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Texas A&M student, Tynesha Stewart, dismembered and burned according to confession of Timothy Wayne Shepherd (UPDATES)

What makes certain people so evil? What would make someone do the unthinkable? How could such evil and savagery exist within an individual? God bless Tynesha, our hearts go out to her family. Nothing like this should ever, ever occur. Her family and friends are in our prayers. May the peace of the Lord help you get through such a terrible ordeal.


(Tynesha Stewart & Timothy Wayne Shepherd)

The death of Texas A&M student Tynesha Stewart is one of the most heinous and shocking heard in quite some time. The details of her murder are beyond comprehension. The manner in how suspected murdered, Timothy Shepard, strangled, cut up, barbecued and disposed of defies all sense or humanity.

The search for Tynesha was called off yesterday by the Sheriff’s Department as they shared some of the information that they had gained that Tynesha could never be recovered as she was cut up and burned.

“There are no remaining body parts,” Thomas said at a news conference. “We have determined through this investigation that the defendant dismembered the victim and burned her body parts. There is no body to be found. Based on that information, there will be no search. The family is aware of this, and they understand.”

Thomas, who called on local media to give the Stewart family privacy, said Timothy Wayne Shepherd burned Stewart’s body in two barbecue grills on his patio at his apartment in the 17700 block of Red Oak in northwest Harris County. (Houston Chronicle  

In a conversation we had with Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch this morning Tim stated the following, “after doing searching for so many years and being exposed to so much, I thought I had seen everything, until this.”  Some crimes defy all that is normal and sane. What would possess some one to cut up an individual and then cook them to get rid of a body? How souless an individual must you be? There is a special spot in hell reserved for you Timothy Wayne Shepherd. And you can’t get there soon enough.

Timothy Shepherd

(Timothy Wayne Shepherd, the face of evil)

Later Friday, investigators said Shepherd may have dismembered her body. And on Saturday, the sheriff announced there would be no search because all the remains had been burned.

Shepherd’s neighbors said Saturday that he was barbecuing at all hours of the day, for days at a time, at his apartment, No. 224.

James Hebert, 18, often played video games and barbecued with his “nice” next-door neighbor. In fact, they cooked out together so frequently Hebert kept his grill at Shepherd’s.
But starting March 15, he noticed Shepherd was cooking — on his grill and on Hebert’s pit — “nonstop” for two days.

This time, however, Shepherd hadn’t invited him over, nor did he share.

When he asked for some of what he was cooking, Shepherd refused, saying it was for a wedding.

On March 16 about 7:45 p.m., Hebert and his roommate, Cithara Gomez, became alarmed when they looked over and saw dark-colored smoke billowing from Shepherd’s patio. (Houston Chronicle)

UPDATE I: TOTAL ACT OF SAVAGERY: Houston man dismembered and burned Tynesha Stewart on BBQ grill.

This is one of the sickest stories we’ve come across in a while. Houston authorities have charged a man for murdering his girlfriend and burning her remains in a patio grill.

UPDATE II: Man Accused of Killing & Cremating Ex-Girlfriend

Members of Texas Equusearch, a search and recovery organization, had planned to conduct their own search for Tynesha Stewart’s body after Shepherd’s original confession, but now say they will focus on supporting her family instead.

Tension had arisen between Stewart’s family and police after Shepherd’s original confession. The family had wanted a search of several Houston area landfills in hopes of finding Tynesha’s body. The Sheriff’s office had decided not to start such a search based on facts uncovered during their investigation, but say they could not tell the family why the landfills weren’t being searched until they were sure her body had been burned. (First Coast News)

UPDATE III: According to sources there is going to be a protest by black activists in response to the Sheriff’s Department not wanting to do the search. Quanell X, US RepresentativeSheila Jackson Lee and other black leaders are unhappy that even though the suspect Timothy Shepherd states he cut up and burned Tynesha, that bones and other material still may be present to find. According to sources the activists have asked whether Texas EquuSearch was still interested in searching in the landfill. The protest rally according to reports is supposed to take place at the WM landfill.

This situation really needs to be handled before it escalates out of control. We certainly understand the families grief, pain and want to have Tynesha’s remains to bury. It also cannot be finding a needle in a haystack event. Cooler heads need to prevail. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tynesha Stewart and her family.

UPDATE IV: Group to demand search for A&M coed’s body

As reported yesterday, community activists are asking for a search of the landfill.


Monday’s search came just as community activists are scheduled to hold a news conference Tuesday morning demanding Harris County Sheriff’s deputies search a landfill for the remains of Tynesha Stewart.

The activists say they don’t believe Shepherd’s story about the death of the young Aggie coed and think there could be more evidence to be found. Stewart’s family members though said Monday night that a search would be “too traumatic” and that they do not support the push for a new search.

The Harris County District Attorney was also not confirming or denying a report that a search of a trash dumpster last week uncovered a knife in a bag as well as a pair of sweatpants. (KHOU)

UPDATE V: Activists Call for New Search for Tynesha Stewart

Community activists held a news conference concerning the Tynesha Stewart case today. Stewart is the young Texas A&M student brutally murdered, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, Timothy Shepherd.

There were some strong and harsh words from several prominent community leaders at the news conference. Those words were aimed at Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas and his team of investigators.

Everyone speaking today is extremely critical of how investigators handled the Tynesha Stewart case. One person in particular went as far as to call the investigation and the investigators incompetent.

They are now demanding that a search for Stewart’s remains in the landfills be allowed to take place. No one at the news conference is satisfied with what investigators have come up with so far or any statements that Timothy Shepherd may have made to investigators. (ABC-KTRK)

UPDATE VI: Community activists still want search for student’s remains

Even though investigators say Tynesha Stewart’s ex-boyfriend burned her remains after killing her, some community activists still want the Sheriff’s Department to look for her body in a landfill.

“Without a thorough search of the landfill… we don’t know if they (the sheriff’s office) can make the case,” Robert Muhammad of the Nation of Islam said Tuesday at a news conference.

“There are no remaining body parts,” Thomas said.

Although human remains generally require extremely high temperatures to destroy, Thomas would not discuss how he believed the body could be burned to nothing.

The Sheriff’s Department had no response to the persisting calls to go forth with a search, spokesman Lt. John Martin said Tuesday. “Nothing the sheriff said has changed.”

Stewart’s family initially pushed for the search but has since retreated from that position as the investigation unearthed more details about the killing. (Houston Chronicle)




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  1. Sick bastard..he deserves to burn in hell for eternity. how someone can be so sick and disturbed like that has to be the devil. he is an evil man and deserves to burn alive. he is messed up and that girls poor family. its ashame what happens in relationships. he is a sick sick man

    Comment by No | March 26, 2007

  2. Oh Jesus, poor Tynesha and her family. What a sick sick monster this Timothy thing is. My prayers and thoughts are with Tynesha’s family.

    Timothy RIH

    Comment by Miss-Underestimated | March 27, 2007

  3. My 20 year old daughter was murdered and doused with gasoline and burned up in Oklahoma City. The trial of the monster that killed her and did this begins May 4th,2007.
    My heart goes out to Tynesha’s family for having to endure the unthinkable. I can’t understand how this monster could be eligable for 250 thousand dollar bail!
    Also, the state of Oklahoma does not have a law that makes it a crime to dismember or mutilate a body, after death. I sure hope Texas does, as this is a slap in the face to have to accept simple homocide charges. (I know)
    God is the only answer for comfort. No one will have the right words for the family, but I will be praying for their comfort. I will also be praying that the State of Texas handles the justice for this monster swiftly. Nothing short of execution for this creep is acceptable.

    Comment by Tommy | March 28, 2007

  4. This is so sick. It really amplifies the need for us to work harder to educate our children so that they can discern monsterous persons such as this. We need to show them the love (AT HOME) so that they know what love really is. We need to let them know that there will be signs to watch for before they get involved with someone WHO DOESN’T LOVE THEM… but, ONLY WANTS TO USE AND ABUSE THEM.

    Comment by Wendell | March 28, 2007

  5. Tommy, I co-sign on your position. On May 4, 2007 I will be praying for your family! I will remember because it’s the day before my mother’s birthday. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children and I would never want to endure the pain that you have. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray for your family as well as Tyneshia’s. God, Please send your angels to these families. Surround them in your presence and peace. Comfort them God. While we ask these things we will forever be careful to give Your Name Glory, Honor and Praise In Jesus’ name AMEN. Be blessed Mr. Tommy, God will bring you peace!!

    Comment by Nikki Hall | March 30, 2007

  6. I am glad, I finally found a site that reports the facts about the case AND shows compassion for the victim and her family. I hope that Tynsha’s family will find peace of mind once the media circus is over. It must be horrible for them to hear the terrible details over and over again.
    (I have been to websites whose posts were not only heartless but also downright disgusting.) So, thanks for the considerate and dignified manner with which you approach this sad, sad story.

    In response to Wendell’s post: I have done a blog on the signs that should raise a red flag in every woman, girl, and everyone concerned with their safety.

    In response to Tommy’s post: I am very sorry for your loss. I wish you and yours all the healing possible in such a tragedy.

    Comment by Inge | April 1, 2007

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