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Kara Kopetsky, 17, Missing Since May 4, 2007. Is there a Connection to Kelsey Smith Murder?

17 year old Kara Kopetsky has been missing since May 4, 2007 from Belton, MO. She was last seen leaving Belton High School.

See the many looks that Kara Kopetsky has had over the years.


  • Kara is 17 years old and would have just finished her junior year in high school
  • 5′ 5″ tall
  • brown hair
  • hazel eyes
  • As you can tell from the pictures, she is known to change her hair color. She no longer has braces as seen in some of the pictures


The question remains that could the case of missing Kara Kopetsky have a connection to that of Kelsey Smith? Could Edwin R. Hall, the individual charged in the murder of Kelsey Smith have any connection to the disappearance of Kara Kopetsky? As police found a body 6 miles from where Kara Kopetsky lived, her parents feared for the worse. As it turned out, the body found was that of Kelsey Smith. Is it a coincidence that Kelsey’s body was found so close to where Kara lived. One does wonder whether there is a connection.

Jim and Rhonda Beckford, like thousands of others across Kansas City, watched with trepidation Wednesday as news unfolded about a body found just six miles from their Belton home.

Theirs, though, was a special brand of fear. Their 17-year-old daughter, Kara Kopetsky, has been missing since May 4. So while the search for Kelsey Smith took place, the Beckfords’ fears mounted.

Tarnished relief came after about an hour, when a Belton police sergeant arrived to tell them it wasn’t Kara Kopetsky. (Kansas

Smith Murder May Hold Clues in Kopetsky Disappearance

Investigators are saying they can’t rule out the possibility that the kidnapping and murder of 18-year old Kelsey Smith is related to the disappearance of a Missouri girl.

VIDEO of links between murdered Kelsey Smith and missing Kara Kopetsky.

Police consider links to missing teens

When investigators in the Smith case announced Wednesday that a body had been found in Longview Lake Park, Kopetsky’s parents, Jim and Rhonda Beckford, waited nervously until Spears told them the body was that of Smith, and not Kara’s.

”Sitting here, a month later, and then you see somebody that has the same physical characteristics and not less than 30 minutes apart in distance wise and you start associating things,” said Jim Beckford, Kara’s stepfather. ”We didn’t have the resources and the video tape, and we didn’t have proof that Kara was abducted.”

Beckford also noted that his stepdaughter disappeared the same day a tornado struck Greensburg, Kan. The story dominated media coverage in the area.

Spears said most media didn’t give Kopetsky’s disappearance the attention he thought it warranted. (Ark

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  1. I noticed some discussion regarding this on FOX last night, it does appear Edwin Hall is a match for the description of Kara’s abductor? The issue appears to be that until LE completes all investigation and forensics on Kelsey’s murder, they can’t turn their attention to correlating characteristics with Kara’s abduction? This must be so hard on Kara’s parents to wait this out.

    Comment by nonesuche | June 10, 2007

  2. I hope they search for her in the area they found Kelsey.

    Comment by klaasend | June 10, 2007

  3. I hope there is some closure for Kara’s family soon in this tragedy. It does sound as if she could have been another victim of Kelsey’s murderer.

    Comment by BTgirl | June 10, 2007

  4. I noticed she was last seen leaving her high school. Most high schools these days have lots of surveillance cameras – I wonder there are any clues on camera. It sounds like they are not sure if she walked home or was picked up. If not for the tapes in Kelsey’s case I do not think her fate would have been figured out so soon.

    Comment by bobo | June 10, 2007

  5. Yes, I think there is a connection to Edwin R. Hall. I agree with Klaasend that they need to search the same area they found Kelsey.

    Comment by San | June 10, 2007

  6. I hope they look for possible connection between Edwin R Hall and other missing/ murdered women.

    Comment by bleachedblack | June 10, 2007

  7. When did Hall grow the goatee; was he clean-shaven before May 4, 2007; did the goatee begin after May 4; did the goatee disappear June 3?

    In the Target video, Hall looks (remarkably) similar to the composite of the person-of-interest in Kara’s case. As Kimberley said (on Fox LineUp) “spot on!” Kimberley mentioned that she was a former prosecutor.

    Too bad that circumstances were not conducive for Tim Miller/TES to search more of that lake area. I have a feeling specialty dogs will be exercising that acreage.

    Comment by Warf | June 10, 2007

  8. Hello,
    Please help us get the word out on Kara Kopetsky, another missing child from Belton MO.
    Here is the video:

    Comment by Burton Stone | June 11, 2007

  9. The latest on Kara Kopetsky

    Comment by Carpe Noctem | June 14, 2007

  10. Some Kara tv coverage-

    Kaara’s Security Video

    Comment by Carpe Noctem | June 14, 2007

  11. Please answer these five questions:

    (1) Why did it take the Belton MO two (2) weeks to open and inventory Kara’s school locker?

    (2)Why did the police release the man Kara was fighting with before she went missing?

    (3) How is this man related to powerful members of the Belton community?

    (4) Why has Kara’s name NOT been brought up once in City Council meetings?

    (5) Whay has EquiSearch not been asked to come into the case?

    Best Wishes,
    Burton Stone

    Comment by J Burton Stone | June 24, 2007

  12. J.Burton Stone,

    Please share with us why you want answers to these questions. Particularly the question about how Kylr is related to powerful members of the Belton Community. Many people have long been suspecting a coverup and this comment fits right into that. Please give more detail or give us a jumping off point for researching this further. thanks.

    Comment by StillHoping | December 13, 2007

  13. Does the belton Mayor have a sound proof room in his house? What is this used for and does anyone know about this?

    Comment by Mary | June 28, 2008

  14. I also feel there is a strong connection between the two girls Kara and Kelsey.. I feel as the police has not done their job in this case…I feel the outcome for the family is not good..and I also believe she is at longview lake the area should be searched better..The police should know that if they ever studied criminology that murders just dont take a victim like kesley out of a public place unless he has worked his courage up by committing his crime before..I believe strongly she is connected to kelsey Smith’s disasapearance..Edwin Hall would be unlike most preadtors if his first crime was Kelsey, predators have to work up their courage and do so by commiting crimes…How dumb is the belton police department? As a student of criminolgy I think they all need to go back to school and get updated on what is called profiling…

    Comment by seer of things | July 24, 2008

  15. I emailed this to them, heard nothing back ?
    Missing Kara Kopetsky, possible location
    Sunday, September 7, 2008 4:24 PM
    “David Earl”

    Missing Kara Kopetsky, possible location,
    I believe I have spotted her here in Daytona Beach Florida.
    I went on my afternoon ride, I am sure this was her, she was on the end of Main Street at A1A, Ocean BLD.
    She was wearing flowered shorts a a tank top.
    She has a unique shaped face with her lower face more prominent then her forehead.
    She had a tattoo looked to be around her right ankle and a solid black star tattoo on her left wrist. She seem to be showing them off with her stance. They do tattoo’s here in many places and some are temporary.
    This girl fits the profile and as I mentioned, she has very pretty, unusual facial features.
    She is 18 now so.
    I will go for a ride again to see if I can spot her again and stop a speak to her if I see her.
    I went back and turned around on my bike MC, three times to look closely at her.
    I have been working on the missing for a few years.
    I hope this can help you..
    Inf Submitted by;

    Comment by David B. Earl | January 20, 2009

  16. EDWIN HALL! DRILL THAT BASTARD! He got away with it with Kara, that’s why he was so bold with Kelsey. Just straight BOLDNESS!

    Comment by Jen Jen | April 26, 2009

  17. I saw the news article about this girl on CNN today and it’s weirding me out. After seeing the picture, I can’t be sure but she looks almost exactly like a girl I saw last weekend at a Valero station in Bourne Texas, heading west just past the Harley Dealership. I think the reason she stuck out in my mind is when I walked up to the station, she saw my Harley Jacket and looked at me funny… honestly, I’d have expected the same look from another Harley rider or family member. Like I said, it’s weirding me out because the hair, size, and I’m pretty sure the face are really close to the picture displayed on the CNN article.

    Comment by Anonairman | April 28, 2009

  18. I watched the show disappeared and the story from Kara. It’s so sad and I can’t imagine what Kara’s mom is going through… The TV show never mentioned if they investigated Kara’s phone activity the day she disappeared. I know the other girl that they found the body, they located the last sight of her phone. What about Kara’s phone? Also, the guy that killed the other girl, have they investigated the area where this guy used to live? If he kidnaped the other girl and took her 20 miles away from where she lived to kill her, don’t you think if he kidnaped Kara, he would take her away from where she lived also? I would check areas where Edwin Hall hanged around… If there are cameras around where he lived, search for sights of his car. I suppose cameras is probably not an option since it has been so long she is missing.

    Comment by Sad Mom | January 18, 2011

  19. i live in belton missouri i published my middle name because i dont want my first name in it. i have heard that a few men put kara’s body in a well and filled it with cement i have told the police as have other people even the location of the well but no one has looked. not even attempted. im very sure this is where she is at.

    Comment by Elizabeth | February 5, 2011

  20. Elizabeth- How would a person go about finding this well?? I have the ability if I had the location? It’s time to bring her home!

    Comment by Faith | March 23, 2011

  21. Normally I would not be an advocate of torture but this case cries out for it. Needles under the fingernails would be a good method. No permanent damage but very painful. Tell him it will happen every day for the rest of his sentence/life until he reveals the location of Kara Kopetsky’s body. If he can’t after a few weeks, he probably didn’t kill her. Why have mercy for Edwin Hall? Did he have any for Kelsey Smith?

    Comment by Bob | November 27, 2011

  22. Omg im soo sorry for thes e family of kara i just watch the program of missing people 2007 to 2012 and police havent found her…

    Comment by el prieto azabache | April 25, 2012

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