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Lisa Stebic Missing Since April 30, 2007 … Major Searches Planned

37 year old Lisa Stebic has been missing since April 30, 2007. Lisa Stebic, a mother of two was last seen at the home she shared with her husband. The two were in the process of a divorce. Police planned a massive search effort for Lisa Stebic to find the missing mother of two. The volunteer efforts of so many to help the find Lisa is truly touching. So many people trying to help a family they most likely have never heard of prior to Lisa going missing. All should be commended for their efforts.

The huge crowd overwhelmed the organizers, who had been expecting about 200 searchers. The line to register, be assigned a team and receive a sheet outlining what to look for snaked out the door of the pavilion at the Kenedall County Fairground. Some waited in line more than an hour

The clue sheet had a photograph of a purse of the kind Stebic was known to carry. It also mentioned a gray or silver cell phone, navy blue sweatpants, a white t-shirt and a woman’s shoe size 8 ˝.

The search of the park, about 20 miles west of Plainfield, was organized by Plainfield police and police from both Will and Kendall counties. A number of professional searchers, including a unit on horseback, was assisting because of the park’s rough terrain. (Chicago Tribune)

Police, Family Lead Biggest Search Yet For Stebic

For more and updates on missing Lisa Stebic, go to the family web site …

Poster of Lisa Stebic

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  1. I can’t imagine growing up not knowing what happened to a mother or father. I do hope they find Lisa or at least find out what happened to her. I feel so bad for her and her family. How on earth do you tell small children why mommy isn’t here?

    Comment by LilPuma | July 7, 2007

  2. It’s not about telling small kiddies why mommy isn’t there, it’s how they will take the reaction for the rest of their lives.

    For the kiddies sake, I hope they find her, but in reality, she is dead.

    Comment by Derek | July 9, 2007

  3. I think the psychic was right about the State Park, but she has the wrong park. I still think she is in the canyons at Starved Rock in Utica.

    Comment by tx2 | July 14, 2007

  4. I still feel she is around the area.i,m saving money to go to lisa,s town so I can look for myself.all these phychics need to look with heart and soul. for the childrens sake we have to find her.

    Comment by feeler | October 5, 2008

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