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Tara Lynn Grant, 34, Missing Since February 9, 2007 (UPDATES)

UPDATE: All Current posts and updates can be read here.

34 year old, mother of two Tara Lynn Grant has not been seen or heard from since February 9, 2007. Her husband, Steven Grant, stated that she was on her way to San Juan Puerto Rico on a business trip. However, there are no records of any such trip.

Her family said she got into a black vehicle on Friday in front of her home — she was on her way to a business trip in San Juan, Mexico, but never made the trip.

Tara Lynn Grant

Tara Lynn Grant Description:

  • 5′ 6″ tall
  • 120 lbs
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes

Stephen Grant has been questioned by police and hired a criminal defense attorney. Is this a precaution or does he have something to hide?

Investigators tell that Grant, 34, an executive with the Washington Group construction company in Troy and mother of two children, hasn’t been seen nor heard from since Feb. 9. Her husband, Stephen Grant, says she was heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico — but investigators say there’s no record of her trip, no credit card activity since she left, and her cell phone has been turned off.

Adding to the mystery, the sheriff’s department says, is the fact that Grant and her husband argued prior to her disappearance from their home in Washington Township. And that her husband has hired prominent criminal defense attorney David Griem.

In a letter to investigators obtained by, Griem explains why he was hired and how his client will continue to cooperate:

If anyone has any information regarding this case please call the sheriff’s office at 586-307-9358 or 586-307-9412.

UPDATE I: Missing woman’s family gets a detective

As investigators continue searching for a missing 34-year-old Washington Township woman, an attorney for her husband said a private detective is also on the case.

Tara Lynn Grant argued with her husband over taking business trips and left her home late Feb. 9, said attorney David Griem, retained by Stephen Grant.

Tara Grant’s cell phone has been turned off, and she hasn’t used her credit cards since she left, Hackel said. She has not returned to work, he said.

Hackel said Tara Grant made her last cell phone call to her husband on Feb. 9 after she returned to Michigan from a business trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Detroit Free Press)

UPDATE II: Missing woman’s husband refuses lie detector test

Why won’t Tara Lynn Grant’s husband take a lie detector test? Does he have something to hide or is it advice from an attorney that is only making the husband look suspicious? Normally an innocent person would want to clear themselves so that police can put their efforts toward other directions in solving a case. What’s up here?

Relations between a missing woman’s husband and police investigating her disappearance may be turning bitter, with allegations of police harassment and an attorney’s refusal to let the husband take a polygraph test. (Macomb Daily)

UPDATE III: Husband Suspected Tara Grant of Having an Affair

Stephen Grant suspected his wife, Tara Lynn, was cheating on him, and he planted a device on their home computer to track who she was corresponding with, according to a former girlfriend and e-mails obtained by police Tuesday.

A woman who identified herself as Stephen Grant’s ex-girlfriend, who did not want to be publicly identified, turned over a series of e-mails to police Tuesday. The e-mails the girlfriend received said Stephen Grant, 37, told her he thought his wife was cheating with a man he called “the old geezer.”

“So what are you going to do about the cheatin’ wife?” the former girlfriend asked.

“Don’t know yet,” was the reply, which went on to say that his wife talked to the subject of her interest in code. “And because of that, I don’t know what is actually going on,” the e-mail said.

The e-mail said he knew this relationship was physical because a friend helped him load special software on a computer. “The magic of intercepted e-mail and phone calls.”

In one e-mail, he raised his suspicion that his wife had had a nonphysical relationship with another man about two years ago. His e-mail said that relationship amounted to “just txt and e-mail and phone calls.” (Detroit News)

UPDATE IV: Men deny affairs with missing Washington Twp. woman

Police questioned two co-workers who were said to have had affairs with Tara Lynn Grant, but both men denied any involvement with the missing woman.

Hackel said investigators questioned the man referred to as “the old geezer” in the e-mails, and a second man who co-workers told police may have had an affair with Tara Lynn. Both men denied the allegations, Hackel said.

“There was no indication that there was anything but a professional relationship,” Hackel said. (Detroit News)

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