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Santa Barbara City College Student Brianna Denison Missing in Reno, NV … Man Sought in Disappearance

A 19 year old, Santa Barbara City College student, Brianna Denison is missing in Reno, Nevada. Brianna Denison of Reno was last seen at a home near the University of Nevada, Reno around 4 a.m. Sunday.Brianna Denison Blood was found on the pillow of the missing coed. Also her cell phone and purse were left behind at her friend’s house.


  • 19 year old white female
  • five feet tall
  • 98 lbs
  • long dark hair
  • blue eyes
  • She may have been wearing light blue or pink sweat pants and a white tank top

If anyone has information on Brianna Denison’s whereabouts, please call Reno Police at (775) 334-2115.

Denison was last seen around 4 a.m. Sunday. A family member says Denison had been out with friends, and went to a friend’s house to sleep on the sofa. A few hours later, Brianna had vanished.

Brianna’s aunt says blood was discovered on Brianna’s pillow. She also says Brianna’s cell phone and purse were left behind at the friend’s house. That house is near Mackay and College, not far from the UNR campus. (Las Vegas Now)

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UPDATE I: Man Sought in Teen’s ‘Suspicious’ Disappearance

Brianna Denison Reported Missing Sunday After Friends Discover Blood on Her Pillow

Authorities have announced that they wanted to talk to an unnamed man in his 40s who may have information in Brianna Denison’s whereabouts. The man dropped Denison off at the house where she was staying after she failed to get a taxi cab.

A man in a sport utility vehicle picked up one of Denison’s friends around 1 a.m. Sunday at the Sands Regency Hotel Casino after she failed to find a taxi. The driver dropped her at the house where Denison was staying. While the ride was without incident and police are not calling the man a “suspect,” they say that he is a “person of interest” who may know something about the disappearance. “It’s a leaf that’s unturned,” Macdonald said.


Brianna Denison_11

Police today released surveillance image of a car driven by a man who they say may know something about Denison’s whereabouts.

Police in Reno, Nev., want to talk to a man they believe may have information about a 19-year-old woman’s “suspicious” disappearance Sunday.

Brianna Denison was last seen around 4 a.m. Sunday when she went to sleep on the sofa at a friend’s house near the University of Nevada in Reno. The two had been at a party at the Sands Regency Hotel Casino earlier in the night. The friend gave Denison a blanket and pillow before going upstairs to bed.

When the friend came downstairs later in the day, Denison was missing and a bloodstain the size of a “silver dollar” was on the pillow she had been using, Lt. Robert Macdonald, a spokesman for the Reno Police Department, told ABC News.

The blood caused some alarm for police, Macdonald said, but the bigger concern was that it appeared Denison had disappeared wearing no shoes and only the sweats and a light shirt she’d worn to bed. Her cell phone and purse had also been left behind. 

UPDATE II: Search on for Woman Missing Who Disappeared From Nevada Home

A 19-year-old college student mysteriously vanished from a Reno, Nev., home early Sunday morning, and cops fear she may have been kidnapped.

“We’re treating this as an abduction case right now,” Lt. Robert McDonald of the Reno Police Department told FOX News. “A small amount of blood on her pillow is of interest to us.”

Cops are looking for a tan-colored, later-model GMC or Chevy Suburban and a white male, about 45 years old, who might be of Latin descent.

“He’s certainly a person of interest. We’re treating him as a person of interest, not a suspect,” McDonald said.

The man driving the vehicle had picked up a friend of Denison’s earlier that evening from the party both were attending when the friend was trying to hail a cab and dropped her off without incident at Mackay Court, the residence where she lived and Denison was staying, McDonald told

UPDATE III: Friends of Missing Brianna Denison set up FACE BOOK site


(Click here for full page)

Friends of missing teenager Brianna Denison have set up a “Find Bri” page on the popular social networking site

The page, set up by Ashley Stern of Colorado, shows a photo of the 19-year-old who has been missing since late this weekend.

The page can be found here and encourages anyone with information about Denison to call a number listed at the bottom.

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  1. This story about Brianna Dennison being missing is really freaking me out and I have a feeling that the guy in the suv might know what happened to her. Just because there was no incident with the friend doesn’t mean that he’s not a psychopath. It’s really strange how this young woman just disappears without letting her friend know that she’s leaving in the first place raises a flag. As a matter of fact. I went through almost the same thing this past weekend myself. I spent the night over a friends house and the next morning I was debating whether or not to leave without saying goodbye. The reason being my friend was still asleep and I didn’t want to disturb them. Then I said to myself what kinda friend would I be if I left without saying a word. So they( Reno Police Dept.) need to find this guy and fast to find out what he knows or doesn’t know. I just have a strange feeling about this (suv)guy.

    Comment by charles washington | January 22, 2008

  2. I just hope they find her alive.

    I have been having the feeling that she is alive…

    But she is growing impatient about not

    being able to get away or be found.

    She is REALLY scared.

    They need to find out who drove the SUV.

    She’ll be okay.


    Comment by Patti | January 23, 2008

  3. the guy in the suv has been cleared. there are some things the police are keeping quiet. my best friend is briana’s cousin.

    briana is not the kind to leave without saying goodbye and she was to go back to be with her mom bridgette the next day. she is from reno and only went to college at santa barbara city college. reno is her home. she loves her extremely close family and friends and isn’t the type to walk out ESPECIALLY IN FRIGID TEMPS without appropriate clothes.

    none of this is her fault. there are 1700 sex offenders in her county, 100 of which live around the university of reno. there have been other abductions and rapes in the area lately too

    Comment by momofthree | January 24, 2008

  4. There is a story that she picked up a sweater from an old boyfriend while in the company of an older unidentified man.

    Can anyone verify this? When did it happen? If true was the sweater left behind.

    There is an ongoing problem of college student disappearances. Some are just as odd as this one.

    Brian Shaffer and Maura Murray are two examples. The first cases recorded on the Internet happened at Miami of Ohio in 1953. There is a current story that bones found in July 1953 in North Georgia might be Ron Tammen the last student to go missing in that serial disappearance case. He walked away at night, was seen and identified by pictures, had been so confused he didn’t know his name.

    Comment by L K Tucker | January 25, 2008

  5. [...] year old Brianna Denison has been missing since January 20, 2008, when she went missing without a trace from a Reno, NV friends home. Blood was found on her pillow [...]

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  6. to the person who is a sick individual who has brianna please let her go she doesnt deserve this from you you need to stop doing this to women who do you think you are the police will catch you when you least expect them to please do the right thing and let her go to briannas friends and family i wouldlike to do any thing i can to help find brianna please send me information on how to get in touch with you all ill be on here every day till we find her god bless you all
    love anonamous

    Comment by anonamous | January 28, 2008

  7. I will try m hardest to help everyone by finding this man he is a threat to all people in nv. area we need to find this man she is most definatly alive she is just waiting for someone to discover her we have to find this young girl and arest the man in charge of this terrible thing

    Comment by Annie | January 31, 2008

  8. We are praying everyday for Bri and her family. You are all constantly on our minds and are always thinking of the best outcome.

    Comment by Christy & Jeff Orosco Mike & Mitch Klepfer | February 3, 2008

  9. I really hope she is found.. ans as women we need to start taking all the precautions against abductors! We can get taken from our couch. My prayers and thoughts are with her family and friends, I PRAY she is found.

    Comment by Lacey | February 4, 2008

  10. I follow a site of a psychic that has done a remote viewing (dream) about Brianna. Here is what he said/drew:
    Taken by AL (Could be initials or a name)
    Strange Eyes (Large with small pupils)
    Black Leather Jacket
    Reno, NV Airport
    Not a Flight
    He Lives by 25 Lines
    White Metal Container (corrugated shipping container like you see on the back of a train, or a flat bed truck)
    Find Face

    He did not feel her death, he believes she is still alive. He thinks the perp lives near the 25 runway at the airport.

    Here is a link to his site, scroll almost to the bottom of the page to see the full page regarding Brianna.

    Comment by jadensmokes | February 6, 2008

  11. I recently moved to the Reno area in October and for reasons I am sure everyone can relate to Brianna’s dissappearance has really hit home. It makes you second guess how you treat your childern and try and teach them about safety. Anyhow, I have been following the case hoping for her return and I have been googling her name like crazy reading about her story and I happened to come across a posting that was posted just 5 hours ago titled “Brianna Denison’s body found”…I gasped when I saw it because I KNEW the news about the body’s ID hadn’t been released I thought boy thats weird so I clicked it. Here is this guy calling himself the Karoke Bandit. I notice he JUST joined YOUTUBE a month ago…kinda coincidental..and I play the video beneath the title he posted to see photos of Bri and him singing some weird song about “I used you and set you free”….at least I think thats what hes saying. Hes also a white guy whos hard to see but just the whole thing creeped me out. He says hes big on getting publicity for bad singing paired with News stories…but I just really found this disturbing…anyone else mind commenting to see if Im just freaking out??…

    Thanks All…..and BTW I really hope the body found is NOT Bri and she comes home safely….my prayers are with the family and friends!

    Comment by freakedout | February 16, 2008


    Comment by BRIANA BARBOZA | March 11, 2008

  13. Hi! I’m Briana Corpuz I’m 10 years old and I just wanted to search up other Briana’s on google just like me! But when I looked up this…. I felt very depressed to this girl. I know that I’m still very young for my age and may not know everything in the world and I know there’s more to come apon me and my life. But I do know that everybody deserves to live until God and The Holy Family decide that it’s time to go. Every person that has commeted suicide, murder, rape and etc. Has No difference from any of us God made us all equal and he loves us all the same but he give you the choice of your life to choose Good or Evil. But no matter who you are if you’re bisexual, trisexual, gay, lesbian, or that thing when a girl ties a rope around you and pees on a balloon and etc. It still doesn’t make a difference to who we are as people… God and us the world are all the same no matter who you are you’re part of this world and there’s no difference to who you are as a person or as yourself. Always remember that and you’ll survive in the world through your whole life. Always yours,
    Briana Corpuz!

    P.S. May everyone remember the life of Brianna Denison and remember the good and faithful life she always had. Brianna may god always be with you and may we allways remember you! Bye guys!

    Comment by Briana Corpuz-10 years old | July 6, 2008

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