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FBI Involved in Search for Missing Coreen Wiese, Did she Fake Her Death?

The FBI are now involved in the search for missing Bonney Eagle High School student Coreen Wiese. She has been missing since November 8, 2006. The FBI has set up a command post and a tipline in an effort to help find missing Coreen Wiese.

Morelli said 10 to 15 FBI agents are working on the case. At 2:15 p.m. Friday, there were 16 cars with Massachusetts license plates in the parking lot at the Buxton Police Department as well as one car from Rhode Island and two from New Hampshire. (Keep ME Current)
There had been initial reports that Coreen Wiese may have committed suicide for evidence found; however, that may not be the case. The FBI may have new evidence.

Police originally thought the 15-year-old killed herself because of suicide markings they found on rocks near a river.

Now the FBI has joined the investigation with new information that the girl might actually be staying with relatives in Massachusetts.

“We bring some resources and some things to the table that the local agencies in Maine we feel could use and they asked us for them,” said Mark Morelli of the FBI.

For now, the federal investigators will only say Wiese may have faked her suicide because of personal problems. (CBS 4)

Anyone with information regarding Coreen Wiese please call the FBI Tipline 1.800.225.5324.

Flyover of river comes up empty

FBI agents appealed Friday for the public’s help in finding a 15-year-old Buxton girl, and a break in the weather allowed the Maine Warden Service to fly search planes over the Saco River.

Andy Bertin, a janitor at Bonny Eagle, walked along the river near sunset Friday. For the past two days, he said, he has gone to that spot after work to continue the search for a girl he didn’t know well but recalled as being quiet and polite. Bertin said FBI agents had gone to Bonny Eagle on Friday to conduct interviews, and rumors were flying around the school regarding Wiese’s disappearance.
“Nobody knows what’s going on,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”
Wiese’s parents, Wesley and Cindy of Buxton, declined to speak about the search for their daughter Friday. (Portland Press Herald)

FBI, Buxton police establish command post

FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz said FBI agents met Thursday night with officers from several Maine agencies investigating the case. Marcinkiewicz said the FBI is doing all “logical things,” adding that the Buxton police are still the lead agency in the investigation.

Mark Morelli, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston division, was in Buxton today (Nov. 17) and said the agency has established a special toll-free number for residents to call with any information regarding Wiese’s disappearance. The number is 800-225-5324 (800-CALL FBI). (Keep ME Current)

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  1. If the parents won’t speak about the disappearance of their daughter……there’s something wrong, IMO.

    Comment by bleachedblack | November 18, 2006

  2. I do not know Coreen but I feel I do now. I feel that Coreen did not stage her own death and feel I may be able to help this week. Nov.28-30. It is going to be warm and I am going to continue to look. I have had dreams of her and will not give up looking. I will be getting help from an important resourse and hope we will find her this week. I have been praying for her family and Coreen everyday. God Bless you Coreen and I hope you are safe.

    Comment by victoria mathies | November 26, 2006

  3. God Bless you Coreen. I pray for you everyday. It does not matter if the parents don’t speak, they do not have to. If there is something wrong it is nobodys business. Let’s just get Coreen home and I am sure they will take it from there. There is tons of help out there.

    Comment by victoria mathies | November 27, 2006

  4. I do not feel that Coreen ran away. Hopefully this mystery is solved this week. God be with you Coreen, I pray for you everyday. Victoria M from Standish

    Comment by victoria mathies | November 27, 2006

  5. Bonny Eagle High School falls within MSAD#6 School District. With all the communities with in this district im suprised there is not more noise being made by those parents. What if it was your child what would you do? I think we should all come together as a whole and show not only Coreen Wiese and her family, but also to her friends that are still grieving for her that we are not going to let her story be swept to the sidelines. PLS HELP KEEP COREEN WIESE’S STORY IN EVERYONES MINDS AND REQUEST MORE ANSWERS TO THOSE THAT WE DO NOT HAVE. My thoughts and prayer go out to the Wiese’s, extended family and close friends

    Comment by angelbear | December 4, 2006

  6. Coreen Wiese’s family now has a web page up for her – Please visit to print posters, for news, and leave email.

    Comment by rsvp | December 14, 2006

  7. Coreen’s family has set up a new web site to aid in the search for her:

    A recent newspaper article:

    We all hope Coreen will be returned to her family and friends soon.

    Comment by Speckled Dragon | December 16, 2006

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