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Jason Young Ordered to Give Evidence in the Murder of Michelle Young … Jason Young named Suspect

Jason Young, the husband of murdered and pregnant Michelle Young was ordered by a Jason_Young1judge to provide investigators with fingerprints, blood samples and other forms of evidence. Jason Young has been named a suspect. The case somewhat resembles the Entwistle murder where the wife was found murdered in her home, husband was not present. However, in that case, sadly, the young child was killed as well.

Young, 32, is named as a suspect on the order, however, he was not required to make a statement, nor was he subject to interrogation, according to Willoughby. Detectives had already seized his car as part of their investigation.

Young has not been charged with anything. A call to his attorney for comment was not returned Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Jason Young complied with the order and went to the City-County Bureau of Identification.

According to the North Carolina general statutes, sheriff’s investigators can use a nontestimonial order to obtain an array of material evidence including fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, blood specimens, hair samples, voice samples and photographs.

Willoughby said the order is less intrusive procedure than a search warrant that requires a lower standard of proof.

“A search warrant requires probable cause, but with a nontestimonial order you are only required to have reasonable suspicion to suspect some person,” Willoughby said Wednesday. (News Observer)

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  1. It’s been a rough time here in Raleigh/Durham area with this, the kidnapping of the adopted Needham twins and the Duke lacrosse case.

    I’m torn – I’m really hoping her husband didn’t do it for the sake of that child. But if he didn’t, someone evil is lurking around here.

    Comment by Michelle Hillison | January 5, 2007

  2. Was Michelle Young’s sister recently arrested for embezzlement? Odd timing.

    Have heard little or nothing on this case in the last few weeks……….

    Comment by Lanie | January 24, 2007

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