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Walker County 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker Missing since March 21, 2007 (UPDATES)

41 year old Theresa Parker, a 911 dispatcher, has been missing since March 21, 2007. She was last seen by her husband Sam Parker at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 21.


(Sam & Theresa Parker)

As Theresa Parker’s family fears the worst, they have a prayer vigil for her in hopes a miracle and hopeful ending to Theresa’s disappearance.

“Something bad has happened to her,” said her sister Christina Hall in recalling a long list of appointments and events Theresa has missed since last seen Wednesday, March 21.

“The hardest thing is not knowing,” said her brother-in-law Jonathan Wilson, who came up from Florida with his wife, Theresa’s sister Hilda, to hold vigil on Monday. “What we’re focusing on right now is bringing our sister home.”

The mystery is taking its toll on the family’s emotions.

“We’re worn out and broken,” Jonathan said. “We just want to find her, and once we have that we’ll want  answers.” (Walker County Messanger)

For more information about volunteering, call 706-764-1900 or 706-375-7810.

UPDATE I: Husband’s Car Impounded in Missing Dispatcher Case

Now there are new developments in the case of the missing Walker County 9-1-1 dispatcher.

They involve her estranged husband, Sam Parker, who is a police officer on the LaFayette force.

On Thursday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation seized Sam Parker’s patrol car. It sits in a LaFayette, Georgia impound lot.

We are told the Parkers were going through a nasty divorce when Theresa suddenly disappeared eight days ago. (WCRB-TV)

UPDATE II: Sheriff seeking volunteers for ground search Saturday

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said a ground search for missing Walker County 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker will be conducted on Saturday, March 31.

Volunteers familiar with south Walker County are welcome and are asked to assemble no later than 9 a.m. at Walker County Fire Station No. 15 at 18 Old Lee School Road at the intersection with U.S. 27.

The search teams will concentrate on an area south of LaFayette and north of the Chattooga County line, bounded on the east by Taylor’s Ridge and on the west by Pigeon Mountain, Wilson said. (Walker County Messenger)

UPDATE III: Police reveal more details of investigation into dispatcher’s disappearance

Parker’s shift ends at 7 a.m. so she clocked out shortly after that, Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said. She was scheduled to be off Wednesday through Saturday, which is normal rotation for dispatchers, and she asked for Sunday off as well to work on moving into her new apartment.

Parker is going through a divorce with her husband Sam, a long-time sergeant with the LaFayette Police Department. She was planning to move into a townhouse near Lakeview Drive. She normally speaks with her family daily, but upon talking to her sister face to face in Fort Oglethorpe at about 10 p.m. Wednesday night, she said she would be busy moving to her new residence.

Authorities have not recovered Parker’s cell phone as has been reported, but they have used global positioning satellites to determine when and in what vicinity it was used last. Harris said he could not reveal that information during an ongoing investigation. Harris said phone records could play a major role in the investigation and could not release any phone-related specifics at this time.

If Theresa left, she didn’t leave in her vehicle. Her 1999 Toyota Forerunner was at her Cordell Road residence on Saturday where she and Sam lived in LaFayette. It was brought to the sheriff’s department for processing by a GBI crime scene specialist, which involves looking for fingerprints, hairs, fibers and other evidence “just like CSI (on TV),” Wilson said.

Sister of Missing Georgia 911 Dispatcher Says She Suspects Her Sister’s Estranged Husband

Theresa was in the midst of a divorce from her husband, Sam Parker, when she disappeared over a week ago.

“I can honestly say that I do believe he’s involved. That’s what I feel, that’s what I know in my heart,” Hill said.

“I know of an incident last year where she was really scared, she was really afraid. And she looked me in the eyes and told me that she was afraid that she was going to die,” she added.

Police say they have not classified Parker, a sergeant with the LaFayette, Ga., police department, as a suspect.

However, FOX News learned late Saturday that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation obtained a search warrant for Parker’s home based upon information gathered over the past week. There was no word if the search had been carried out yet. (FOX News)

UPDATE IV: Police sergeant now ‘person of interest’ in missing wife case

Authorities carried out a search warrant at the Parkers’ 985 Cordell Ave. residence Saturday evening, but declined to discuss the outcome of that search. The Georgia Bureau of Investiga
Theresa Parker tion has named Sam Parker a “person of interest,” in the case, Wilson said.

“The main reason (for the designation) was they served a search warrant at his home, and obviously once you do that you’re focusing in on that individual,” Wilson said.

UPDATE V: Authorities draining pond near Parker house

UPDATE VI: Theresa Parker on America’s Most Wanted

UPDATE VII: News Conference today at 2 pm edt

According to Fox News There is to be a news conference at 2pm edt today regarding the disappearance of Theresa Parker. Relatives of the missing Parker have said the following according to Fox, “This is a great development, not what we hoped for.”

Jonathan Wilson, Theresa’s brother-in-law, told FOX News on Tuesday that “it will be a big story” when the news is announced later in the day.

“This is a great development,” he said, but “it isn’t what we thought.”

He added: “We are very pleased. It’s not what I hoped, but it’s going to be big.”

UPDATE VIII: According to “Live” news conference the body of Theresa Parker has not yet been found; however, a police officer has been arrested for making a false statement to police.

A LaFayette police officer was arrested and charged with making false statements to police in regards to the case, Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson announced. The officer arrested is not Sam Parker, Theresa’s husband, who is a sergeant on the same police force. The man arrested is the next-in-line supervisor on the same shift as Sam Parker (FOX)

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