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Pedophile Raymond Hewlett Admits he Saw Missing Madeleine McCann Before She Disappearaed

64 year old pedophile Raymond Hewlett has admitted to police that he saw 3 year old Madeleine McCann twice in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, before she vanished in April 2007. This is a much different story than the convicted pedophile had told police in the past when interviewed by police. Pedophile Raymond Hewlett says he saw Maddie McCann, but was not close.


Does pedophile Raymond Hewlett Really Know what happened to Maddie?


Paedophile Raymond Hewlett has allegedly said he saw Madeleine McCann twice before she vanished.

The Briton, 62, has previously insisted he was miles from Praia da Luz in the Portuguese Algarve when the three-year-old went missing in May 2007.

But yesterday he reportedly implied he had been close enough to see Maddie’s distinctive flaw in her right eye.

Madeleine McCann 3

However, it appears that in order for this previously convicted pedophile to come clean on where he was the night that Maddie McCann went missing, he wants to be paid.

Kate and Gerry McCann’s spokesman yesterday said it was now ‘imperative’ cancer-stricken Hewlett is interviewed before he dies.

But he has told private detectives employed by the couple he will only reveal where he was the night Maddie vanished if they pay him thousands of pounds. The request has been refused.

Sadly, this sick, twisted poor excuse for a human being is playing games with the parents of Maddie McCann. With probably only weeks to live as Raymond Hewlett is dying of throat cancer, it appears that he will be evil to the very end.

But a McCann family friend added: ‘It is impossible to know whether to believe anything Hewlett says.’

Friends of the McCanns say they are deeply suspicious of his motives after it was revealed that Hewlett has been trying to cash in on the tragedy by demanding money for answers.

A source close to the couple, who is refusing to pay up, said: ‘He is playing a very dangerous game.

‘He may think he is about to land the jackpot but if he is putting it about that he saw Madeleine, he might find some big policemen banging on his door instead.’

Until the truth of the alleged claims can be ascertained, the investigators are more anxious than ever to interview Hewlett.

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