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Suspect Brian L. Rooney Acted Very Strange After Michelle Gardner-Quinn went Missing

Brian L. Rooney who was arrested due to other unrelated charges of sexual abuse in Vermont remains the primary suspect in the case of murdered Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Rooney has not yet been charged in Michelle’s murder.

There will be a Memorial Service for Michelle Gardner-Quinn scheduled for Sunday Night, October 15, 2006 at The University of Vermont.

It is being reported that Brian Rooney was acting in a depressed manner following Michelle Gardner-Quinn’s disappearance.

Days later, Rooney was seen with cuts on his hands when he stopped at Walt’s Game Room, a candy store and pool parlor in Winooski, where he was a regular customer, owner John Barton said Saturday. It was either Monday or Wednesday, Barton said.

“He looked very down and depressed,” said Barton, who asked Rooney about police activity at the house where he was staying.

“I asked him what the deal was with the FBI and police and everything going around. He said he was the guy who had lent the missing girl his cell phone,” Barton said. “He basically said `I was walking up the street with her and when I got halfway up she went one way and I went the other and I don’t remember anything after that.”‘

Barton said he noticed two or three cuts on Rooney’s right hand but thought they may have been suffered on the job because they were scabbed over.

According to one of his neighbors Rooney was also acting in a strange manner:

A woman who lives upstairs from the Winooski apartment where Rooney was staying said Saturday he came home drunk late Wednesday and told her he did something wrong with “the girl from the college.”

“He came up and he was drunk, crazy,” said Amy Stewart, 25.

“He said he did something wrong with that girl. That’s all I know. I say `Tell me more, tell me what’s going on,’ and he said he not going to tell me anymore,” she said. (FOX News)


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  1. Looked to me like he had scratches on his neck and recently had had a very bad nose bleed. My daughter played soccer. If a boy attacked her, he’d get it too.

    Here’s to good soccer games and kids that make you really proud. A family that puts in the time so that their daughter can play soccer in college has my deepest respect.
    The teamwork and the fun of the game makes it all worth it.
    You should pat yourselves on the back for raising such a beautiful daughter; the whole college is mourning for your loss. May God be with you.

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  2. Thank God they caught him. The woman was right. Thank you.
    And thank you, Richard for staying so focussed. You were wonderful.

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  3. Now comes the hard part

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  4. I am a UVM student and deeply saddened by this homocide. Burlington is indeed a very safe town. When I heard that one journalist tried to question Michelle’s being on Mainstreet by two o’clock in the morning, then it does not seem clear that every Friday eve students walk up this street back to campus. What killed her was the fact that she asked the wrong guy whether she could use his cell phone. It could have happened to anyone-that is the scary part!!!

    Why does it happen again and again that women are killed by scumbags like R? I am convinced that he will plead insanity i.e in the moment he killed her he was in a dissociated state, was not capable of differentiating between right and wrong.

    It makes me sick to my stomach that mental illness shall cloud one’s judgment that intensely that one kills a women in a psychotic state?! I am bipolar myself-thus “mentally ill” but I know that killing someone and sleeping with minors or children is WRONG!!

    Going to a state hospital as a pedophile is safer than going to a regular prison-where the inmates hate his behavior even more than I do. Even prisoners have some sort of “morale”standards.

    These are just assumptions so that everyone who reads this shall keep in mind that I am very emotional right now. This asshole could be called my neigbor & I want him off the streets. I hope they can nail him for the murder of Michelle.


    Comment by Barbara | October 15, 2006

  5. All my prayers are with your family and Michelle. I just hope you can find a peacefull end to this plaegue that took a loved one away from you. It just seem’s like this plaegue is spreading around and touching everyone, in some mannor. My brother was murdered 27 years ago and I had to tell my Mother on her deathbed that she would finnaly know what happend to her son. I wish back then we had resorses like today. Just remember that she would have wanted your family to stay close at the hardest time in your lives. My heart gose out to you.

    God Bless M.Starr

    Comment by Marie Starr | October 15, 2006

  6. The police need to look for a boy; I’d say around 14 years old that participated in the attack on Michelle. He may be a past sexual victim to the older man; in fact, I believe the older man likes little boys more than women.

    The older man is a child. He can barely think for himself. There is something odd about him. He is probably known, jokenly, as the neighborhood nut; but he is severely ill. I’m not sure that the 14 year old is a real person or if he is the older man as a boy. But I am sure that this man likes little boys.

    No, he is a real person. It seems that somehow they may be related. He is much brighter than the older man and somewhat manipulative. In fact, I believe it was his idea to kill Michelle. The boy is definately a smart ass. He is going to act much different with the police, but around his family, he is a real smart ass. To him, all this is not real…. he acts like he loves to act tough. He struts around like a chicken. He doesn’t completely understand how bad this thing they did was. He was not with the older man when he killed Michelle.

    I get this strong sense of back-hills, hick-like, backward family. Almost all of them are sexually deranged. There seem to be alot of them around and I get the feeling like they may be crouded into a small space. I believe there is a man even older than the suspect that is to blame for all of this, as far as the family’s messed up situation. And I feel that any female that might linger around from time to time is very overweight and has a bad set of teeth. She is very dumb, almost retarded; she simply has no other place to go and she is sexually deranged. She is friends with the Grandpa figure. The grandpa is very educated in women and uses his finess with the girls making them addicted to him out of socio independence and financial dependence (whatever that means). He is angry about what the boys have done but deep inside is glad that the older boy is gone. I believe the older boy is a burden to him. But he likes the younger boy, who is much like him when he was young. That’s what I hear him say, I want to say Rickie is more like me. He is very weird….sick. He smells like yearn or body fluids he’s gross.

    These people are all victims that grew up to be predators together. It is very sick and very retarded.

    Comment by patti | October 16, 2006

  7. Is this a psychic or someone that knows these people?

    Comment by DIDI | October 16, 2006

  8. It’s beyond tragic this murder. Everything points to Rooney but lets 100% be sure it was him which shouldn’t be hard to match with DNA if it is. His past sexual crimes were so planned, yet this one was not. That part makes one wonder.

    Comment by karin | October 17, 2006

  9. A crime can be planned in a second. I wouldn’t worry too much about him getting off. If he’s guilty, as I am sure
    he is, he will never fit through the hole in the law that deals with insanity. He covered the crime.

    Does he have any family in the area? I get the feeling he was just visiting, but I don’t know as I am not from that area.

    Do the people in that neck of the woods know of a younger boy that B liked to hang out with? I’m sure he did this with a friend… just my hunch.

    Comment by Patti | October 19, 2006

  10. Check out the News –

    Burlington Free Press
    October 21, 2006

    Or do a word search under “Rikki Rooney”

    Or check this out (if it works)

    Pray for Justice…..

    Comment by Patti | October 21, 2006

  11. The police need to look into the disappearance of Nathan
    Currie. Is it possible that Mr. Rooney was in the area
    when Nathan went missing??????

    Also William “Mike” Hogan. Is it possible that Mr. Rooney
    was working in the same area when Mike went missing??????

    There are two other names:

    John McAllister and Elwyn “Randy” White

    Men ARE strange creatures (sorry Guys). No boy or man,
    for that matter, is going to go running to the police or
    let it be known, publicly, that they were sexually assulted,
    especially by a retard like this.

    The police need to keep talking to Rikki. And PLEASE
    check his phone records because I’m sure that you will
    find that Mr. Rooney spoke with his brother during the
    time that Michelle was missing.

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  12. Ok, I have been reading about this Mr. Rooney case and I have notice that there are a lot of posts by the name of Patti. ok, so my ? is who is she/he? How does this Patti person know so will the family of Rooney? Who she/he a victim to by this family?
    It does make one wonder who this person is and it seem rather odd she knows a great deal about this family.

    Comment by Butterflygirl | March 3, 2007

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