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9 Month Pregnant Jessie Davis Still Missing … “Mommy’s in the Rug”

26 year old and 9 month pregnant Jessie Davis is still missing. Its been 5 days since she was last seen. For a woman who is 9 months pregnant this is hardly a welcome situation. The authorities have found signs of a struggle in the home of Jessie Davis.

Deputies found the woman’s mattress moved out of place and missing an ornate patterned comforter that resembled an Oriental rug. A toppled nightstand and lamp lay nearby on bleach-soaked carpet.

What happened? The primary clues may come from a pint-sized witness. (The Plain Dealer)

However, the most disturbing clue to Jessie Davis’ disappearance may be from her 2 year old son. No matter how one tries to interpret it, this just can’t be good.

“Mommy was crying,” Blake told deputies. “Mommy broke the table… Mommy’s in rug.”

Jessie Marie Davis: Police Press Conference Reveals No Suspects

Jessie Marie Davis UPDATE: Jessie Marie Davis case press conference has revealed no suspects, no signs of forced entry into Jessie’s home, and that foul play is possible.

Do the authorities really not have any suspects or are they just being tight lipped? One would think there may be people of interest, especially when there was no sign of forced entry into the house, yet there was an obvious scuffle inside. Did Jessie Davis know her attacker?

At a press conference today, Stark County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Rick Perez said deputies have no suspects. The boyfriend of Ms. Davis, Canton police officer Bobby L. Cutts Jr., and his wife, Kelly, were questioned and are cooperating, Perez said. Cutts joined the weekend volunteer search for Davis. (Canton Rep)

Police Suspect Foul Play in Disappearance of Pregnant Ohio Woman

Foul play could be involved in the case of a missing pregnant woman, Ohio police said Monday, as they subpoenaed her cell-phone records and those of her married boyfriend in order to determine what happened to 26-year-old Jessie Marie Davis.

“We feel that there possibly is foul play, however we’re still investigating it as a missing person,” said Stark County Sheriff’s Chief Dep. Rick Perez at a news conference Monday. (FOX News)

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