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Suspect Brian L. Rooney Acted Very Strange After Michelle Gardner-Quinn went Missing

Brian L. Rooney who was arrested due to other unrelated charges of sexual abuse in Vermont remains the primary suspect in the case of murdered Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Rooney has not yet been charged in Michelle’s murder.

There will be a Memorial Service for Michelle Gardner-Quinn scheduled for Sunday Night, October 15, 2006 at The University of Vermont.

It is being reported that Brian Rooney was acting in a depressed manner following Michelle Gardner-Quinn’s disappearance.

Days later, Rooney was seen with cuts on his hands when he stopped at Walt’s Game Room, a candy store and pool parlor in Winooski, where he was a regular customer, owner John Barton said Saturday. It was either Monday or Wednesday, Barton said.

“He looked very down and depressed,” said Barton, who asked Rooney about police activity at the house where he was staying.

“I asked him what the deal was with the FBI and police and everything going around. He said he was the guy who had lent the missing girl his cell phone,” Barton said. “He basically said `I was walking up the street with her and when I got halfway up she went one way and I went the other and I don’t remember anything after that.”‘

Barton said he noticed two or three cuts on Rooney’s right hand but thought they may have been suffered on the job because they were scabbed over.

According to one of his neighbors Rooney was also acting in a strange manner:

A woman who lives upstairs from the Winooski apartment where Rooney was staying said Saturday he came home drunk late Wednesday and told her he did something wrong with “the girl from the college.”

“He came up and he was drunk, crazy,” said Amy Stewart, 25.

“He said he did something wrong with that girl. That’s all I know. I say `Tell me more, tell me what’s going on,’ and he said he not going to tell me anymore,” she said. (FOX News)


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Body of Missing Vermont Student, Michelle Gardner-Quinn, Found

The sad conclusion has occurred in the case of missing 21 year old UVM student Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Her body was was located.

After chasing leads for nearly a week, police investigating the disappearance of a University of Vermont student got a break when a group of hikers spotted a body in a rocky ravine.

Suspect Brian Rooney has also been arrested Friday on unrelated charges of sex abuse in two other Vermont counties.

Rooney, 36, was arrested Friday on unrelated charges of sex abuse in two other Vermont counties. He had been the focus of the police investigation into Gardner-Quinn’s disappearance since was recorded on a jewelry store surveillance camera with her around 2:30 a.m. Oct. 7. Rooney was charged with sexual assault in Caladonia County, 80 miles north of Burlington, and with lewd and lascivious conduct with a child in neighboring Essex county, where he previously lived, authorities said. (ABC)

Worst fears come true in Vt. search, Student’s body is discovered; area man held

Police said 21-year-old Michelle Gardner-Quinn had apparently been slain, and identified Brian L. Rooney, 36, of nearby Richmond, as the suspect in a crime that has deeply unnerved this bucolic college town. Rooney, who police say is the last person seen with Gardner-Quinn, was arrested yesterday on unrelated sexual assault charges.

As ashen-faced Burlington Police Chief Thomas Tremblay announced “with a heavy heart” that the six-day search for Gardner-Quinn had ended, the outgoing student’s friends sobbed, their worst fears realized.

“I don’t even know what I’d say,” said Adam Briere, 19, a close friend. (Boston Globe)


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Michelle Gardner-Quinn, UVM Student Missing … Search in Burlington, VT

Michelle Gardner-Quinn, a 21-year-old University of Vermont senior has been missing since Michelle Gardner-Quinn3Saturday. Michelle Gardner-Quinn was reported missing when  she failed to show for dinner with her parents. Police do not want to jump to conclusions but some think she may have been a victim of foul play.

She was last seen heading home from a night on the town, and college officials and fellow students alike worried she may have been a victim of foul play.

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Michelle Gardner-Quinn went out Friday with a group of friends to celebrate one’s 21st birthday at several downtown bars. She parted with the group about 2:15 a.m. to walk back up the hill toward campus, accompanied by a person her friends described as “a random guy.”

She hasn’t been seen since. Michelle Gardner-Quinn2


  • 5-foot-8 inches tall
  • 135 pounds
  • with shoulder-length brown hair
  • a pierced nose.
  • When last seen, she was wearing a gray coat, a green cardigan sweater and a light blue T-shirt.
  • Items listed that Michelle had , a gray Benetton pea coat with toggle clasps, jeans, a light-blue shirt, green button-up cardigan sweater and a black Puma purse with white straps.

Burlington Police Department Web site     Current details of case

The disappearance occurred during Parent’s Weekend.

“She’s out of place with no logical explanation for being out of place,” said police Detective Kim Edwards. “At this point we do not believe she left on her own free will.”

Police said there was concern Gardner-Quinn may have fallen prey to a man who tried to lure a woman into his car at about the same time she was last seen, about three-quarters of a mile away.

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