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As Police Search for Jessie Davis they Find an Abandoned Day Old Baby Left at a Residence (Update: Equusearch to help search)

As police search for missing 9 month pregnant Jessie Davis, they discovered another rather troubling set of circumstances. A day old baby was left abandoned at a private residence in Wooster, OH. The baby was taken to the hospital where DNA tests were performed. Could this be Jessie Davis’ baby?

(Chattanooga Times Free Press)

A couple arriving home from dinner Monday night discovered
the newborn on the porch of their rural home south of Wooster,
Maurer said. The baby was dressed in a sleeper. The wicker basket
contained a blanket and a bottle of formula, but there was no note, he said.

Police investigating the disappearance of pregnant mom Jessie Davis are looking into the discovery of an abandoned newborn baby 45 miles from where the woman was last seen.

The day-old infant girl was left Monday night in a wicker basket on the doorstep of a residence in rural south Wooster, Ohio and taken to Wooster Community Hospital, where a DNA sample was taken.

What are the chances that this baby was that of missing Jessie Davis?

Authorities are trying to determine whether there is a link between that baby and the one Davis, 26, was expecting, said Stark City Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Rick Perez in a Tuesday evening press conference.

“Investigators are not ruling anything out at this time,” Perez said.

Thomas Maurer, sheriff in neighboring Wayne County, does not believe there is a connection between the baby and Davis. He said a doctor determined that the newborn was less than 24 hours old.

“We’re using every caution we can” to ID the infant or eliminate the possibility that she is related to Davis, he said. (FOX News)

Baby found near where woman disappeared

A newborn girl with her umbilical cord still attached was found in a basket on a doorstep 45 miles from where a pregnant woman vanished, authorities said Tuesday. A DNA sample was taken from the infant Tuesday and was given to authorities investigating the disappearance.

Newborn baby girl found in Wooster, police check for ties to missing mom case

Police in Wooster confirm that a newborn baby girl was found Monday night abandoned on the doorstep of a home.
According to police the baby, a white female, was found in a basket at a home on East Messner in Applecreek.

The homeowners found the child when they returned home from dinner.
The baby was taken to Wooster Community Hospital where officials say she “remains in good health and identified as a less than 24-hour-old female.”

Wayne County Children Services has temporary custody of the child.

There will be an official hearing Wednesday in juvenile court before Judge Raymond Leisy.

Update I: Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch to help search for missing Jessie Davis

The nationally recognized organization, Texas EquuSearch, is one of two national groups family members say are now volunteering in the search for Jessie Davis.

Davis, a mother of a two-year-old son was last heard from last Wednesday.
According to a spokeswoman at the team’s Texas office, Texas EquuSearch director, Tim Miller, is en route to Northeast Ohio and is expected to arrive late Tuesday night.

It’s expected the team will talk with law enforcement officials and family members to assess the situation. From there, the group will determine whether their resources will be helpful in the search.

EquuSearch President to Help Search for Missing Pregnent Woman

Texas EquuSearch President Tim Miller is en route to Cleveland, Ohio, to help search for a 9-month pregnant woman who has been missing for nearly a week, FOX 26 News reported Tuesday.

An official with EquuSearch told FOX 26 News that Miller and another EquuSearch volunteer will meet with law enforcement officials and relatives of Jessie Davis Wednesday morning to help establish a game plan and see what resources officials need to find the 26-year-old woman.

Originally one thought was that the abductor maybe wanted the baby of Jessie Davis. However, now that an abandon baby was found near where Jessie Davis went missing that thought process may be ruled our. Or possibly that may have been the original intention, but the heat and media exposure was turned up that any such plan had to be abandoned.

UPDATE II: Jessie Davis Baby Daddy Bobby Cutts Jr Slammed by Ex, Nikki Giavasis

Her boyfriend Bobby Cutts Jr is not a suspect according to police. He is the father of her child and the father of her unborn baby. He was criticized heavily by his ex, model and actress Nikki Giavasis on Fox News on Tuesday.

Giavasis told Fox that Cutts once kicked down her door when he broke into her house after their relationship ended because he was upset that she was dating someone new. She had taken several restraining orders out against him, she said, including one in 2007. He also hit and verbally abused their daughter, who no longer sees him.

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