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Texas A&M Student Tynesha Stewart Still Missing, Presumed Dead, ex-boyfriend Leads Investigators to Garbage Bins

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Tynesha Stewart, a 19 year old freshman student at Texas A&M has been missing since last Thursday, March 15, 2007. Tynesha Stewart was last seen between 3:00 and 4:00 pm at her former boy friend,Timothy Shepherd’s, apartment located off of F.M. 1960 on Red Oak Drive. However, it appears that Timothy Shepherd has unofficially confessed to the murder.

Tynesha Stewart

Tynesha Stewart

Timothy Shepherd, Stewart’s ex-boyfriends, previously denied having anything to do with her disappearance but led authorities to a garbage bin at the Polo Club Apartments off Kuykendahl Road in northwest Harris County Wednesday afternoon. Investigators did not find a body in the garbage bin, which they speculate was last emptied on Friday. (My Fox Houston)

TES patch_for_stickers

Texas Equusearch has been involved in the search for Tynesha Stewart.

On Wednesday, Texas EquuSearch volunteers along with friends and family focused their search for Stewart on area creeks. “I was not aware until this morning that they actually did have crime scene in his apartment and had taken some things from the apartment,” EquuSearch volunteer Cindy Wisdom told FOX 26 News.

As per our conversation with Tim Miller, Founder of Texas Equusearch, they plan to search the landfill if all goes according to plan. The trash bins that the ex-boyfriend lead police to had previously been picked up and removed. This creates the arduous task of doing a land fill search.

Tynesha Stewart2

Video of ex-boyfriend confessing to Stewart’s murder and where he put her.

The ex-boyfriend of Tynesha Stewart lead investigators and community activist Quanell X to dumpsters where he claimed to have put her. However, the dumpsters had been picked up since the event occurred.

The ex-boyfriend of a missing Texas A&M student led investigators and community activist Quanell X to the 14600 block of Ella in northwest Harris County, where he pointed out a Dumpster that investigators now believe might have been used to dispose of her body.

The ex-boyfriend has not made any confession, but investigators took custody of the Dumpster and plan to search area landfills for the woman’s body.

Texas A&M University student Tynesha Stewart, 19, was last seen March 15. She was spending spring break at her mother’s apartment in the 17700 block of Red Oak when she left with her ex-boyfriend, authorities said.

Investigators had previously questioned Stewart’s ex-boyfriend, whom they have characterized as “cooperative.” (Houston Chronicle)

Tynesha Stewart has two uncles who play in the NFL, one for the Dallas Cowboys and the other for the Minnesota Vikings. One of whom arrives in Houston to help search for Tynesha.

UPDATE I: Ex-boyfriend charged in death of missing Texas A&M student

A murder charge was filed against the ex-boyfriend of a missing Texas A&M student after he led investigators to a trash container where he allegedly put her body, authorities said.

Timothy Wayne Shepherd, 27, was charged with murder Wednesday in the death of Tynesha Stewart, said Lt. John Denholm of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office homicide division.

Stewart, a 19-year-old college freshman, was last seen with Shepherd on March 15 while she was home for spring break visiting her mother.

Authorities said it will be difficult to find Stewart’s body because the trash bin has been hauled off at least twice since last week and taken to different locations. (The Eagle)

 UPDATE II: Tynesha Stewart Strangled during argument over another Man

“They had a fight about their relationship, and her relationship with a new boyfriend,” said Lt. John Denholm with the Harris County Sheriff’s homicide division. “He said he choked her…He said he put her in a large plastic tote, and then put her in his car and took her to the Dumpster.” (Houston Chronicle)

There has been preliminary discussions as to a landfill search; however, they are usually immense in scale and costly. There is never a guarantee that a body will be found, nor any expectation as to the time it could take to perform.

Stewart’s body, which could be buried under an estimated 50,000 tons of waste and dirt, probably never will be recovered, he said.

Excavating the two landfills where Stewart’s body might be -, one is in the Atoscocita area and the other is in Brazoria County — would run at least $350,000, Denholm said.

And, he said, it would take time and would probably require approval from county officials because taxpayers would likely have to pay for it.

“Any expenditure like that would most likely have to be approved by commissioner’s court,” Denholm said.

Such approval, he said, could delay the search and drive excavation costs up further, as 5,000 to 6,000 tons of waste are hauled to the two sites per day.

Private companies charge $6 to $7 per ton to excavate.

“Even as we speak, hundreds of tons of trash have been dumped, just during this conversation,” he said.

Further complicating the recovery of the body are landfill regulations.

Denholm said Stewart’s family has been told the body probably will not be recovered.

UPDATE III: Family of missing Texas A&M student wants search conducted

Murdered and dumped, and right now there are no plans to even look for the body of a missing Texas A&M student. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend sits behind bars this evening, charged with her murder.

We know investigators have not yet searched the two landfills Tynesha Stewart’s body may be in. Tonight the question on Stewart’s mother’s mind is will they?

“We want her body so we can give her a proper burial,” said Gale Shields. “She’s not trash.” (ABC 13)

However, police are not sure whether they are going to do the search due to the shere volume and magnitude of the search.

We’ve learned that dumpster’s contents were likely taken to an Atascocita landfill or possibly to one in Angleton.

“I don’t know that we can positively say that any particular item as gone to either one of those landfills,” said Lt. John Martin of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Because of that and the sheer volume of trash needed to be searched, sheriff’s officials say they are considering not searching the landfills at all. In addition, the search could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“You can see how this is going to be expensive, and there is little confidence that it would even turn up anything,” said Lt. Martin.

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  1. I feel sorry for the family of Tynesha Stewart, the family
    needs the recovery of her body to have closure. I know the cost of this is extreme, but if this was a high pro file missing persons would the cost be speared…

    God Bless the Stewart Family and Friends of Tynesha May she rest in peace

    Comment by Cricket | March 22, 2007

  2. I’m in Houston and harris county annouced on TV that $500k has been designated to try to recover her remains. The news reports also stated her ex-boy friend dismembered her body into several bags and dumped them in multiple dumpsters. However they will search for her.

    That’s more than Bush and Rice did for the Holloway Twiity family. I firmly believe in Solomons story – I witnessed similar trials and tests.

    The republicans downfall is in their second term, when they casted human rights and dignity for power and money. They won’t ever rule again.


    M&E: My God, why do some of you feel the need to bring politics into everything? Exactly why do you think that this search was approved? Why decisions were reversed from the initial stance that there would be no search?

    The fear of racial divide. M&E believes that white, black, brown or purple … whatever the race, religion or political affiliation, missing persons should be searched for and brought home.

    Stop the political nonsense, please … finding missing persons is too important a topic.


    Comment by tex | March 23, 2007

  3. The monster had 3 days to slowly incinerate this human being and dispose of the ashes and grill used to do the deed. He has openly admitted to strangling her. This is a case in which a speedy trial and painful execution would be called for. Totally barbaric individual.

    Comment by Dean | March 25, 2007

  4. Money! Money! Money! Why do everything has to deal with money? Not to get on a”Discrimination discussion”, but if the shoe fit wear it , and wear it well!!!


    M&E: Those that search for missing people do not care the color of one’s skin. I will say that it seems that this entire case could have been handled a bit better from the outset.

    Our heart aches for this family. What a just senseless act of violence.

    Let’s hope this all gets worked out.

    Comment by Darhonda | March 27, 2007

  5. This situation is so horrible I cannot believe this. This monster has no heart at all. I feel the the family and I pray that GOD will give them peace and watch over them while they go thru this. Know that this man will reap what he sows. And there is a place for him.

    Comment by quita | March 27, 2007


    Comment by GWEN | March 27, 2007


    Comment by shericka l howard | March 30, 2007

  8. My prayers go out to the family of Tynesha Stewart, and God was ready for his child to come back home, I know it hurts now, but you will see your baby again, it really hurted me when I read this story, may you still have faith.
    And, if you ask he should not even have a bond for the nonsense that he did.

    Comment by Anniece Rutherford | April 6, 2007

  9. My Heart goes out to Tynesha’s family. You need to find strength in God. God has an appointed time for us all but I do not believe this was Tynesha’s time. She had to much work to be done for herself and the Lord. If your family has not received Christ as your Lord & Savior I urge you to do so. Find a Bible base church, there you will fellowship with other believers, you will find strength in God’s house, there is an annointing there. The people will truly understand and be with you. You will never be alone. God will fight Tynesha battle. Mr. Shepherd will not get away with this. In this life nor the next. When he goes to jail there will be living hell, the guys there knows everything. And God’s word says, vengence belongs to him, stand still and see the salvation of the lord. I too was a victim. My soon to be ex-husband wanted me to go with him, also meet with him, but because I watched America Most wanted and saw how these men lure us away and kill us I refused. He eventually gave up. So ladies, If you read this, the bible says resist the devil (person)and he will flee from you. Stay away from these guys when you sense jealousy, temperment, controlling ways, they will hurt you. Don’t get with them. Back off immediately. Check men out throughly, even do a backround check. It is open to the public at city hall or the courts building. To the family, I will pray for you all, this was senseless, & cruel, but God will revenge. He will take care of Tynesha, she is not in the landfill any more, The flesh goes back to the earth as ashes, her spirit returns back to God, a better place. He is comforting her. Stay in prayer, close to God, and you will make it through. Love cindy. God bless

    Comment by Cindy | April 10, 2007

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