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Charles Carl Roberts IV Said He Molested in the Past and Dreamed of it Again

The killings perpetrated by Charles Carl Roberts IV in Nickle Mines, PA was a tragic as it was senseless. To date five innocent, little school girls have died for what can only be described as the actions of a deranged lunatic. Charles Carl Roberts, the man that every one thought was a mild mannered and kind dad, turns out to be a man haunted by his past actions and his mind.


 NICKEL MINES, Pa. – A man who laid siege to a one-room Amish schoolhouse told his wife he had molested young children decades ago and left a note saying he had “dreams of molesting again,” state police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said Tuesday.

Police said they could not confirm the claim by Charles Carl Roberts IV and that family members knew nothing of the alleged molestation.

The shootings were senseless as even the reasons provided in notes by Charles Carl Roberts make no sense. Why would he take human life by being burdened by a 20 year old issue where he claims to have molested prior? In essence he turned his dreams into reality; however, instead of molesting the school girls, he attempted to kill them all instead?

Roberts wrote his wife and children suicide notes, took three guns and ammunition and went to the West Nickel Mines Amish School ready for an extended siege. He also had sex lubricant with him, but there was no evidence that any of the Amish children had been sexually assaulted, Miller said. (MSNBC)

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