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Matthew Wilson Missing Since 2007 Found Alive on the Campus the University of California at Berkeley… “he wanted to disappear”

Rice University student Matthew Wilson had been missing since December 15, Matthew Wilson2007. His car had been found in Berkeley, CA on June 10, 2008. Now after all this time Matthew Wilson has been found alive on the campus of the Campus the University of California at Berkeley. Wilson was arrested by campus police in connection with trespassing and theft charges. All things considered, at least he is safe and alive.

A Rice University student missing since December was found, and arrested, on another campus in California, Berkeley Police said Thursday.

Matthew Wilson, 21, was detained by police on a routine patrol of the campus at the University of California at Berkeley Wednesday night, where he was found using a laptop in a classroom. He was arrested in connection with trespassing and theft charges after investigators learned who he was.

“He was detained because he was trespassing in the building after hours, and later admitted to the officer his true identity,” Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, the public information officer for the Berkeley Police Dept. told Thursday.

According to reports, Matthew Wilson had gone missing voluntarily and there was no indication of foul play.”He later told our detectives that he wanted to disappear.”


Matthew Wilson on 72-Hour Psychiatric Hold

When asked to identify himself, Wing said Wilson provided the officer with a false name before eventually admitting his true identify.

At that point, Wing said Wilson was arrested on four charges: providing false information to a police officer, possession of stolen property with a serial number obliterated, possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools.

Wilson was taken to the Berkeley City Jail and then transferred to the John George Psychiatric Pavilion.

“Wilson is currently being held under a 72-hour psychiatric hold,” said Wing, who added that at the time of his arrest Wilson seemed psychically healthy and was coherent. “When he’s released back into criminal custody he will be arraigned.”

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