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Allenna Williams Ward, 23 year old Middle School Teacher arrested for having Sex with five boys

If its a school story, it must be another teacher-student sexual exploitation case. 23 Allenna Wardyear old Allenna Williams Ward is accused of having sex with 5 boys whose ages range from 14 to 15. Ward was busted when an inappropriate note from the teach to one of the victims was found in the garbage.

CLINTON, S.C. (WLTX, AP) — Authorities say a 23-year-old female middle school teacher was arrested Wednesday, accused of having sex with five boys in locations including the school, at a motel, in a park and behind a restaurant.

Clinton Public Safety Director John Thomas says some of the 14- and 15-year-old victims were students at Bell Street Middle School in Laurens School District 56, where Allenna Williams Ward taught. Others went to a different school.

Investigators say there could be more victims.

Warrants show Ward is charged with five counts of second degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and six counts of lewd acts on a minor. The incidents occurred between November and continued up through the past few weeks.

Ward has been fired from her job and is under house arrest. I wonder if this was a male teacher whether the bale would have been so low and house arrest deemed appropriate if 5 female 14 and 15 year old girls had been molested?

School district officials say they held an emergency meeting and fired Ward from her job. Thursday morning, bond was set at $110,000: $10,000 for each of the eleven charges. Terms of her bond include no contact with the alleged victims, no cell phone use, and if she posts bond, Ward is under house arrest.

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  1. If it was a male teacher there would have been no bail, and it would have been 1st degree charges..Not to mention people clamouring to “off” him.
    Its high time people realised that a female sex offender is no different to a male one.. they should be treated equally..

    Comment by ian | March 3, 2007

  2. hmm, not condoning what she did, but I’m sure the guys were willing and even eager participants, especially looking at the picture. Yes it is different with a female student, who can be coerced by fear. The teacher should have known better, but with a little counselling on the fact that sex does not equal love and really shouldn’t be done so cheaply…the guys will be ok….

    Comment by John | March 8, 2007

  3. Seriously folks, why the puritanical pretense? If I was any one of those lucky little bastards I would be first in line demanding she be exonerated of any wrongdoing. Furthermore, comparing her behavior to a male counterpart is either silly or illogical, take your pick.


    M&E: Well I guess its a good thing that you are not in law enforcement or part of our judicial system either. There are a thing called laws in this country. They are not meant to pick and chose from. It is usually up to the adult to do the right thing. Hormonal boys will obviously think … who are we kidding, they don;t think.

    That’s why the fault lies with the adult. So what is a 14 yo girl was a willing participant with a 30 year old? How is that different with what you are proposing. The law is the law … no matter whether its underage boys or girls.

    Its rather self explanatory.

    Comment by Wade N. Upright | March 28, 2007

  4. people should have to undergo a thorough psychological exam in order to become a teacher. this problem seems rather avoidable.

    Comment by brian | March 29, 2007

  5. Horrific…not only for the act but also the twisted knuckle dragging types who thinks it funny or acceptable. Clearly they lead empty lives and they aren’t parents. What’s even worse is they have the right to vote and operate motor vehicles.

    We’re heading down the wrong path folks. I’ve visted 3rd world countries where they laugh off events like this all of the time…that’s why they are 3rd world.

    Comment by Anderson | March 31, 2007

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