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17 Year Old Amber LeAnn Hess Missing Since June 22, 2007 … Suspected Foul Play

17 year old Amber LeAnn Hess was last seen when her parents went away for the weekend. When they returned they found Amber Hess missing, her car gone and they also found blood in the home and a handgun missing.


  • white female
  • 5-feet-2 inches tall
  • 145 pounds
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes
  • She has double piercings in both ears, as well as a navel piercing.
  • Her missing car is a white 2002 four-door Mitsubishi Lancer with Arizona license plate 329-RJN.
  • The white 2002 four-door Mitsubishi Lancer has a Playboy bunny or similar insignia on the rear window.


Teen Amber Leann Hess Missing From Queen Creek, AZ Foul Play Suspected

Family members said Amber has never disappeared before and that it’s out of character for her to lose contact with her parents. Her grandfather said Amber does not have a boyfriend and her family has no idea where she could be. (National Ledger)

UPDATE I: Burned body found, possibly linked to a missing 17-year-old girl

This is not a very optimistic update in the case of missing Amber LeAnn Hess. Authorities have found a burned body and other evidence that lead them to believe it may be that of missing Amber LeAnn Hess. Although they are unable to confirm, the evidence (and we are speculating) might be that of her missing car.

Pinal County Sheriff’s officials say they’ve discovered a burned body and other evidence that indicates the victim may be a missing 17-year-old Chandler Heights woman. The body was found off the Hunt Highway near the Anthem development.

The Pinal County chief deputy says at this time, they’re unable to confirm the body is that of Amber Hess. (KOLD)

Originally, one would speculate that this could have been a random robbery where the person may have thought that the entire family had gone on vacation. However, it is hard to imagine that a burglar/killer would have gone to such great lengths to hide and dispose of a body. One would tend to think that the killer was known to the victim.

Teen missing; burned body found

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has ordered an autopsy on a burned body discovered Monday in the desert to determine whether investigators have found 17-year-old Amber LeAnn Hess, who was last heard from Friday.

The body was found in an area off of Hunt Highway, about five miles northwest of Florence. Investigators found evidence at the site that connects the case to the other crime scene – the home where Amber lives with her parents, said Jerald Monahan, Pinal County chief sheriff’s deputy.

Authorities declined to say what that evidence included.

UPDATE II: Could there be any Clues from Amber LeAnn Hess’ MySpace?

MySpace account of Amber LeAnn Hess

“party like a ROCKSTAR,play like an ALL STAR,live like a MOIVE STAR,and fuck like a PRON STAR….”

Last Login: 6/25/2007

UPDATE III: Car of Missing Girl Found in Queen Creek

Pinal County deputies located Amber’s car Monday evening in Queen Creek. It is currently being processed for evidence.

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  1. Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. #1 for leaving her home alone for a weekend. #2 for that MySpace account.

    Comment by WTF | June 27, 2007

  2. teens arrested in death of QC teen
    Associated Press
    Jun. 27, 2007 08:25 AM

    FLORENCE, – Two 16-year-olds were arrested today, booked for investigation of murdering a 17-year-old Queen Creek-area girl.

    Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vasquez says an autopsy confirms that a burned body found Monday in a desert area near Florence was that of the missing girl, Amber Hess.

    Vasquez says the two suspects apparently had planned the murder, that for some reason they didn’t like Hess.

    He says based on statements made by the suspects, this was “one brutal, brutal murder.”

    He alleges the two went to the girl’s home and beat, stabbed and choked her, and then took the body to a desert area and set it on fire.

    He says the victim’s missing car was found yesterday near the home of one of the suspects.

    He says evidence taken from the car and from a search of the suspects’ homes linked them to the crime, and that statements made during interviews with investigators led to their arrests.

    Vasquez says he’s recommending that the teens be charged as adults.

    Hess was reported missing Sunday night by her parents after they returned from a weekend trip. They had last seen her Friday afternoon.

    Comment by David Blake | June 27, 2007

  3. I find the fact that this little girls memory is being tarnished by her myspace profile quote disturbing. It is of course very common for a teenage girl to portray herself in this manor for attention. It is also sad that someone (in the first comment) would have the bust or balls to dare blame the parents. I believe 17 is old enough to be left for a night provided the teen is responsible. And just how close to 18 was she? No one deserves to die for being a potty mouthed teenager. And you know what? We don’t know the real her, only what she portrays on her profile. I do hope someone is able to delete that for her parents.
    Rest in piece little girl, my prayers are with you.

    M&E: you are correct. Nothing that she wrote could ever justify what was done to her. She was the victim.

    Comment by so sad. | July 2, 2007

  4. Sad poor girl. I think she was too young for that kind of profile on MySPace but she was saddly taken.

    Comment by OdinLove | July 4, 2007

  5. you guys have no right saying anything about her parents or her my space account u didnt know her at all. no one should be judge by their web page! lets look at urs? i bet ur not all tht innocent! no one and i mean no one deserve what happened to her! she was 17 not 12 n graduated from high school n she has a job so she has every right to be home alone in her OWN home. i mean seriously take a step back and think about what ur sayin and who u r accusing before u say nething about this. these two teens knew what they were doing to her and they planned for heaven sack so plz think about who we should be accusing for this. these boys should get the death sentence!!! they r being charged as adults than they should get everything tht an adult would get! right??? plz plz be carful on what ur sayin about this case k

    M&E: This is not about the parents … it is about the boys who did this henous act and the fact that they should be put to death for their actions.

    Comment by amanda | July 20, 2007

  6. Poor kid. But how bright could she have been? She misspelled “porn”.

    Comment by Leila | August 27, 2007

  7. for one thing. it doesnt matter what kind of stuff was on amber’s myspace profile. she was 17. alot of teenagers has worse stuff then she did. *~*AMBER*~* was sadley taken. alot of people will miss her. and its not the parents fault. alot of teens are left alone at that age. but its sad that those boys did viciously murdered her….. i new one of the boys, he didn’t seem like the type that could do that to another human.. but i guess you never really know someone.

    Comment by David | May 21, 2008

  8. its sad how this young women died ithink that people need to learn in life not to do retarded things. uqh it makes me mad tha fact that the mom left her home by herself well knowing she is pregnant too..

    Comment by Maacyy | November 12, 2010

  9. 17 is old enough to be left alone for the weekend. You can even serve in the military when you’re 17.

    Comment by Scream | September 29, 2011

  10. Well I think they should look into thw case closer,if she was pregnant how do we know her parents were not involvef ay all thinking she was a disgrace to them,being 17pregnant,and unmarried what would they tell everyone.

    Comment by Tenea | November 20, 2011

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