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24 Year Old Howard University Student James Duncan III Missing Since March 25, 2009 in Washington, DC (Update: Found Safe)

24 year old James Duncan III, a Howard University sophomore, from San Francisco has been missing since March 25, 2009. James Duncan III was last seen at approximately 8:30 pm at the Howard Plaza Towers in the 2200 block of Sherman Avenue NW in Washington, DC.. Duncan is considered on the “critical missing” list.James Duncan Missing


  • Black male
  • 5 feet 6 inches tall
  • Weighing approximately 180 pounds
  • Brown eyes
  • Black hair
  • Duncan’s car, a burgundy 1998 four-door Toyota Camry with California plates, was found Monday in the 2600 block of North Capitol Street NW.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of James Duncan III, please contact the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 or the Howard University Police Department Investigator Robert Thompson at 202-806-1085.

 Mother Pleads for Help in Finding Missing Howard Student

Duncan’s mother, though, is still clinging to the hope that he is OK.

“I love my child; my family love my child. We wanna make sure he’s OK,” Ellenberg said.

Duncan’s mother flew in from California and says she plans to stay in the area passing out flyers and talking with students on Howard University’s campus until she learns of her son’s whereabouts or finds out what happened to him.

While the pressure of college can prompt some students to drop out and leave school abruptly, for reasons they have not made public D.C. police do not believe that has happened here and consider Duncan’s situation critical.

UPDATE I: Howard University student James Duncan III had been found Safe

Howard University student James Duncan III had been found. According to a university press release, Duncan was located Tuesday unharmed in an undisclosed location.

Metropolitan police and the Howard University Police Department declined to comment, due to Duncan’s wish for privacy, but Duncan’s mother, Terry Ellenberg, did speak about how pleased she was after receiving word of her son’s whereabouts.

“I’m very happy right now,” Ellenburg said. “I haven’t seen him yet, but I’m about to go to see if I can find him where I was told he was seen.”

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18 Year Old Christopher Robin Coan Missing Since 9/3/07 … Body Found in Vehicle at Bottom of Canyon

The parents of Christopher Robin Coan finally know what happened to their son.

18 year old Christopher Robin Coan had been missing since September 3, 2007 when he was last seen leaving his job at a Subway sandwich shop in Enoch, Iron County, Monday evening.

Christopher Robin Coan

Coan was reported missing by his girlfriend on Tuesday. There has been no bank activity and authorities are beginning to worry Coan may have met with foul play. Enoch police contacted the FBI for assistance in the case.

An airplane has been searching the high-country desert around Cedar City and Enoch for any sign of Coan’s SUV, a 1994 red and silver-colored Chevrolet S-10 Blazer with a temporary tag. Police said the SUV has three stickers in the back. One says “Jerry Bear,” another says “The Wizz cartoon,” and the third says “Beatles.”

 An interesting story was written in March 2008, six months after Christopher Robin Coan had gone missing. Police believed that Coan did not want to be found and that he was living in another area.

But Enoch Police Chief Dave Browning thinks Coan does not want to be found. Browning says the best information is that Coan ran away from his friends and family in Iron County and is living somewhere else.

The last clue as to Coan’s whereabouts came in January when an animal control officer in Silver City, N.M., reported seeing Coan’s Chevy S-10 Blazer with its distinctive stickers, Browning said. The vehicle was going through a car wash.

However, the Enoch police were wrong. The body of missing Christopher Robin Coan was found Thursday, April 9, 2009 when they discovered that Coan’s vehicle had rolled off a remote mountain road and tumbled 1,500 feet down a canyon.

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