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Vigil Held For Taylor Behl

NBC News 4 reports as the investigation continues to search for the missing VCU freshman, Taylor Behl, a vigil has held by family and friends.

A vigil was held Monday night for a missing 17-year-old college student, while police continued to look for clues to what happened to her.

Family and friends attended the vigil at Virginia Commonwealth University, News4 reported.

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Youth For Social Change step in to help search for Taylor Behl

According to 8 News, a local group in Richmond called Youth For Social Change has stepped in to help search for VCU freshman Taylor Behl.

The search for missing VCU freshman Taylor Behl is growing larger by the day. 8News has learned that a local group called Youth For Social Change is now Taylorhead web sitestepping in to help. The group’s organizer, Darryl Holland tells 8News the group will be back out today searching alleyways and abandoned houses for any new signs of the missing 17-year-old. As for the police investigation, authorities now tell us the Ohio plates found on Behl’s car belonged to a former VCU student from Ohio. Detectives tell us they’ve talked to the unidentified student but would not go into any further detail.

Taylor Behl’s friends and family are also aiding in the investigation with a website that has Behl’s description, pictures, phone numbers and more.

Also following the disappearance of Taylor Behl is Plenty of updates and images as well.

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‘Person of interest’ (38 year old photographer) named in Taylor Behl case

As per the Times Dispatch, the 38-year-old amateur photographer who has been linked to the missing Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl has been named a “person of interest”.

Yesterday, Richmond police officials said they had not named the photographer a suspect, but they said he is considered a “person of interest.”

Amateur photographer’s lawyer says his client saw missing VCU student the night she vanished.

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The Endangered Person Advisory is an alternative to the Amber Alert

From The BYU News Net, a new program in Utah started Monday to help find missing people who may be in danger. The Endangered Person Advisory is an alternative to the Amber Alert.

The state on Monday activated a new program to help find missing people who may be in danger.

The Endangered Person Advisory is an alternative to the Amber Alert, which is a plan to quickly notify public agencies, the media and the public if a child is missing and believed to be in danger.

The Endangered Person Advisory can be used to try to find people who have disappeared, from an elderly person with Alzheimer’s disease to a 14-year-old girl with questionable correspondence on her computer, the state attorney general’s office said.

“We could have used something like this,” Jody Hawkins, the mother of Brennan Hawkins, 11, who was lost in the mountains without food or water for four days, said in a statement.

“We needed the public’s help and we needed it immediately. The Endangered Person Advisory will be a real blessing for other parents searching for their children.”

As authorities have stated, this program will be yet another useful resource in the finding of people in danger used to supplement existing alert programs.

“The Amber Alert has been an extremely effective tool for bringing abducted children home,” Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said in a statement. “With the addition of the Endangered Person Advisory, police officers have a simple, clear-cut plan for finding others who may be in danger.”

Under the current Amber Alert system, newspapers, television and radio stations are told when a child is missing and believed to be in danger. Electronic highway signs also can flash information to drivers on major roads, with details such as a child’s description or the description of a suspect’s car.

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Amber Alert Issued for 2 Oregon children, Justin and Jonah Quintero

Amber Alert Issued for 2 Oregon children

Justin Quintero, Hispanic Male, 9 Years Old, 3 feet 10 inches tall, 60 lbs. He has black hair, brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a Red shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes

Jonah Quintero Hispanic Male, 18 Months Old, 2 feet 4 inches tall, 25 lbs. He has black eyes and brown hair.

The suspect is Victoria Quintero, Hispanic Female, 37 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 140 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes.

The vehicle the children were taken in was a Gray 1985 Audi 4-door Oregon Plate number: ZLT982.

Anyone with information is asked to call Salem police at 1-866-5AMBER5 (866) 526-2375 or dial 911.

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Search Dogs get Hits Taylor Behl

According to The Times Dispatch, search dogs got hits and could smell Taylor Behl but did not find her.

The dog could smell her, but he couldn’t find her.

The scent of Taylor Marie Behl, a missing Virginia Commonwealth University freshman, was one of two scents that were picked up by a Louisa County police dog brought in Saturday night to search her recovered car.

The other scent produced what police chief Rodney Monroe described as a “successful track,” which produced several leads that investigators were aggressively pursuing last night. Monroe would not say what the dog discovered or where its nose led investigators.

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Sex Offender Corey L. Witty has to Role in missing Teen, Erin Nembhard (Picture)

Erin Nembhard, 15-year-old, was whispering into the telephone around 10:30 p.m. Friday. Less than an hour later, the teen was gone. Her family hasn’t seen her since.

Both Nembhard and authorities fear that the girl fell into a trap set by Internet predators. Police said a convicted sex offender was the last person to admit seeing her in his Opa-locka home in Miami-Dade County, more than 100 miles away from the Nembhards’ home on Aurora Drive.

Investigators said Erin Nembhard crawled out of her bedroom window with a suitcase filled with clothes and a bookbag late Friday and drove off with a man whom she had met in an Internet chat room. The man, Eduardo Narvaez, 21, first drove her to his Miami residence before taking her to the sex offender’s home early Saturday, Capt. Scott Bartal said.

The sex offender, identified as Corey L. Witty, 35, admitted to police that Nembhard spent nearly two days with him, but that she left unharmed around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, investigators said. Detectives found her belongings inside Witty’s residence. He told police he did not know where she went.

Another example of the danders parents face when their children are on-line in chat rooms.

Witty was arrested Sunday on unrelated charges of failing to register as a sex offender in Miami-Dade County. He was being held in the county jail on $5,000 bail, jail officials said.

Witty had served time for sexual battery and lewd and lascivious assault convictions dating back to 1999, according to records. The victim was younger than 16.

Picture of Erin Nembhard

Anyone with information on Nembhard’s disappearance is asked to call the Port St. Lucie Police Department at (772) 871-5001 or Treasure Coast Crimestoppers at (800) 273-TIPS (8477).

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Hixson Jensen, 49, Missing

Hixson Jensen, 49, has brown hair with red tones and brown-green hazel eyes. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and wears wire frame glasses. Jensen has a brownish birthmark on the left side of face under eye on upper cheekbone and weighs approximately 180 pounds.

Jensen was last seen on Friday, at approximately 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm at her residence in Clay County.

Picture available at Daily Times Leader

Anyone with any information about Jensen’s whereabouts or her disappearance, should contact the Clay County Sheriff Department at 662-494-5152.

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More than 2,000 children from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are still missing or separated

According to The South Bend Tribune, more than two thousand children still remain missing or separated after Hurricane Katrina in AL, LA and MS.

More than 2,000 children from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are still missing or separated from at least one parent or other caregiver, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which is maintaining a database of the missing.

So far, more than 750 children from Louisiana have been reunited with their families. Fifty had been placed in foster care, but the vast majority of the separated are believed to be with relatives or family friends, scattered across the country.

Search here for missing children photos of Hurricane Katrina

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New Missing Persons Alert System Training Begins

A new program called “A Child Is Missing” started Monday across Pennsylvania

It works just like this — a person goes missing, and a police officer calls ACIM. The officer gives pertinent information — such as where they were last seen and a good description. Within 15 minutes, thousands of calls go out.

The major difference between this missing persons program and The Amber Alert one is the following:

And unlike the Amber Alert system, which only is used for stranger abductions and has taken up to three hours in some cases to activate, ACIM is a rapid response system for runaways, Alzheimer’s patients, children and college students.

If you have a cell phone or an unlisted home number, you can also register those numbers with “A Child is Missing” and they contact you there. All you have to do is log on to their Web site,

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