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34 Year Old Linda Renee Innocent Missing Since July 15, 2007 Near Fort Lauderdale, FL (Update: Found Deceased in trunk)

34 year old Linda Renee Innocent, a hospice care worker has been missing since Sunday, July 15, 2007. She has not been seen since she left work at an unincorporated Fort Lauderdale neighborhood near State Road 441 and Davie Boulevard. Linda Renee Innocent reportedly called her fiancée at 8:15pm, the night she disappearance on her way home.

According to family a member, Innocent was on her way home Sunday night to meet her fiancé for a date. “She called him at about 8:15 p.m., asking him to make sure he’s ready so they could out to their reservation at a restaurant,” said Innocent’s sister Juny Bernadin.

“I was just like, ‘OK, I’m just going to get ready and I will wait for you when you get here.’ I didn’t think anything of it,” said Innocent’s fiancé Derek Francis.

That Sunday before Innocent vanished a relative of Innocent’s patient who asked not be identified, recalls her mood that day. “Everything was nice, she was a very good worker. I know Linda was having some problems on the telephone. A lot of times she’d come out on the porch and she would start crying,” he said. However, by the end of the day her mood had improved. (WSVN)

A troubling scenario is that one of her last calls on her cell according to authorities was made to her ex-boyfriend. How many cases have we read about where a former boyfriend cannot let a person go forward in their live without dire consequences. The fact that she had a restraining order against him just makes the situation more troubling.

Police say her last few phone calls Sunday night were made to a former boyfriend who she has a restraining order against. However, authorities say there is no evidence of any crime. They are just looking for any information that will bring her home safely.

Linda Renee Innocent left work in her black 2005 four-door Audi with tags X61-9JM. Authorities are still trying to locate the vehicle. If anyone has any information regarding the missing Linda Renee Innocent, please call 954-321-4240.

Mother Of Four Missing From Broward Co.

According to family members, it was not like Linda Renee Innocent to leave her children without letting anyone know where she was going. Her four children are ages 14, 10, 8 and 2.

“We don’t believe that she left on her own will,” she said. “She’s somewhere where she probably doesn’t want to be. Linda has never done anything like this. If she’s traveling or going out of town, it’s with her kids.”

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UPDATE I: The Search For Missing Sunrise Woman Expands

Decription of Linda Renee Innocent

  • Linda is black

  • 5-feet-3-inches tall

  • about 120-pounds with a slim build

  • black hair

  • brown eyes

Linda Innocent’s Vehicle, black, four-door, 2005 Audi A-4 with a Florida tag of X61-9JM

BSO investigators are checking to see if an ex-con – ex-boyfriend has any information. BSO spokesman Hugh Graf said Innocent had a restraining order brought against this boyfriend last month. Yet despite this court order, investigators say there was recent contact – in fact – it was just around the time she was last seen.

“The last three phone calls made on Linda’s cell phone were to this ex-boyfriend,” said Graf, “and the latest one was 9 o’clock pm the evening that she went missing.” (CBS4)

UPDATE I: Linda Renee Innocent Found Deceased in the trunk of her car parked at Miami International Airport. Linda Renee Innocent had feared for her life and it would most certainly appear she had just cause. Our system; however, failed another victim.

Linda Renee Innocent feared for her life.

Last month, the hospice nurse and mother of four filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Vernon Howard, claiming he beat her while she was pregnant and stalked her.

”I know he will kill me because he threaten[ed] me before,” Innocent, 34, of Sunrise, wrote in a court statement.

On Tuesday, nine days after Innocent went missing, her body was found inside the trunk of her black Audi, parked in a garage at Miami International Airport, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said. (Miami Herald)

Missing Sunrise woman found in trunk of her car

UPDATE II: Ex-Boyfriend Vernon Howard Person of Interest in Murder of Linda Renee Innocent

Innocent’s ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old Vernon Howard, is in jail on federal charges on a $25,000 bond. His family said that once he gets out of jail they hope he will be able to help police find the truth about Innocent’s death.

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