearly six weeks of searching the lake bottom, police, U.S. Coast Guard officials and a Texas-based nonprofit search organization pinpointed the site where the plane came to rest. The divers found the wreckage at about 1 p.m., police said.

“We found a significant portion of the fuselage. It had the tail number on it,” said Sgt. Alvaro Garcia, a State Police diver from Albany. “We came across a victim on the first dive, and we knew what we had.”

The Texas-based nonprofit search organization was Texas Equusearch who had volunteered and deployed to Dunkirk, NY to help locate the missing plane and recover the three young adults after previous searchers had come up empty.

Texas Equusearch has deployed to Dunkirk, NY, to assist the New York State Police and Niagara Regional Police Department in the search and recovery of 3 young adults, victims of a tragic August 26th plane crash in Lake Erie.

The victims are three Pennsylvanians, 22-year-old pilot James Regal; Regal’s best friend, 24-year-old Kevin Jesteadt; and Jesteadt’s girlfriend, 23-year-old Lindsay Myers. The three were returning from a sight seeing trip over Niagara Falls where

The search has been primarily conducted by New York state police, who have contributed a dive team and a vessel equipped equipped with side-scanning sonar; although several other entities were involved, including a Texas-based non-profit group that assists in finding missing persons both on land and water.

Texas Equusearch of Dickinson, Texas, supplied a dive team and people with technical expertise in the interpretation of side-scan sonar and analyzing the flight radar data supplied by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Body Found Yesterday Has been Positively Identified as Missing Teen Taylor Behl

The body found yesterday in the wooded area 70 miles east of Richmond, VA has been positively identified as missing teen Taylor Behl according to a press conference on Fox News. God Bless Taylor and her family. Behl AP 1

Fox News Breaking News; Police: Remains Found in Virginia Are Those of Missing Student

From Fox News: Police: Remains Found Are Missing VA Student’s According to police the cause of death has not yet been determined; however, it is confirmed that the remains found yesterday were that of missing VCU freshman Taylor Marie Behl.

The identification was made through dental records and the investigation is continuing, police said during a news conference. They said that “the scope of this case has narrowed significantly” and they were confident they’d resolve it soon.

NBC4; Remains Positively Identified As Missing Teen

VIENNA, Va. — Human remains found Wednesday in a remote part of Mathews County, Va., have been positively identified as those of a missing teenage college student. Officials said Thursday afternoon that the positive identification was made through dental records at the state’s medical examiner’s office. A cause of death has not been determined. Investigators said Taylor Behl’s mother and father were notified about the identification.

Video of Press Conference from WAVY 10

UPDATE:6:00 EDT: Richmond Times Dispatch; Richmond Police confirm remains to be Taylor Behl

“The scope of this investigation has narrowed significantly,” said Monroe, speaking at a news conference held at the Mathews Sheriff’s Office about 70 miles east of Richmond. “Now it’s a very targeted, focused investigation.” Responding to questions about Richmond amateur photographer Benjamin Fawley, Monroe for the first time said it was “not incorrect” to consider Fawley a suspect in Behl’s death. Fawley is currently in jail in Richmond on unrelated child pornography charges.

On the matter of Jesse Schultz, a 22-year-old Richmonder, authorities said the following:

The chief also said that Jesse Schultz, a 22-year-old Richmonder arrested on drug possession charges after a police bloodhound allegedly detected his scent on Behl’s abandoned car, is not considered a suspect at this time. Schultz has denied knowing Behl or having ever been in her car. This afternoon, Schultz’s lawyer, W. Joseph Owen III, said his client “has no idea why he was targeted. He is innocent of having anything at all to do with Taylor Behl’s disappearance.” Owen also said Schultz “does not know Mr. Fawley. He has no relationship to Mr. Fawley.”

The most damning connection of Benjamin Fawley to the crime scene and Taylor Behl is the fact that Fawley’s ex-girlfriend lead investigators to the farm property that her family owns.

Monroe confirmed that VCU detectives who located Behl’s body were led to a farm in Mathews by Fawley’s ex-girlfriend, whose family owns property adjacent to where the body was found. The chief said that the girlfriend, whom he did not name, “has been someone we have spoken to for weeks.” He said he did not know if the former girlfriend knew Behl.

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Mother of Taylor Behl believes Remains found to be her daughter

The mother of missing VCU freshman Taylor Maria Behl believes that the remains found yesterday are that of her daughter. Although police and investigators have not made a Behl nbc4formal announcement as to the identity of the body found in the wooded area 75 miles east of Richmond. Janet Pelasara, said at a news conference outside her home in Vienna,

“The body found is most likely my baby’s.”

The body was found in a shallow grave off a dirt path that led from one of the county’s roads into a heavily wooded area about 75 miles east of Richmond. Investigators were tipped to this area of interest from an “ex-girlfriend of a man interviewed in connection with the disappearance of Taylor Marie Behl.”

An ex-girlfriend of a man interviewed in connection with the disappearance of Taylor Marie Behl yesterday led investigators to a Mathews County farm where police discovered the severely decomposed remains of an unidentified person, law-enforcement sources told The Times-Dispatch. Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe said it could be several days before the remains — found in a wooded area off a dirt road behind a barn on private land — are positively identified.

Update: From CBS; Mom: Body Likely ‘My Baby’s’

The mother of a missing college freshman said Thursday she believes a body found in a wooded area is her daughter, who was last seen alive at her school dorm Sept. 5.

“The body found is most likely my baby’s,” said Janet Pelasara during a news conference at her home in Vienna, Va.

From the Richmond Times Dispatch: Human remains “most likely” Taylor Behl’s, mother says

The mother of missing Virginia Commonwealth University student Taylor Marie Behl said this morning that she believes the body found yesterday by police in rural Mathews County is “most likely” her daughter’s.

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Investigators Find Body in VA Woods; Feared to be Taylor Behl

Investigators in the Taylor Behl disappearance today found a body in a heavily wooded area discovered the body buried on private property in Mathews County, about 75 miles east of Richmond. Although investigators refused to say whether they believe they had found Taylor Marie Behl, many have speculated from the information provided that it is.

MATHEWS, Va. (AP) – A task force investigating the disappearance of a Behl APcollege freshman unearthed a body from a wooded area Wednesday, but refused to say whether they believe they had found Taylor Marie Behl.

“During the past week, we have gone into a mode of searching locations that we knew Taylor to have visited based on statements, based on photographs, based on a host of other things,” said Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe. “That is what led us to this particular location.”

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According to The Washington Post, police task force investigating the disappearance of Taylor Marie Behl found a decomposed body in a shallow grave yesterday. Taylorhead web site

A police task force investigating the disappearance of college student Taylor Marie Behl found a decomposed body in a shallow grave yesterday east of Richmond and were trying to identify the remains last night, police said.

The investigators were led to the grave, in coastal Mathews County about 80 miles east of Richmond, through “credible” information collected in interviews with Behl’s friends and acquaintances, a source close to the investigation said. Clothing was also found in the rural area, a place Behl was known to have visited, the source said.

This week, we’ve been going to various locations that we’ve known her to frequent,” said Richmond Police Chief Rodney D. Monroe. “Those locations were based on where people told us she had gone and photographs we’ve seen her in. Outstanding investigative work led us there.”

Monroe declined to elaborate but said a medical examiner and federal forensics investigators were at the scene in a field off a farm road in the largely rural area.

Credible information and photographs were used to locate areas that Taylor Behl frequented.

The grave was located behind a barn on an isolated piece of private property, behl va mappolice said. Photographs of the area that were captured by hovering news helicopters showed several acres of greenery, with several white buildings bordered by clusters of large trees.

The discovery came the same day that a multi-jurisdictional grand jury convened in Richmond Circuit Court to hear evidence in Behl’s case. The special jury is composed of about a dozen residents drawn from regular jury pools in Richmond and its surrounding areas, according to the Web site for Henrico County, adjacent to Richmond.

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In a video just uploaded on the WJLA ABC7 News, it is now reported that a source close to the family has said that they are 99.9% certain that the body is that of Taylor Behl. WJLA reports that Janet Pelasara has been spotted on the scene.

An Inch From Murder; Officials Investigating Missing Va. Teen Find Remains

Lynchburg Virginia; Shallow Graves: A Body Found

Update: Washington Times; Remains found in hunt for girl

“The FBI has begun processing the scene,” Chief Monroe told a press conference yesterday. “At this time, we do not, I repeat, we do not know who the remains belong to. We contacted [Miss Behl's] family as precaution.”

Family members said they were confident that the remains belonged to Miss Behl, WJLA-TV (Channel 7) reported. She has been missing from the VCU campus in Richmond since Labor Day.

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